dsome young man looking at me with concern.

He had well-groomed red hair and beautiful, clear amber eyes.
A smooth nose and lips as seductive as a woman's.
He is so good-looking that I am almost put off by his appearance.

His impeccable appearance and behavior suggested that he was a high-ranking aristocrat.

“Yes, I'm fine.
It's just that my dress got caught.”

I tugged at the hem of my dress in a hurry and the beautiful young man approached the table.

“Give me a moment.”

Then he bent down a little and dexterously removed the fabric that was caught in the dress.

“It's all right now.
The dress is still fine.”

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“T-Thank you very much ……!”

There is no benefit for a man to talk to me, the Potato Lady.

He could have pretended not to see me, yet he was very kind to me.

When I expressed my sincere gratitude, the beautiful young man smiled and left.

“What a wonderful man.”

A lady who can marry such a person is a lucky one.

I know that he is someone I can't reach, so I don't have any unnecessary hope for him.

While I was immersed in a happy mood on my own, I heard a nearby nobleman talking.

“Well, I wonder why he is here.”

“He's the star of today's party.
To be talking with the Potato Lady…..

My ears continue to pick up their conversation without missing a beat.

The star of this party should be the princess and her fiancé.

If that is the case, the kind young nobleman now is the princess's fiancée.

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Although the princess's fiancée had not been widely announced, the second son of a duke was said to be the most likely candidate among some of the nobles.

I understand that the beautiful young man who exudes an extraordinary aura of refinement was, after all, a man of high rank.

“By the way, have you heard the rumors about Her Royal Highness the Princess?”

“Oh, to my surprise, it does not appear to be a hoax.”

“I hear that Princess Mia is in love with the bastard son of the Baroness, Robin.
I'm sure that the duke's son, Lord Nazelbert, who is the first candidate for her fiancé, is not too happy about it.”

“The wild princess was not pleased with Lord Nazelbert's earnestness and their relationship has cooled off.
There are rumors that he is bullying Lord Robin.”

“Oh, my God, is it true? But it is a political marriage, isn't it? Even if they play around, it will probably be limited to today's party.”

“Yes, they would never abandon my duties as royalty and nobility.”

A short time later, with a grand performance, the rumored princess appeared from the front steps.
Dressed in a fluffy white dress, she was as beautiful as a fairy.
Her blonde hair was studded with white jewels as well.

“Wow, she's beautiful.”

If she was beside Lord Nazelbert, it would surely be picturesque.

From here, the two main actors should be in the center of the room, where the engagement is to be announced in a big way.

Curious, I decided to watch the engagement announcement from a distance.

But then something unexpected happened.

Her Royal Highness, the princess, unexpectedly took the hand of a man other than Lord Nazelbert and stepped out into the center of the room.
The party venue was in an uproar.

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