Oh, I’m getting angry again.

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“Argh! Lulu!”

The man protested, blushing in an instant.

It must have hurt a lot this time, right?

Gerald looked at me in tears.


My mom slapped me on the back.

“Why are you being mean, Lulu!”

“It hurts!”

“Jae Jae** will be hurt too.”

My heart will hurt more!

“It’s okay, Merce.”

The duchess patted me on the head.
In fact, the duchess helped me the most when I had a hard time because of him— my mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law was a person I could lean on from the Logan family.
She was a good mother-in-law who showed me affection.

I think I’m a little sorry for her for being so kind to a person like me.

I’ll beat your son where you can’t see him.

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“Oh, my.
She’s quite boyish! She’s already eight years old, and it’s going to be a big deal if she’s this spoiled.”

“Gerald doesn’t talk.
But I think your daughter is just having fun?”


My mom laughed creepy again.

Gerald looked at me, sighed, and stared at my plate.

What? What are you looking at?

Everything I saw was warped by my opinion, and there was no way that I would smile at him ever.
Staring at him with a mean facial expression, he stuck out his plate to me.

“Are you going to eat?”


“This one.”

He pointed to a chocolate cookie that he cut into pieces to eat.


“You like it, right.”

He did it again.

It’s .
Well, I like it.

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The small kindness he gave was hard to believe.

His kindness felt like a pretense.
And if I let that act deceive me now, someday, I would return with a more significant wound.

I was staring at him with a thorny look.

It was worse than not saying it.

“Didn’t you hit me because you wanted me to give it to you? I think it was because you already ate yours, and you want to eat mine, too.”

Did he think I’m a kid who only focuses on cookies?


I stood up and became brave.

I know one thing about him.

He has no common sense! That’s why he didn’t understand, even if I sent him several signals!

I bought some lingerie and fed him food that’s good for his male energy!

I went into his bed with the excuse of being scared of the dark.
But Gerald didn’t budge like a wooden stone.

It was clear that his heart was made of steel! No, he was a unicorn! 

But how dare he tease me when you’re young?

How can you be so clueless?

I declared once again in front of the adults.
I stomped my feet as they gazed at me in surprise.
“I’m not getting engaged to Gerald! I’m not even getting married! I hate you! I want to live with my older brother!”

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My brother, who was peeping at us, mumbled behind the door.

“Is that pig crazy? Dad, did she eat something bad? Or did Gerald find out that she’s still peeing in her blanket?”

Now, he’s making up stories again.

Crazy, I don’t pee in my blanket anymore.

What’s wrong with the guys around me?

From my brother to Gerald, they look fine outside, but no one around me is a great and thoughtful person inside.
Why would you make up stories about your younger sister peeing in bed?

I’m sure Gerald heard everything we talked about outside.
My mother and my mother-in-law are looking back at me with awkward faces.

Such a son of a b*tch.

You’re dead, Alexid.

There is a reason for my rebellion.
If I left him be, I would have to carry out this rebellion all by myself.

I felt my chubby cheeks shaking with anger.

I’m not fighting Alexid by acting like an eight-year-old for no reason.
My own self tells me to endure, but my things are getting even more unbearable.

I can’t just be fooled.
Alexid was already old enough just to let him be.

Just because I tell him calmly, will that peanut ever understand?

“You’re acting arrogant.”‘

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I get mean comments like that from him.

“Don’t say weird things! Are you my mom?”

It was clear that I would hear these kinds of words from him.
It’s better to have a hand-to-hand battle like an eight-year-old. 

That was how adults survived young age— acting like a child was the best!

Since you picked a fight, I’ll do what you’re asking for!

In addition, I knew how to trick him more than I did now than in the past.

First of all, I needed to deal with this situation.

“Well, our Lulu is a very, very quiet lady.”

My mom brought it up to soothe me.
And my mother-in-law, who was reading my mind, responded.

“Of course! Lulu looks so elegant even when you look at it like this.
She will definitely be a model for society when he grows up.”

But I noticed the calm laughter in their words.

I look eight years old, but I’m actually 30 years old.
I felt my face turning red.

That’s possible for an 8-year-old, but it was very, very humiliating for a 30-year-old like me.

* * *

T/N: Jae Jae here is Gerald’s eight-year-old nickname.
Kinda the same with Lulu for Louella.

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