convey of enemy ships.

”Why do they continue to fight me with these toys? ” He said looking down at his sword. ”Do they not understand? The only way you can defeat a final boss is with Magic or cheats! ”

”This world is beyond saving, it has been changed beyond anything a mere mortal could muster. ”

As the kid looked out at the distant black oceans, with waters that had been polluted with tar and soot, he saw battleships in the distance closing in on his position.


Three Jet planes flew past him and then looped around splitting their formation.

”Eyes on the target! ” One of the pilots said aiming his missiles.

”Target acquired! ” The second pilot yelled.

”Fire! ” The third said.


The three sets of rockets collapsed onto The boys position exploding on contact.

”Did we get him? ” One of the pilots asked.

As the smoke began to clear, the teenager emerged from the smoke, unharmed.

”What! ” The pilots said, falling back into formation

”Lets go Voluinė ” The boy said, leaping off of the cliff.

As he fell through the air the turbulence ran into his eyes.

With a single spin his sword emitted a dazzling blue light that blinded everyone on the battlefield.

”WHAT What was that! ” The soldiers on the battleships ahead screamed.

In an instant, the boy had destroyed all three jets, the soldiers watched as the jets fell from the sky set on fire.

”Thats him! ” One of the soldiers said. ”He really does exist! The boy who controls the flow of the world with the swing of his sword! Sefer ZODD! The final boss in the real world! ”

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