since Robin has superior abilities, you are not needed as my fiancée.”

“Do His Majesty the King and Her Royal Highness the Queen agree with you?”

“What? I'm sure they know how useful Robin is and they will allow it.”

His Majesty the King is unaware of this matter, and His Royal Highness the Princess is acting on her own.

Nevertheless, if it becomes this big of a deal, even His Majesty will have a hard time getting it under control.

I wonder if Nazelbert's parents will be upset.

As I was thinking about this, Her Royal Highness continued to speak.

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“I'm sure father and mother would approve of my actions if they knew your true nature!”

“My true nature, you say?”

“Yes! You tried to push Robin down the stairs, you had your hired men attack him, you tore his clothes to shreds.”

“All of which I have no knowledge of.”

“But Robin says you did it.
I also met with the outlaw who attacked Robin and was caught.
They all testified that you did it.”

“That's impossible!”

Lord Nazelbert, who continues to be bewildered, may have been set up.

His face is gradually becoming grim.

If he is under suspicion, I can't help but feel sorry for him.
He must have been hurt in more than a small way.

However, Lord Nazelbert told the princess firmly and resolutely.

“I have been educated in various ways to live as the royal consort of Her Highness the Princess.
How can you be a royal consort if you have no education at all?”

“I don't have a problem with that.
He just has to learn from now on.
Besides, I already have a child of his in my belly.
My betrothal to Robin is a done deal.”

W-W-What? What's going on? ……?

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Her Royal Highness had an affair with another man before announcing her engagement?

The party hall was shocked.

Everyone present was in a state of shock.
Even Lord Nazelbert.

“In short, you tried to harm the father of my child.
Guards, remove this criminal from the party hall!”

“Wait! I am innocent!”

Lord Nazelbert tried desperately to persuade Her Highness the Princess.

However, the guards were forcefully called, and Lord Nazelbert resisted, only to be pushed away.


The place where he fell on his buttocks happened to be right next to me.
His whole body seems to be in pain because he fell on the hard floor.

However, no one tried to help him.

Maybe they were afraid of being dragged into this mess, given the atmosphere of the place, or that they might incur the wrath of Her Highness the Princess and gain a bad reputation.

Obviously, it is Her Royal Highness the Princess, and Lady Robin who are at fault…

I couldn't bear to look at him any longer, so I unexpectedly approached him and called out to him.

I'm the Potato Lady anyway.
It doesn't matter if I get any more bad publicity.


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