I’m The Final Boss In The Real World?

Chapter 4: Zodd\'s Power Unleashed

”Heh thanks ” A voice said. ”I guess your friendship with Sefer ”isn useless after all. ”

Sefer grabbed his chest as he felt a sting.

”No… ” He said. ”THis can be possible Monica is my friend… ”

”Yeh and you were gonna break his laptop doofis! Then we wouldn have gotten our shit don for sure! ”

Seref became more and more hurt as he heard the conversation go on.

”Thats why I love you… you always do what I need ” Jet said grabbing Monicas ass

Tears started pouring out of Sefers eyes

”Jet… stop it someone will see us! ”

”YOu think I care? He said forcing her onto her knees.

”Now… how about one more job for you? ” Jet said laughing.

Sefer ran from the room in tears.

”Wait stop Jet! ” Monica said standing up. ”Dd you hear that? Someone heard us! ”

”She said…. she said she hated guys like Jet! I don understrand how can someone be so cruel! How can someone be so evil! ” HE said running out of the school.

”She lied to me she cheated me! She… manipulated me! ” He said crying.

”Thats right ” The green man said once again. ”Just like you did in your videogame. ”

Looking up in his tear drenched eyes, Sefer saw the strange alien looking person once again. THey were dressed in futuristic space robes and were levitating off the floor using some power.

”I don know if Im hallucinating but even so! Thats a videogame its wrong to do this to people in real life! ”

”So if all of this was a videogame, you would be OK with what just happend? ”

”Not exactly… ” Sefer said sadly. ”But I wouldn be as upset… I would understan dits a part of the game. ”

”Hmmmm ” The alien said. ”That gives me an idea… how about we turn this while planet into a videogame! Would that satisfy you Zodd? ” The alien asked.

Confused by what he was hearing, Sefer looked back at the alien with confusion.

”WHat!? ”

”I have watched you since you were an infant… every time you have had the chance to become violent or to destroy these puny mortals you have held back! I will remove those constraints from you! I will tunr this whole world into InvaderZ for you to do as you please! ”

”What! Your going to turn this world into Invaderz? Why? Why would you do all of that? ”

”BEcause… Zod ” The alien said to him. ”I love you ”

”Who.. are you exactly ” Sefer said.

”My name is Voluinė, I am an alien from Planet Betelgeuse ”

”You mean like the star? ”

”Yes in thatstar there is a planet of alien colonizers, we have come to test earth to see if it is worthy of existence, and you are the one we have chosen to be our conduit? ”

”Conduit? ” Sefer asked.

”Once our hands touch this world will be changed forever, and it will instantly become the one in your videogame. ”

”I… seee ” Sefer said. ”Assuming this is all real… this sounds too be to be true. ” Seref said drying his eyes. ”Whats the catch? ”

”The catch his… you will be the only one who knows this game is not real ” Voluinė said. ”And if you tell a single person the game will end. ”

Running up to him Monica caught up to him.

”Sefer! It was you! ” Monica said. ”I didn mean what I said… Jet… hes blackmailing me! ”

”THis human always gave me hoe vibes… ” The alien said truning to her.

”Who is this guy? Is he doing an Invaders cosplay? ”

”Monica wait! ” Jet said running after her.

HE caught up with her and saw her with Sefer.

”What the ** is going on? What is that an alien? ” Jet said.

”Monica… ” sefer said coldly. ”I am only going to ask you this once… you will never get another chance to answer ”

”Whats gotten into you! ” She said.

”Hey! ” Jet said shoving Sefer on the ground.

”Jet stop! ” Monica screamed.

As Jet raised his fist. Sefer reached his hand out to the Alien.

”DO it now! ” HE cried.

”Very well ” THe alien said. ”This world will be changed… as well as I, say goodbye to your life as a normal human Zodd! ”

As they joined hands, a giant blue beam of energy envoloped them.

”What the? ” Jet said as he was blinded by the light.

Soon the whole block the city and then even the entire world was encased in blue light and in a flash everything changed.

Mountains grew out of the ground, Trees grew hundreds of feet, the animals grew strong and turned into monsters. All around the world became a completely different planet.

Back where Sefer Monica and Jet were, it suddenly began to rain without a single cloud in the sky. As the three became drenched in rain, they became confused looking up and not seeing clouds.

As Jet stood over his prey he became confused.

”WHo are you? ” he asked. ”Where did Sefer go? ”

”What are you talking about? ” Sefer said returning to his feet.

”Who…. are you? ” Monica said blushing.

”What are you talking about? ” Sefer said.

As the rain formed a puddle beside him Seref saw a man in his reflection.

No longer did he have the short black hair, but now it was long and lavish, with frigid blue eyes.

As he squinted he noticed his visoin was a little blurry.

”I need to clean my glasses he said taking them off.

As he took them off, his visoin became clear and as he looked into his reflection a revelation came over him.

”Wait… jet black hair… blue eyes… and a black sword on my back? ” He said taking off the sword on his back.

”Thats exactly what Zodd… from invaders looked like? ” He said. ”Also for some reason I feel like Im in incredibly good shape? ”

He lifted up his shirt, revealing a set of six pack abs.

”Sefer is that you? You sound the same! Why didn you tell me you did cosplays! ” She said running to touch him.

”Don touch me hoe! ” He said smacking her hands away.

Monica bgan to sob as she fell back.

”You bastard! ” Jet said. ”Ill destroy you for that! ”

Jet ran at Sefer throwing apunchat his chin.

”Its like his punch is traveling in slow motion ” Sefer said

Sefer easily parried his attack smacking his hands away.

”OWWWWW! ” Jet cried.

A loud crack erupted through the air, as Jets armed bent backwards at Sefers slight touch.

”Shit! ” Sefer said. ”I… broke his arm so easily? I barely touched him? I was careless ”


”Hehe Monica can save you now! ” Jet said shoving Jets head into a toilet ”


”Hey Sefer, your moms kinda hot you know, you think I can get a ride home? ” Jet laughed.

(Back to presnet)

”No ” Sefer said. ”This… is what Ive always wanted… finally some god damned justice! ”

Sefer smacked Jets other arminstantly causing it to break.

”PLease! ” Monica creid. ”Have mercy! ” She said.

”Your evil! You son of a bitch! ” Jet said. ”Your a complete psycho! ”

”Hmph ” Sefer thought . ”I can do whatever I want to them! This is my world now! In the world of videogames! I can do as I please tot hem! ”

As stepped on Jets chest causing him to struggle to breath.

”Please! ” Monica begged. ”Have mercy! ”

”If you are going to beg then get on your knees! ” Sefer said laughing.

Monica did as he instructed and begged for forgiveness with tears comin gout of her eyes.

”Yes thats it! ” Sefer said. ”THis is my world now! I can do whatever I want! Now you to will- ”

Sefer was interrupted by a huge roar coming out from behind him.

He turned around to see a giant green dog with two heads wagging its tail at him.

”What the hell is that! ” Monica said covering her face.

”A double headed Orthus… one of the first strong mobs of the game… ” Sefer thought. ”I don see any hit points or stats thought… but if Im truly zodd ” He said truning towards it. ”THen this shouldn be a problem. ”

”Yes Master Zodd ” His sword spoke out to him.

”Voluinė! Your the sword? ”

”But ofcaorse, I want to see you play this game first hand ” Voluinė said. ”Show them show the world the terror of Zodd! ”

Sefer ran towards the beast with sword in hand.

”Show them the power of the final boss! ”

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