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Seeing my indignation, Lord Nazelbert smiled as if troubled.

“It's already decided.
It's inconvenient to them having me around.”

How selfish the royalty are! Unforgivable!

That doesn't mean I can do anything about it, but it's just too unreasonable.

Why should such a kind and talented person have his life distorted and have to go to the frontier?

“Forget about me, Miss Agnes.
More importantly, this also concerns you.”


“The rest of the document says.
If I refuse to marry the princess, I am to marry Miss Agnes and rule the frontier……
as originally planned.”

The designated frontier is a small territory at the edge of the country and is now administered by a person sent from the royal capital.

However, there is a lot of damage from magical beasts anyway, and it seems to be quite difficult.

The other side would like to welcome Lord Nazelbert, but there are rumors that he is a criminal, so they might be wary of him.
If he went there, he might have a hard time.

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“At first my plan was to send you back to Evantail at all costs, but I'm not so sure anymore if that's a good idea anymore.
Miss Agnes, your face is hurt, isn't it?”

“Eh, ah, yes.
I think the bruise is getting better……
but if it's the same as usual, it should disappear in a month.”


“Because I was not well-behaved.
My father would beat me often~”

“As I thought, returning you to the Evantails is out of the table.
But taking you to the frontier is also not a good idea….”

Lord Nazelbert began to mumble and worry.
He is also handsome in profile.

But I give him the answer I had already decided on.

“Then I will go to the monastery.”

“No, I disagree.
If you go there now, it will be a bed of thorns because of the disgraceful rumors.”

Without missing a beat, Lord Nazelbert rejected the idea of a monastery.

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“Eehh?! Even though it's such a peaceful-looking institution…?”

“The monastery is subsidized by the state.
And sometimes the children of nobles are placed there before their marriages.”

I kind of knew that, but I didn't know that the will of the state would be reflected that directly…….

Since I don't want to go home, and I can't go to the monastery, then the only option remaining is……

“Then I will follow you to the frontier.
If Lord Nazelbert doesn't mind.”

“I don't agree with that either.
I don't know what kind of life awaits us on the frontier…….”

Even so, I think going to the frontier would be the best option.

If I could stay with the Duke's family, that would be best, but if Lord Nazelbert were to leave, it would certainly be impossible.

Returning to my parents' house is out of the question, and my hope of going to a monastery is gone.
I am not sure that I would be able to go out and work on the streets.

The part about marrying Lord Nazelbert is a problem, but if he doesn't want me to marry him, I think a white marriage is totally possible.

I don't think he will be treated coldly.
As for the child, I think he should have it with someone he likes.
I'm not going to get involved!


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