Chapter 17 – Uncouth daughter heading to the frontier

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Since then, Lord Nazelbert and I have officially become husband and wife, and we have begun preparing to go to the frontier.

The day we left for the frontier was surprisingly peaceful, Julian and Lord Nazelbert's mother, Piana, came to see us off.

Lady Piana was the ultimate beauty, much like Lord Nazelbert.

She is soft-spoken and kind to me.
She is very different from my mother, who always complains.

While I and Lord Nazelbert were spending time at the Duke's estate, there was a lot of activity at the King's Castle.

It seems that Lord Robin has started to live and study at the castle to get his royal training.

However, he seems to have a hard time remembering things……
or rather, he doesn't seem to be interested in studying seriously in the first place, so it seems that his education as the royal consort will be difficult.

Well, it's not like I particularly care about that.

We had to take a coachman to the frontier and travel over ten days to a provincial town.

After that, we would take another means of transportation to a border town.

No one from the Marquise of Evantail came with us, but Kelly from the Duke of Florescence agreed to accompany us.
It seems that this was her own wish.

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The other servants who would be escorting and assisting us along the way will also be coming with us.

However, they will return home when we reach the frontier.

I got into the coachman with Lord Nazelbert and waved them off.

The coachman slowly picks up speed and we leave the royal capital.

Wearing lightweight clothing, I enjoy the comfort of the trip.

A long journey is not easy for a normal young lady, but I was wearing that heavy dress and riding in the coachman from one part of the country to the other.

How easy it is to travel in clothes that aren't heavy and are easy to move in!

I am still full of room to spare.

The problem is that I was alone in the same coach ride with Lord Nazelbert, who has now become my husband.
Every time he looks at me with his amber eyes, I fall in love with him.

He is handsome, kind, and talented.
He is too perfect, this duke's son.

And for some reason, he speaks to me in a friendly manner.

“Miss Agnes.
We are now husband and wife, how about calling me Nazel? I'm often called that by those closest to me.”

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I'm suddenly facing a lot of hurdles.

But as a person who is indebted to him, I want to comply with his request as much as possible.

“Yes, Master Nazel.
Then, please call me Agnes, too.”

“Yes, I will, Agnes.”

The destructive power of actually being called my name is unbelievable.
Be still, my heart.

All right, let's review the trip to the frontier so that I don't have to be conscious of Lord Nazelbert.

I spoke to Lord Nazelbert, who seemed to be in a good mood.

“I understand that we are now heading for the Sutrena territory, which is located at the southern tip of the country.
I hear it is a place of great natural beauty, facing the sea and forests.”

“Because of this, it is home to a large number of magical beasts.
The place is the most affected by the monsters and beasts in this Deznim Kingdom.
The soldiers of Sutrena and the knights sent from the royal capital are stationed there to protect the people from the beasts every day,……, or rather to prevent them from invading the interior of the country.”

“And it borders other territories, doesn't it? To the west of Sutrena is the sea, to the east lays the forest, and to the south is the neighboring country of Polpistan.
To the north are the territories of Zazam and Hihim of the Deznim Kingdom.”

Incidentally, neighboring Polpistan is a big country, and is not on bad terms with the Deznim Kingdom, but is not on good terms either.

“Yes, Zazam is to the northeast and Hihim lays to the northwest.”

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“The main industries in Sutrena are fishing and forestry, and it seems there is also a lot of gathering of food in the forests.”

“And then there is hunting.
The land is rich in nature, but the crops are not good.”

“Could it be due to the soil ……?”

“I don't know much about that.
I will look into it when we arrive.”

“If there is anything I can do to help, I will.”

Okay, okay, I'm getting less nervous when I'm being serious.
Good going, I'll give myself that.

“By the way, what kind of magic can Agnes use?”

“Eh, my…

I remember that Lord Nazelbert has a deep knowledge of magic, and there are many books on magic in his bedroom.
He is simply interested in magic itself.

“My magic is ……
material enhancement.
It is rather simple and useless magic.
At home, I used it to strengthen old clothes and bags that were about to be torn.”

“It's an interesting magic.
Seems like it could have a lot of uses.”

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The kind Lord Nazelbert says so, but I've been given new clothes and I don't think I'll have any use for it from now on.

“By the way, what kind of magic can you use, Lord Nazelbert?”

“Nazel, you know.


I was still not used to calling him by his nickname.

Lord Nazelbert, now Lord Nazel tells me about his magic.

“My magic can make plants grow and change according to my will.
This is why I would like to use my magic to help grow crops on the frontier.”

In the country of Deznim, magic that works naturally is considered to be of the highest quality.
This is because it is easier to apply than other types of magic and has greater effect, range, and power.

“I also brought some seedlings from my parents' house that I had magically grown.
If these seedlings are useful for agriculture, the Sutrena territory will be able to stably supply itself with food.”


It's a ……
big difference in many ways from me, who was only concerned about preventing my clothes from deteriorating.

And so the coach continued on his peaceful, rolling road.

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