I’m The Final Boss In The Real World?

Chapter 4: Zodd\'s Power Unleashed

As Sefer boarded the Aircraft a man with ribbons and emblems on his uniform was watching him from. teleprompter.

”Emblems all over his uniform… He must be high in the army…. wait a minute .. ” Served thought. ”Iv seen this man before. ”

As the man in uniform scratch his white beard he looked down at Seref with absolute skeptiscim. The piercing state from his beating hazel eyes showed he wasn sure if Seref was yet a friend or foe.

”This man .. I saw him regarding the war on TV! this man must be… General of the army! General Smith! ”

Unable to be patient any longer, Seref broke the silence.

”What is it you want from me! ” he yelled.

”We want to know who or what the he you are! and what the hell is going on! ” The General yelled.

”I see…. ” Seref thought. ”They have no idea what is happening… Ill just simply explain… ”

Just as he was about to explain Seref remembered his new role in the world.

”No…. everyone in this room is not a friend…. they are enemies! enemies in this game! If this game is anything like Invaders…. its only a matter of time before the Gates start opening and everyone starts fighting each other for the loot! ”

”If I am going to win this game… I have to gather all the resources before everyone else! ”

”Whats happening? ” Seref said. ”Ill tell you whats happening… the end of the world! and I have been chosen as this worlds new ruler! ”

An award silence fell over the room as Seref spoke.

”Was I too forward? ” he thought.

suddenly the screen split in two as a man in glasses appeared beside the general.

”if that is indeed so ” the man said. ”Then why is that on our aurcelience cameras we have you freaking out, next to a strange levetating man with green skin? ” The man said bringing up the camera footage.

”I knew having homeland security in the line was a good idea ” the general said.

”Who exactly chose you? God? or some extraterrestrial trying to destroy the planet! Seize him! He is no Messiah! he is the antichrist! Seize him and get we can torture him about the information from him about whats really going on! ”

”Seize me? ” And how exactly do you want to do that? ” Seref laughed.

”We are still anilizing your DNA samples but based on your breathing patterns you are still somewhat human! ”

” So what? ” Seref said.

”Therefore we surmised that without oxygen even your strength would fail! ”

”tsk! ”

Seref fell to the floor as his body began to weaken

As the soldiers around him approached him with Rifles, they put oxygen masks on their faces.

”Think Seref Think! Was Zodd a human? ”

As Seref thought back he remembered more from the games Lore.

”Zodd though originally a human from earth after being given powers from the Invaders became Enlightened. ”

”Damnit! ” Seref said. ”I have to think of a way… ”

As his vision got blurry, he fell to the ground losing all his strength.

”Good now take him in! ” the general ordered.

As the soldiers gathered around him, they picked him off the ground to transport him.

”And now, we will find the truth of this matter ” the man with glasses said.

As one of the soldiers looked back at Seref they noticed something odd.

”Thats strange sir ” He said looking at Sefer. ”Did he pass out with a smile on his face? ”

In the next moment Sefer landed a sweeping kick, knocking all of the Soldiers back.

”Impossible! ” The general yelled.

Swiping off one of the Soldiers masks, Seref placed it on his face and got ready to fight.

”You Bastard! ” the general yelled.

”If you had never told me about the oxygen I would have never harbored my strength. ”

”Harbor strength? what are you talking about! ”

” One of the reasons untrained people pass out and cannot hold there breaths is do to the streets they apply on their body, by panicking your heart beats faster, requiring more oxygen, and in the process causes you to pass out faster. ”

”I did the opposite! as soon as you mentioned the oxygen, I calmed myself down, and slowed the rate of consumption! ”

”This is no ordinary kid! Men fire! ”

”Shit! ” Seref said rolling into the ground. he hid behind a a barracade as the soldiers fired at him.

