I entered my brother’s room humming like a normal kid.
Once he fell asleep, I knew that he snored and slept so soundly that he wouldn’t actually know if someone kidnapped him without him knowing it.

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You annoying older brother.
You are supposed to get back as much as you hurt me.

Smirking, I slowly tilted the glass I was holding in my hand.
After that, a refreshing sound rang out.
He was sleeping soundly without waking up, even with the liquid wetting his pants.


This was a total crime.
And it was also the most effective way to get revenge.

It’s also the reason why I, as an eight-year-old kid, endured not to fall asleep.


I quietly looked down at Alexid, who fell asleep, munching his mouth.

See you tomorrow morning.

I thought I could fall asleep refreshingly.

* * *

Don’t be hurt.
Don’t be shocked and listen.”

Royce took a deep breath.

Until now, Louella used to reciprocate Gerald’s affection.

That affection for him seemed to have been a never-ending one for him.
Anyway, it was true that Louella was especially friendly to Gerald.

Gerald usually doesn’t change his emotions much, but he was a little different when it comes to Louella.

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He was .
a little bit attentive to her?

The engagement proceeded without difficulty.
However, Louella seemed to have changed her mind.

Lulu doesn’t want to get engaged.”

Lois spoke in a sweet voice as much as possible.

“Have you had a fight recently?”

“No.” Gerald shook his head.

“Gerald! It’s never been Louella who hated you.
I’m sure there was something that upsetted her.
How about you go and comfort her?”

Gerald took a deep breath.

Royce patted his chest as he was swallowed in his thoughts.
Fortunately, Gerald didn’t seem to be very shocked.

Even though I still don’t know what he’s thinking as a child.

“I like that, it would be better to do it.”

Gerald agreed.
Royce swept his chest once again.
Fortunately, Gerald replied fast.

He’s mature, too.

And Louella may change her mind when she sees Gerald.

Louella especially seemed to like Gerald’s pretty face.

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Royce swept Gerald’s cheek with a face that had regained its stability.

I should know how the children feel, but I literally have no idea.
Gerald’s calm response is so strange.

I’m worried that he’d get hurt .

Gerald turned his head.

I’m worried because my child is too mature.
I don’t even know what he’s thinking. Royce sighed. I wish he could just whine and cry, but he never has any expression.

This must be why it is difficult to become a parent.

* * *

A loud cry burst out.


“What are you crying about? How old are you? Why are you peeing in your blanket?”

It’s so refreshing.

“It’s not me! Mom, I didn’t do that!

“Then who did this? Mom told you not to drink too much juice before you go to bed.” 

“I didn’t!”

“Whiny kid.”

A ten year old kid was nothing to a thirty year old adult trapped in an eight year old kid.

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I couldn’t even show this side of me in front of my mom.

It was all thanks to my brother who rolled around in that my mouth became rough, so mentally laughed at him.
He deserved it.

The maids smiled at my brother, who cried like a child.

I sat leaning against a chair with my legs crossed and sipped milk leisurely.

I wasn’t that tall because I was a picky eater.
I think that’s why Gerald saw me as a child.

Anyway, I will be ten centimeters taller in this life.

With that thought, I sipped the milk, which I didn’t even drink without snacks when I was younger.

I think it tasted better because I can hear my brother’s whining cry.

What an excellent choice it was to drink milk on the balcony this morning.

What’s the difference between a normal and a noble family? The houses where children are raised are all the same.
We were trained with stricter liberal arts and manners, but I only do that in family or important events.

Isn’t our house a private space where there is no one else who could judge our actions but us?

Mom fired like an angry dragon.

“You! Go outside and raise your hand!”

“Ah! Mom, I didn’t do anything wrong! I don’t want to!

Alexid, who knew how embarrassing it was, struggled.
Everyone passing by will be watching him.

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The passersby used to laugh and would definitely think he was being cute.
When I was young, I thought people teased me without knowing that.

I still had the last laugh.

Once again, life is about getting back as much as you get.

“Lady, you look happy.”

The nanny said, wiping the milk around my mouth.

I’m very happy.”

The nanny opened her eyes thinly and looked at my face.

“You were the one who did that, right?”



I answered as calmly as possible.

“Hmm… All right.
Since you say so, I’ll say so.”

That’s great.

The nanny hummed and pretended not to know.

Where did I get caught? It was definitely a complete crime.

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