ve, he could do a lot of things.

Gerald devoted his entire life to studying Nisephor.
No one could look back.

One day, Louella will be eaten by Nisephor.
In order to change the predestined future, he met with medical authorities through all kinds of papers and journals.

At night, he came home and went through my papers in his study.

But it was a series of despair and disappointment.

Was Nisephor really a disease of God?

No matter what he did, he couldn’t find a cure anywhere.

“It’s all right, I’ve got one more chance.”

That’s what he told himself.

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He knew that Louella wanted him to save her.
She knew that she needed him.

However, Gerald knew that pregnancy would kill Louella.

That’s why he couldn’t do it.

Gerald gave up his ordinary marriage to Louella.

He suppressed any and all desires to reach Louella and express his love.
So he gave up all that and just chose to stay with her for a long time.

He noticed that Louella was gradually drifting away from him.

No problem.
He had one more chance.

“As long as I can save her.”

Eventually, Gerald managed to get hold of Nisephor’s secret.
Then he was informed of his divorce by Louella.

“I’m tired of being with you.
No, I don’t like you, Gerald.”

“Heck, I was just trying to do a good job.
I just wanted to do something.”

Gerald’s best was never good enough.

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Gerald used his last miracle.

* * *

This is his last chance.

It was really the last one.

Gerald’s lifeline was Louella’s life.
The only one who couldn’t be exchanged for anything.

Louella made a different choice in this life.
Louella has changed too.

Does Louella remember too?

It was a reasonable assumption.
But Gerald couldn’t ask Louella anything.

There was a rule that no one should be allowed to talk about turning back time.
It was to avoid confusion.

“Jeje! What are you doing? If you don’t want to see the dog, let’s go.
I’m hungry, Sid! How far have you gone?”

Gerald couldn’t help but turn his back to Louella.
He felt his fingers cringe with anxiety.

Gerald grinned and held Louella’s hand.
“Let’s go together.”

Gerald grabbed her hand.
She who had withered earlier than Gerald, and who rejected him earlier.

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