”Im not strong enough… as far as I know I only have one ability…. In order to do sheilds and other attacks I need more souls now if even one bullet hits Me Im as good as dead! ”

”That is the one thing I can assist you with ” Valuione said. ”After you collect seven more soles you will receive your next power. ”

”And as it seems… I count 8 soldiers in this room ” Seref said. ”perfect ”

”Wait a minute ” Seref said turning his head to the right. He saw a giant switch that said high voltage. ”Is that a breaker? ”

In an instant the room went black, blinding the Soldiers.

”Damnit! ” one of the Soldiers grunted. ”The monitor with the general is gone! what do we do now! ”

”Relax ” the commanding soldier said reaching into his backpack. Taking out a pair of thermogoggles he sat them over his head and signaled the soldiers to do the same. ”Weve trained for this. ”

As the soldiers threw in there themogear, the waded through the dark hanger looking for Sefer.

”Judging by my strength Im as strong as an elephant, strong but not invincible… until I can figure out how to fly… jumping off this aircraft is out of the question, Which means ” Seref said stepping from behind the baracades.

”Ill have to commandeer this plane! ”

”Sir a heat signal from the Barracade! ”

”Blast em! ” the soldier answered.

As they unloaded their rounds of amunotion they noticed the heat signal get larger and larger.

”what the heck? ” A soldier said touching it. ”it looks like a mound of crystals? ”

Before he could react a second mound of crystals rammed into him, splitting his skull open.

”Johnson!!!! ” the lead soldier cried as his comerades was killed before his eyes.

as he turned around another mound took out the three soldiers behind him.

”Barlet! Kasey! Duncan! ”

Within moments a of his men had been taken out, leaving just him and Seref squaring off.

”You… killed them… all of my comerades you killed them! ” He cried.

”Oh yeh, I forgot ” Sefer thought. ”He doesn know this is a game… hes probably actually devastated I almost feel bad ” Seref said raising his hand.

A his hand became black as dark energy pulsed through it.

”Die! ” the soldier yelled firing shots at him.

Easily deflecting the bullets the hand wrapped itself around the soldier, squeezing him.

In one final effort the man grazed the side of Sefers face

As his hand closed, the mans soul was ripped from his body. The dark energy pulsed from his corpse healing Sefers wound on his face.

”Soul Rend ” Sefer said laughing ”I remember how annoying fighting against this ability was. ”Seref said laughing.

”Now that Iv dealt with the soldiers, its time to find my mother, even though this is just a videogame, Im sure she is very scared about what is going on… Lets think, they couldn have been in my area very long she has to be somewhere nearby! ”

Walking into the pilots cockpit Sefer. raised his hand of darkness threatening the pilot.

”If you don get us to this location in the next thrity minutes ” Sefer said

”I will kill you and your loved ones.

”Sir ” the man with glasses said. ”Have we heard back from our men? ”

”No its safe to assume they are dead. We should work on moving the mother before he catches on ”

”Sir! ” A man In a suit said barging into the room. Hes five minutes away from The Los Angeles Police department! He figured out where we

”Impossible! no one on that

plane knew! Did he deduce we couldnt move her in time? ”

As Sefer landed his plane at the Police station he walked out of the plane surrounded by police officers.

”Secretary of state Jensen ” The general said.

Fixing his glasses, Jensen turned to the general on his screen, swirling around his long silver hair.

”what is it? ”

”Im begging to wonder sir… If we take out this Sefer character…. who will save us from the monsters? Shouldn we just get him on our side? ”

”And if he decides he doesn want to be on our side anymore? ” Jensen answered.

”Hes just a kid ”

”His a kid who has outsmarted our military killed seven of our men without batting an eye and broke a friend of his hands just for fun ” Jensen said

”This kid is a problem… and hes getting stronger by the second, if we don take him out now…. The monsters will be the least of our problems! ”

”heh ” Jensen said stretching his hands.

He was surrounded by atleast 10 patrol cars two helicopters above himand dozens of officers on foot.

”Do you think its true what they said? ” an officer said.

”Is he really … not human?

creating the giant hand of darkness beside him Jensen let out an evil laugh.

”Lets see what I can really achieve with this power! ”

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