Chapter 34 – Servants in popular occupations (Maid’s Point of View)

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In the frontier Sutrena, the lives of the territory's inhabitants have improved dramatically over the past little while.

Particularly noticeable is the food situation.

This is largely due to the new lord and his wife, who have been exiled from the royal capital.

Marilyn, who has been hired as a maid at their mansion, looks around the town a little while she is out shopping.

In the past, there was always a dark atmosphere in this area.

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With the damage caused by magical beasts, heavy taxes, and the tyranny of the lords,……
people just endured endless days of hardship.

Marilyn was no different.

She was working as a waitress at a tavern for low wages every night with her young child in a crumbling wooden hut that could hardly be called a house, but she was finally fired.

The owner of the tavern, who had always been very friendly to Marilyn, got angry with her and kicked her out of the bar.

Her husband had disappeared and she and her child were living in extreme poverty.

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Clutching at straws, she attended an interview for a position as a maid at the lord's mansion.

She left her child in the care of a former tavern colleague and headed for the interview, but she knew that the conditions were overwhelmingly unfavorable.
And yet…

“I can't believe I passed.”

Moreover, she was allowed to live in the mansion with her child without paying rent.

During breaks, she can also spend time with her child.

Currently, she is in the process of learning the duties of a maid, while being taught by Kelly, the lady-in-waiting.

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Marilyn's first job is to shop for ingredients, assist Meyza, the cook, and serve meals.

She works hard every day.
If she gets kicked out of here, she has nowhere to go.

Still, she wonders why she was hired.
Even though some of them were younger and didn't come with children in their arms.

Her co-worker, Laurie, seemed to have the same question.
She, too, is married with children and once resigned from her job and started a family.

Laurie had commented to her “I think he took us in because we had nowhere else to go…….?”.
Marilyn heard her say that, and she felt that way, too.

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While Marilyn is shopping, a shopkeeper calls out to her in a friendly manner.

“Oh, you must be the new maid.
Are you okay with your job? The other girls say they're fine, but I'm worried……
because of what happened with the previous lord.”

It is strange because everywhere she goes, she is asked the same question.

So Marilyn always tries to answer with a smile.

“Don't worry.
The master and his wife are kind, and the lady-in-waiting is fair.
The salary is good, and there is no other place like it.”

After that, servants in the lord's mansion became a very popular occupation, but that's another story.

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