I'm Rebecca, daughter of Baron de Quiggionne, you hear!?”

Ehh ……
I'm not sure I want to be shouted down like that.

“I cannot do that.”

“Shut up.
Shut up and let me see the potato bitch! What's the point of me coming all the way over here if she wouldn't even show up? If she looks like a potato, I guess she must have a potato for a brain too.”

I've never heard the term “potato for a brain” before.
Oh, my God, what am I going to do?

“What a useless maid! If you don't do what I say, this is what you get!”

Rebecca raises one hand in the air.
I thought I was going to get hit, so I quickly closed my eyes.

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―― Don't worry, it shouldn't be as powerful as father's.

But no matter how long I wait, the slap never came.
Fearfully, I opened my eyes…

There was Rebecca, frozen in a raised arm position, and Lord Nazel, standing there protecting me and holding her wrist.

“I won't overlook any violence in this mansion.”

“Oh ……
you are ……”

Rebecca's eyes widened when she saw Lord Nazel's face.
I guess she had an idea of who he was.

But she pointed at me with her other hand and continued her words.

“It is the maid's fault! She's a commoner and she's telling me what to do.
She should be fired! Hey, Master, won't you hire me as the lady-in-waiting? I'm sure you'll be very pleased with my services.”

Rebecca is looking at Lord Nazel with a loving gaze.
Way too different from her attitude toward me.

“I can't have you as the lady-in-waiting.”

what do you mean! You should make me lady-in-waiting instead of that commoner!”

Rebecca shouts, pointing at Kelly this time.
Lord Nazel, on the other hand, is calm.

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“I cannot hire anyone who would so easily raise their hand to another person, no matter what their position.
And certainly not someone who would insult my wife.”

When Rebecca learned that her “potato” comment had been heard, she began to get slightly upset.

However, she quickly recovered and appealed to Lord Nazel while twisting her body.

“I will satisfy you more than your wife.
So, please let me stay by your side.”

“I refuse.
I love only my wife.”

Lord Nazel answered immediately and embraced me in his arms lovingly.

Hiyaaaa! Not here…….

“Hey, Lord Nazel!”

All the other interviewees, who don't know what's going on, are so confused!

“I'm sorry, Agnes.
I'm at my wits' end.
I couldn't watch you get mistreated any longer.”

The people who came to be interviewed were visibly shaken as they heard the name 'Agnes'.
They started muttering “Isn't Agnes the same name as the lord's wife…?”, “Don't tell me…” and so on.

―― I was completely exposed.

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