I’m The Final Boss In The Real World?

Chapter 3: A Transmigrated World

”Sefer ” A voice called

”MY name is Sefer Zodd, I understand its a strange name but I have always been a strange kid, its even stranger that my name is the same as the final boss of the videogame I play. ”

”In the vidoegame, Invaderz, I am the strongest battlemage in the game, and I am ranked #1 in PvP PvE and even in gross gold income. ”

”SEFFERRR! ” The voice called again gettin gmore agitated.

”Invaderz is not just a game that involves clearing dungeons, but also building armies and bribing polititoins, in order to be a top player you have to be as skilled as you are conniving to reach the top, ”

”There are many players that hate me and say that I am an evil player ruining the game for everyone! But to them I say this ”

”If the things I do are truly evil, then why are they allowed in the game? ”

”On the internet I am a complete legend! Many fear my guild and even the sight of me on the server is enough to give people chills…But in real life.. ”

”SEFEERRRRR! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE! ” A voice screamed from down the hall.

”Im just your average 18 year old kid who is a loser at school. ”

A nerdy teenager sat as his computer typing away at a report. As he furiously typed away he adjusted his nerdy round glasses back onto his face, and wiped the sweat from his freckeld forhead with a napkin. As his short black hair got oily from the sweat, he leaned back an grabbed his head, drenching it in oil.

”Ahhhhh shooooottt Just thirty more!! ” Sefer said trying to cram in the last seconds of his homework assignment.

”The symbolic culture of video games ” The title read.

Sefer had made it 2970 words into this 3000 word essay and he needed just thirty more to complete it.

”Ahhh shit! What the hell am I supposed to say here? The cultural revolution of video game cultue has perpetuated our view of reality? There are some that see life itself as a game? Shit! That sounds too much Like Me! ” He said smacking himself in the head. ”Stop sounding like SEFER! ”

”If you don get your ass down here in five minutes… ” The voice boomed. ”You
e going to sound like a broken Clarinet! ” His mother screamed.

”A Broken clarinet! ” He screamed. ”Your Brilliant mother! ” He said smiling.

”In… a world of videogames, the nagging adult culture fearfull of violence sounds nothing more than a choir of broken clarinets… ”


The door to his bedroom was smashed open. An angry woman with a belt in her hand playfully smacked the leather object into his palm, eyeing down his son.

”HEheheh… its for a paper… I didn mean.. ”

”Heheheheh ” His mother laughed. ” Yaknow for a smart kid your pretty stupid! ”


Sefer was dropped off by his mom with a giant bulge on his head.

”Ouch! ” Sefer said while waddling out of his moms car. ”Alright honey! Have fun at school! And no videogames this time! ” She screamed.

”Ekkk ” Sefer said checking his phone.

”Hey Sefer where are you ” A message appeared on his screen. The contact name Monica appeared on his phone. A cute girl with red lips and beautiful long hair appeared next to her name.

”Mo.. Mo… ” Sefer said as his heart began tor ace. ”MOOOONIICAAAA!!!!! ”

Sefer darted through the halls trying to find the girl on his phone. After running through eight hallways he finally spotted her at her locker puting her things away.

”MMMMOOOONIIICCCAAAAA! ” Sefer yelled running up to her.

As soon as he was within a foot of her he came to a screeching halt, bringing his head down in front of her.

”Haha how are you? ” She said with her slightly raspy voice. It was cute and friendly like any teenage girls, but the small rasp on her voice, made her sound extremely pleasant to be around, and also gave her a tremendous singing voice.

”Im great! ” Sefer said scratching his head. ”I… I stood up all last night! I actually beat the final boss in my favorite videgame last night! ” He proclaimed.

”Hehe silly, you still play World ENDERS? No one even knows who created that game! Ive heard stories about people disappearing after playing it! You should be more careful ” She said.

”I know… its just I can get enough! The final boss is so cool! Zodd! Man hes cool! You should play with me some time! Im a max level player after all hehe I can carry you! ”

”Hehe thanks, but Ill have to pass ” She said. ”Im glad you had time to play videogames but… did you happen to ”

”Heheh no worries! ” Sefer said taking out a paper. ”I had plenty of time! Didn even break a sweat! ”

”Hmmmm ” Monica said, eying him. ”Whats with that bump on your head? ”

Monica and Sefer walked to class together and sat down in their English class. After a few minutes of taking attendance, the teacher called each of them to the front to read their papers.

”Monica! ” Her teacher instructed. ”You go first! ”

Monica nervously approached the center of the class to read her essay. As she became anxious her face became red and she looked away from the class.

”You can do it! ” Sefer said giving her a thumbs up.

