I’m The Final Boss In The Real World?

Chapter 4: Zodd\'s Power Unleashed

As Sefer drew his weapon, he approached the large creature ready to square up.

”Ok ” He said eyeing the creature. ”I guess the first thing I should do is land a blow, lets see how strong I am! ”

Sefer took of in a mad dash for the beast, closing the distance of 20 meters in a few seconds, he felt his body overflow with power.

Slicing his blade across the beast face, he ,ade a slash across that went about an inch deep into its skin. He fell back and raised his blade noticing the blood at its tip.

”There… there are no hit points… the beast is bleeding! Voluinė! What kind of videogame is this! ”

”A realistic one ” Voluinė said. ”There are no hit points, no heads up display, the only thing thing that is virtual is your current world rank. ” Voluinė said.

”My world rank… how will I know how powerful a for is? Or when I can defeat them? ”

”Experience and knowledge of the games system will teach you that… unfortunately I cannot tell you anymore than that ” Voluinė said. ”The point of this game is to judge humanity, we must evaluate your ability to use this system. ”

The beast charged at Sefer ready to attack him.

So.. if there are no hit points… and the enemy bleeds when attacked, that must mean my vody acts as it does in the real world, in other words if that beast bites my arm off… MY arm really will be bitten off! ”

Dodging the beasts attack Sefer rolled to the side, and prepared an attack.

”Ok… in the game there were abilities… abilities that hit harder than normal attacks… Im a swordsman right? the first one you get is called Tempest slash lets try that! ”

Running up to the Orthus Sefer raised his blade above his head as it started to glow.

”Tempest slash! ”

As he drifted above the beast, nothing happend.

”What! ” He thought. ”How is this possible! ”

The Orthus headbutted him in the gut sending him tumbling across the ground. As he rolled across the ground he felt the wind get knocked out of him as he hunched over.

”THis is no game! ” He said. :This pain is real! Its excrutiating! If I don do something soon Im actually going to die! ”

Rolling onto his back he blacked the Orthuss attack as it tried to bite him with its razer sharp teeth.

”I will give you one hint ” Voluinė said. ”Remember your not just anyone in thie game, you are in fact Zodd the final boss! ”

”Ofcaorse! ” Sefer said fendin goff the Orthuss attack. ”I can use the abilities of a player! I have to use the abalities that Zodd uses! ”

As the dog charged towards him it prepared a deadly horn attack as its horns began to light up with electricity.

”Ok… think back to the first time you encounter Zodd…. its at the temple of the lost… He is in a weakend state, at that point he hasn collected enough souls…. what ability does he use!? Oh yes thats right! ”

Raising his blade into the air, Sefers blade began to glow with a dark energy.

”Yes ” Voluinė said sinisterly. ”Channel the dark energy. ”

As the darkness poured out from his sword. Serefs min dbecame clouded with images o fdark fantasies.

”What is this feeling? ” He said. ”I feel like Im… no longer human! I feel like… Im a god! Heheha! Im going to destroy this flimsy beast! ”

Striking his blade into the ground he caused a sea of spikes to emit from his blade like a shockwave. They pulsed out with incredible speed, linking together like a giant shard of crystal.

”Void pike! ” Sefer screamed.

As his blade tore through the beast he tore it in two, causing the blood to spill all over his body.

”Sefer!!! ” Monica cried. ”Are you Ok? ”

Sitting under the pool of blood that had spilled out from the beasts, Sefer raised his hands as a flood of adrenaline flowed through his body. As he felt the power flow a dark soul, spawned from the creature he had killed and morphed into him, granting him even more power.

”I see so just like Zodd I get stronger with each foe I defeat I just wish I could see it in stats somewhere! ”

Looking dowm at his hands, Sefer began to realize just how violent he had become. He was covered in blood, and guts, in the middle of a battle between beasts but yet.

”I killed a giant beast, and now its blood is pouring all over me… I should be scared, terrified or even grossed out, but for once in my life… I feel ” He said looking back at Monica and Jet.

”Complete ”

Jet was still lying on the ground crying with his arms broken. With Monica trying to console him. As people on the street cam out of their houses they trembled in fear, as they watched, Sefer armed with a blade, drenched in blood.

”What in the world is happening! ” One person said.

”I s like the world is ending! Ive heard on the news animals are rising up and attack people and turning into monsters! Our weapons are not strong enough to fight them, is there nothing we can do! ”

”SOMEONE HELP! ” A Man carrying a child screamed. He ran through the streets as a giant Orthus followed him from behind.

”Dear god! ” Everyone cried. ”Someone do something! ”


WIth the same attack He had used earlier Sefer sliced through the Orthus, saving the father and child as they escaped.

”Who…. who are you? ” The people asked gathering around him.

”Are you the savior? Are these the end times? ” An old woman asked.

Looking around Sefer felt something he had never experienced in the real world.


People were lookinng up to him as there hero, as their savior, a minute ago he had been a loser, but now everything had changed in the blink of an eye.

”Fear not, ” sefer said evily. ”I will protect you from these end times, I and I alone can protect you from these monsters! ”

”Please! ” A woman said running up to him. ”Protect me! Ill do anything you want just please keep me safe! ”

”Anything? ” Sefer said as his eyes grew large.

”No… ” Monica said. She looked back at Jet in his pathetic and defeated state.

”Monica… ” Jet said. ”Don leave me ” He cried.

”I have to survive Jet! ” She said running away from him.

”MONICA! ” He cried.

”Please protect me! ” Monica said falling on her knees. Ill… do anything you want! ”

”Me too! ” Another woman cried.

”What! What about the men! And the children! We need protection too! ” The square of people cried.

As another beast came into the area, Sefer stood between it and his army of followers.

”Fear not ” He said running towards the beast.

”I will be your savior, I will be your protector! Trust me! And only me! ”

”What is your name! ” An old woman yelled in the distance.

”I am the strongest Mage in the history of New earth! ” Sefer said striking down the beast.

”I am Zodd! ”


”Woah this is awesome! ” Sefer said playing invaderz on his computer. ”There is some lore on Zodd… it says here… He was a mage who was the protector of Earth, who turned evil, and enslaved humanity, Zodd was originally a good guy? Then why is it he turned evil? ”

(Back to present)

Somewhere in the cosmos a group of aliens were gathered around a table talking amungst themselves.

”He is doing well ” One of them said. ”The game was a great idea ”

”It is no coincidence that the child became the number one rank in the videogame we designed… even now he is subconciously emulating things as he played in the game. ”

”Excellent, we will continue to monitor his progress along with the rest of Earth. ”

As Sefer stood over the corpse of the defeated Orthus, he heard a buzzing sound coming from domewhere.

”What in the heck? ” He said looking above him.

Three huge aircraft carriers filled with soldiers landed around him each pointing their rifles at him. The united stated army, written on all of their unifroms and aircraft.

”Drop the weapon now! ” They ordered him.

”What! ” sefer yelled. ”Im the one saving these people! I will not! ” HE yelled back.

”Sefer ” A voice said from the inside the aircraft. ”Or should I say Zodd? Come quietly now and we can unsure your safety ”

”Screw that! What makes you think you can harm me! ” He screamed back.

”Maybe not you, but imagine what would happened to your mother! ” The voice said.

An screen panned to his mother, who was tied up and restrained inside of some location.

”You Bastards! ” Sefer cried.

”Come quietly ” The voice said. ”Or your mother will die! ”

”You Batard ” Sefer said eyeing the aircraft. ”You have no idea, what you have just done. ”

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