ss of collecting medicinal herbs.
But recently the number of magical beasts has increased and I can't go into the forest….”

It seems that Mocca has decided to work in a different type of business in order to earn a little money.

Next, Lord Nazel asks a question.

“What kind of magic do you have and where is your family home?”

“My magic can dry things.
However, since I have little magic power, I can only dry a small number of herbs and food per day.
My parents' house is near the forest in the east of Sutrena territory.
I would prefer to live in if possible.”

I see, the job posting says that they can commute or live in.

Mocca happened to be in town selling medicinal herbs and happened to see the job posting.

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“I understand.
We will announce the result at the end, so please move to another room.”

Incidentally, in the event of a rejection, the applicant is told that the results will be announced at a later date and asked to leave through the back door, not through the waiting room.

Rebecca was too intense, but the rest of the members had common sense.

The next one, Patty, also completed her interview without incident.

Meyza, who worked in the cafeteria, comes in next.

When I saw her background, I asked her a straight question.

“I heard you are good at cooking.
Would you like to work as a cook instead of a maid?”


Meyza blinked in amazement.

“But I was a hired hand, and what I could make were the dishes served in a commoner's dining room, you know? I'm not sure it would be suitable for the palate of a nobleman…..”

“Speaking of which, which diner did you work for?”

This time, Mr.
Henry interrupted.

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You look like a very good interviewer, but you are not from our mansion, are you ……?

“It's the Blue Wild Strawberry Pavilion near the fort.”

“It's a popular restaurant, and there's always a line at lunchtime.
I often go there myself, and the food is not bad”

thank you very much.”

Meyza answered with a puzzled look on her face.

“I understand.
I will announce the results at the end of the interview.”

After the rest of the members had been interviewed, we moved to another room where the successful candidates were waiting.

“Thank you for your patience.
We will be hiring Mocca, Laurie, and Marilyn as maids.
Meyza will be hired if she is willing to work as a cook.”

Laurie has a child and wishes to work as a commuter.
Marilyn is a single mother and wants to live in.

Mocca is also far from home so we give her permission to live in.

Meyza, who was on the fence, agreed to be hired as a cook.

I wondered what was going to happen, but with the help of Lord Nazel and others, the interview was over without a hitch.

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