t travel by coachman from there.”


“Why are you replying to me like I'm talking about someone else? You're the one picking them up, Tony.”

“……? Me?”

“Yes, you.
You'll be the first one to go.
They will arrive in Roca in ten days.
Be ready and waiting for them.”

Tony looked blatantly uncomfortable, but instead of disobeying Henry's instructions, he maturely left the room.

“Ha, I wonder what's going to happen now.”

Henry let out a heavy sigh, finished checking the report, and left the office.

Some of his men passing by saw him and said, “Master Henry is looking ill again!”, “”Someone force Master Henry to rest!” and so on.

“Nazelbert, second son of the Duke of Florescence……
I hope he's harmless.”

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The subordinates watched on in suspense as their boss, clutching his forehead, mumbled something to himself.

After talking with Henry, Tony went to the magical beast breeding grounds in Sutrena territory.

Tony's magic is “Speed Runner” which means that he can move faster than an ordinary human.

However, the magic only applies to him, and he cannot make other people's legs faster.

In addition, Tony does not have a large amount of magical power, so the time he can move fast is limited.
Although this magic has many restrictions, it is suitable for serving as a messenger and for exterminating magical beasts.

Several rideable magical beasts do not harm humans being kept in a magical beast breeding ground.

Although the law does not permit the use of such beasts in the vicinity of the royal capital, they are indispensable means of travel in remote areas where there are many unpaved roads.

Just as there are beasts that are friendly to people and beasts that attack people, the nature of each individual demonic beast differs greatly.

However, the people in the royal capital are afraid of all the monsters and beasts together.
Tony thinks it's stupid.
Anyone can see that a rabbit and a bear are totally different.

Anyway, Tony did not like the people from the royal capital.
He was even wary of Henry at first.

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So he didn't think well of the criminals who were sent this time.

“It's a total pain in the ass.
At the very least, I hope it's someone who doesn't do anything.
It would be a shame if someone with a strange sense of mission comes in and starts doing whatever he wants, without regard to our situation.
Who do you think is going to clean up the mess?”

Before Henry came, there were nobles sent from the royal capital, but they were all terrible.

Those who, for their own self-aggrandizement, enacted policies that were not necessary, pushed Tony and the other frontiersmen around, and finally returned to the royal capital when they said they were tired of living in the frontier.

Those who tried to collect money from the not-so-rich frontiersmen by taxing everything like a fool to line their own pockets.

Those who, when they realized that the Sutrena fiefdom could not afford the taxes, began to engage in robbery and other misdeeds.

Any one of them would be the worst of the worst.

“Seriously, give me a break.”

Nevertheless, if Tony does anything selfish, it will cause trouble for Henry.
The best thing to do here is to shut up and follow his lead.
But he couldn't help but feel irritated……

As he was about to choose a gentle-tempered magical beast to take out of the sturdy wooden stable…
suddenly, a nasty idea surfaced in Tony's mind.

“If they're a nobleman, surely they will be able to ride it.
Okay, let's change that.”

Tony prepared a wyvern, a magical beast that is said to be the most difficult of all magical beasts to ride.

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