”The Symbolic nature of Videogames, I wrote this essay to explain how videogames are more than just a brain numbing pastime… but also that of a symbolic representation of how we view reality ”

After a few minutes, Monica finished her essay.

” ”In… a world of videogames, the nagging adult culture fearful of violence sound nothing more than a choir of broken clarinets…Where children spend everyday trying to level up and experience the things these adults hate and fear ”

”Excellent as always! ” The teacher said praising Monica.

( a few minutes later)

”You did great! ” Sefer said.

”Its all thanks to you Sefer! ” Monica said smiling.

”I don get it though… I had enough time to write you an essay last night, why did you need one for this morning as well?

Monica got nervous, and for a moment turned away from Sefer

”I… I just wanted two just in case! ” she pleaded. ”Your writing is very complex after all! ”

”Heh next time Ill tone it down ” Seferlaughed.

”Well well ” A voice boomed from behind Sefer. ”If it isn the Invader! ”

A tall and slim teenager shoved Seferonto the ground spilling his books and things all over the ground.

”Jet stop! ” Monica cried.

”Awe this is so cute ” Jet said picking up his laptop. ”Your in the middle of a game right now! ”

Jet raised the laptop above his head as the screen read Invaderz.

”Give me that back! ” Sefer yelled.

”Heh, why don I just! ” Jet said raising his arm. ”BReak it! ”

”Damnit ” Sefer said. ”This is why I hare IRL, hes bigger than me.. stronger than me and faster all from birth! Even if I attack him with full strength I wouldn do any damage… Then again… ”

Sefer looked down at Jets crouch.

”I could kick him in the crouch! He wouldn expect that! Then I could use my laptop to bash his head in! That would teach him! ”

Sefer leaned back ready to deliver a blow to jets groing


”Sefer ” His mother told him. ”I never told you about your father… but he was a violent man… he used to hit me and beat me… you have to promise me… youll be a good boy… don end up like your father! ” She begged.

(Back to presnet)

Letting out a sigh Sefer withdrew his attack.

”I.. can for moms sake… If she heres about me bashing a kids heads in…. I coulnd ”

”Stop you asshole! ” Monica yelled stepping in front of Sefer. ”Are you sure you want to break laptop?! ” Monica alarmed

Jet gave Monica a cold and somber look, and after a moment let out a sigh.

”Tsk your right, why would I want to get sued for this loser, Whatever ” Jet said giving back Sefer his game station. ”Cya Invader ”

Sefer grabbed his game console and hugged it tight

”Thanks Monica… ” He said.

”No problem… you do so much more for me… I have to stick up for you too. ” She said smiling

”Why do you do that… ” Sefer said. ”Why you hang out with a loser like me when you could hang out with a bug strong guy like Jet? ”

”Ewwww Yuck! ” Monica said. ”Guys like Jet gross me out! I habg out with you becasue your so much nicer! Its like my father always ssaid. ”

”Hang out with assholes too long and youll start smelling like one! And then even if you aren an asshole people will assume you are! ”

”HAHah thats a good one! ” Sefer laughed. ”What are you up to today, do you want to go to the library again? ” Sefer asked.

Once again, Monica looked away from him.

”Yeah sure! ” She said Smiling.

The two of them walked towards the schools library

”O shoot! ” Monica said. ”I think I left my laptop in my locker! Ill be right back! ” She said scurrying away.

”Ok! ” Sefer said waiting patiently.

As Monica turned the corner a note fell out of her pocket.

”Oh wait! ” Sefer said trying to catch up to her. But it was too late.

By the time he rounded the corner Monica was already gone.

Reaching down, Sefer picked up the piece of paper and read it.

”Meet me in the locker room after class ” The note said.

”Whats going on? ” Sefer thought. ”Why is she going to the locker room? ”

As Sefer rounded the corner a man with green skin appeared in front of him.

”What the hell! ” Sefer said jumping back

”This is your reality, ” The man said. ” Proceed to the locker room and then tell me Zodd, Why do humans deserve to live! ”

”Zodd? ” Sefer said confused.

the man dissapaeard as quickly as he had came.

”Man I am playing to much Invaderz, no videogames tonight ” He said laughing to himself.

As he approached the lockeroom he heard to voices inside.

”Here it is ” Sefer heard monica say. ”I did your English paper for you just like you asked. ”

”English paper? ” Sefer said confused. He peaked through a crack in the Lockeroom door.

He saw Monica hand over the rport he had written for her to someone. As he looked through the crack he saw the outlines of a teenage boys hands.

”The second report! ” Seref thought. ”It wasn for her! it was for someone else! ”

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