”Dear Diary….

Am I Evil for what I do?

I have killed…

I have lied….

I have cheated so many women…

Fooled so many people to become what I am…

When people ask me how I sleep at night… I reply, ”With ten women by my side. ”

People say I am evil… people say I am wicked… but they don know me… they don know what Ive been through…

When I was virgin jerking off everyday did women care about me? NO!

When I was the quiet kid in school getting bullied, did anyone care about me? No!

When I was all alone, and all I wanted was a single friend… Did a single person give a ** about Seref ? No!

But now they care…

Now they fear me…

Now it is me who doesn care about them!

Now that the roles are reversed it doesn feel so good now does it!

Dear diary, today I will kill hundreds… no thousands! And I won feel a single thing! Nothing can hurt more than the pain society gave to me, now it is my turn!

This world is mine! And I will do as I please! And no man or nation can stop me! ”

”I won rest until every woman bows at my feet! And every nation bears my flag! And all will hail me Sefer Zodd! As Final Boss the ultimate emperor of Earth! ”

On the top of the highest mountain, far at the highest peak from the highest view, a teenage boy cloaked in dark armor looked down at the world. His black hair swayed from the strong winds that blew down from the mountaintop, blowing the snow covered peaks to and fro.

His lips did not tremble as the frigid air ripped through his lungs. As his frigid blue eyes looked on in the distance he saw a

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