small room and closed the door.

“Ha, I'm really tired.
The Count's house is so far away.”

The sky through the window was already dark and an owl was hooting in the distance.

I lifted the hem of my dress somewhat roughly and sat down on the sofa with a great deal of energy, letting my faltering emotions get the better of me.

“I'm still pissed off about it.
What is this, 'Go and get a potential fiancée!'?! How am I supposed to do that? The son of a count likes a slender, glamorous beauty!! I'm the exact opposite of that, I'm a Potato Lady!!!”

I am rather big-boned and have a solid body for a girl.

Perhaps because of my frame, I have always been unable to become slender and slim, no matter how hard I tried.

I also have very thick eyebrows, too much hair that is too straight and cannot be tied up, and too much traditional makeup that I am forced to wear.

In addition, I only wear a white dress and age-old accessories that were hand-me-downs from my grandmother.

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They were forced on me because they were of good quality and about the same size.

Unlike my grandmother, who had black hair, my hair was silver, almost white, and my skin was rather pale.

Get it……? If I were to wear white, my entire body would be completely white.

Even if I were to blend in with the white curtains in the great hall of the count's house, I would be completely unrecognizable.

Moreover, dresses made in the old days were extremely heavy.

Nowadays, lightweight dresses are made by many people, but my family shuns them, saying that they are too cheap.

I would like to say that even princesses wear such dresses, so what's cheap about them?

Since my family is not very wealthy, I silently complied, but I was somewhat uncomfortable.

I was the only one who stood out from the crowd of glamorous young ladies.

There was no way that the Count's son would choose such a conspicuous woman as his future partner.

My family had asked the other family about a political marriage, but it had not yet been officially decided.

Although we had talked about how today's party would bring us closer and make people aware of us, the Count's son, as if running away from my engagement, took another young lady around with him and danced with her several times in front of everyone.

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The participants must have realized that the I was the Count's son intended partner.

And just before the party was about to end, he courted her in front of everyone.


I feel like an idiot.

Why did I attend that painful party?

To endure the heavy dress such a long time?

Did I come all the way to the count's house in a carriage over a long distance for this?

Some of the nobles who knew what was going on looked at me and giggled.
“Well, if the partner was the 'Potato Lady'…” and such.

Please don't be silly.
This is a political engagement of interest only!

The Count and Countess later apologized to me and quickly wrote a letter to my father refusing his proposal of engagement and entrusted it to me.

I could not say, “No, please send the letter separately,” so I accepted it and handed it to my father, who beat me.

Incidentally, in the case of the prince before that, I was forced to participate in the battle for the second prince's queen's position, and I lost the battle without ever having a chance to talk to the prince.

Even now, only bitter memories remain.

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