on monsters and thought of ways to make medicine with detoxification glue.

However, only the blood that was separated from the blood of the monster with the use of the detoxification glue.

That alone could not produce the cure.

Why in the world would this little fellow bring out what had already failed Billiers?

Billiers’ eyes deepened.

“Is there another answer?”

Billiers looked at the letter, and he wondered.

But at that moment.

All of a sudden, he laughed.

The parchment began to burn from the bottom.
But the most shocking thing was that the parchment did not oxidize and turn into ashes.
It was turning into new parchment.

“What, what! What is happening?” cried Billiers, in astonishment.

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If he did something wrong, he almost hurt his face, the most important asset for him.

“Well, well, well,

Billiers shook the parchment.

“Magic .

Only two letters were written on the new parchment, in neat handwriting.

“Hearthstone .

Villiers blinked.

What do you mean by hearthstone?

It was an ingredient that he had never thought about.

Mana stone was one of the ores that amplified mana.
Of course, hearthstone was commonly used! Billiers was astonished.
He can make a cure with this?

Ore .

Billiers swallowed his saliva.

Perhaps this could be a new breakthrough.

But who the hell is this new helper?

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It was certainly quite different from Louella’s handwriting.

Billiers blinked.

* * *

Recently, Gerald, Louella, and Alexid seemed to be estranged, so Mercé and Royce decided to meet more often.

In fact, the children were still their own children in their parents’ eyes.
Royce and Mercé had good conversations with each other and had similar tastes.

Royce decided to make even a small effort.

In fact, Merce thought that Gerald looked like her husband, so he believed that he wouldn’t make any mistakes regarding Louella.


“It could be boring.”

Merce always thought of her husband, too.
He had always loved Royce But even in the bedroom

“There’s a little problem.”

No, it is actually a little big deal.

Royce suddenly thought that it might be because of Gerald that Louella and Gerald had fallen out recently.

So she felt the need to give Gerald advice.

In fact, in Royce’s view, Gerald was very, very fond of Louella.

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