r>I want you to marry me and come with me to the frontier.”

I see, so he asked Julian to exit the scene for this…

Whatever it is, I only have one answer to give.

“Yes, I'll accompany you in this fake marriage.”

When I responded, Lord Nazelbert looked displeased.

“No, it's not.
If you get married under false pretenses, it is the woman who will be in trouble after the dissolution of the marriage.
This time, there will be no place for you to go.
I don't want to do anything that will put Miss Agnes in trouble.
As long as you don't mind, I'll marry you properly.”

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“Lord Nazelbert……”

Isn't he too nice?

I'm starting to get a little worried about you……..

“Miss Agnes, will you accept my proposal?”

“Of course.
But, Lord Nazelbert, won't you really regret it? I'm not even close to her Highness the Princess!”

“Regret? How could I regret it? I'm just relieved that I got to marry you and not Princess Mia.”

Lord Nazelbert continued, placing his hands on my shoulders.

“I want to take good care of Miss Agnes, regardless if it's a marriage we were ordered to have.
Though I must confess that it may cause you some hardship in the frontier.”

“I'm sure we'll be fine.”

Lord Nazelbert's beautiful face was so close to mine that I couldn't understand what I was saying.

I can't believe I'm marrying such a wonderful man, I feel like I'm getting a nosebleed.

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Just a little, Lord Nazelbert looked happy, but it was probably just my imagination.
Don't get carried away.

I feel like Lord Nazelbert is getting closer and closer, but I'm sure it's just my imagination…….

But a soft touch on my forehead brought me back to myself.

―― He was really getting close to my face, it was not my imagination! What's more, is that a ……
ki, ki, ki ki kiss!

“Oh, um, Lord Nazelbert.”

Lord Nazelbert smiles a soft but strong smile at my confusion.

“I'll be in your care.”

me too, I'll be in your kyare.”

I was so nervous that I bit my tongue.
It was so embarrassing.

Lord Nazelbert, who didn't seem to mind, let go of my hand with a somewhat satisfied expression.

Thus, my marriage to Lord Nazelbert was confirmed.

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