I’m Yours To Tame

The rumours won\'t end soon.

At that moment, Natalie regretted her actions, she could have just agreed when he said he owned her. The looks in his eyes were as if he wanted to devour her.

Arnold looked scary with the way he pulled her closer. His hands grabbed firmly, her waist.

She felt if she didn try to seduce him at first, he wouldn have acted this way.

Arnold noticed the discomfort on her face but then ignored it. He kissed her shoulders slowly till he got to her neck. Then whispered slowly in her ears.

”What is it? you don want to please me anymore? ”

Natalie thought she shouldn do it. She expected him to agree to her offer. She wanted him to agree. Now he agreed and she didn want it.

”Do you not hear me, woman? I said kill him. ” This time Arianas voice spoke loudly in her head.

”Ahhhh. ” She cried out in pain, covering her ears. The voice gave her a sharp pain in her head. She didn like the fact that Ariana tries manipulating her.

”Get off from me. ” She yelled and waved her hands. A blue fire-like light splashed from her hand all over the room and in a moment everywhere shook. almost like an earthquake.

Arnold wasn left out as he was also thrown to the floor.

It seems Natalie now had Arianas powers.

Arnold who was on the floor looked at Natalie.

”She had the powers of the Royal bloodline. ” He thought. He was also royalty, so he had the same power, he could use magic.

Did he by any chance pass some of his powers to Natalie? how come shes so powerful?.

He watched Natalie fall to the floor. She had used a lot of power just now. She must have been very weak afterward.

The next day, when Natalie woke up. it was morning. She noticed she was the only one in the room and then looked at the time through the clock on the wall.

It was ten a.m. But then she noticed something. The clock didn move. It was in one particular spot. It must have been broken. She speeds up to it. Seeing the dust, it must have been there for a very long time.

The sun hits hard on her skin through the window. It must be noon.

She thought! She slept for many hours.

Natalie tied a towel around her waist and headed toward the bathroom. After a while, she was done bathing.

She moved to the wardrobe to get changed. It was then Natalie remembered she hasn gotten new clothes yet. And this wasn her house. She rubbed her temples slowly, thinking. She had no money, what to do?. she had to get clothes for herself since she would be living here with Arnold. She didn want to depend on him.

”You have all the power, you can get as much money as you want. ” The voice spoke in her head again. Natalie didn seem bothered this time. Shee was satisfied by the suggestion.

”Can I go out during the day? ” She didn forget to ask the voice. Maybe Ariana knew things she didn .

”Your Antecedent is daylight. You
e also able to go out during the day. ” She heard the voice reply. She doubted it at first, but then believed Ariana had no reason to lie to her. If Ariana misleads, they
e both going to share in the pain and Ariana wouldn be able to use her body.

She then checked the wardrobe and wore Arnolds polo top which almost reached her knees and a T-shirt to cover. She looked seductive, dressed that way.

Natalie moved her fingers a bit and the facial concealer moved near her and she grabbed it. She recently got the powers but she seemed to have mastered them already.

She didn forget to make up the scar on her face before going out.

Natalie reached the busy streets of country A. She didn burn. Her skin was perfectly okay under the sun. Natalie smiled happily. This was what she wanted. She had the power and no limitations.

”Its time to get into business. ” She smiled briefly. She was going to steal money.

In Arnolds office, which was located on the last floor of the hospital.

Devin sits opposite Arnold and they were discussing. After a brief silence, Devin bursts into laughter.

”You mean to tell me she now has the powers of the Royal bloodline? ” Devin said and laughed again.

Arnold didn seem to be happy with Devins reaction and had an unpleasant face.

”Is this something to be laughing about?. ”

”Wait, Arnold are you being serious?. if I weren familiar with you, I wouldn believe what youve just told me. common its not possible. ” Devin said.

Arnold frowned.

”Do I look like Im bluffing? this is more than a joke. Here. ” He pulled down his shirts collar. Exposing the bites from Natalie.

”Woah, what is that? ” Devin asked, making a disgusted face.

”The bites are not healing. ”

”Arnold everything is becoming unusual, do you think it has anything to do with your background?. ”

”Well, I don think so. ”

As they were speaking, Arnold heard the voices outside the hospital.

”What was that? ” he asked, he and Devin exchanged glances and immediately checked through the window.

It was still on Monicas issue. The reporters didn back down in finding out the truth. He almost forgot Monica is the daughter of the countrys governor.

The news of their breakup wouldn die anytime soon. immediately he went downstairs to address the press if he didn do that. He isn sure the issue wouldn continue.

Immediately he stood up, and Devin followed him.

”Arnold waits, you can go out in this manner. ”

”Stop following me, if they see us together. the rumors about being gay would spread. ” Arnold scolded him but Devin was obstinate and still followed him.

Immediately they reached the lobby, he saw the reporters already entered and ran towards him.

”Mr. Spears, is it through you
e gay? ”

”What did your partner say about this? ”

”When did you find out you had a different sexuality? ”

”Say something doctor Arnold. Do you have no intentions of getting back with the governors daughter? ”

”If you weren gay, would you two still break up? ”

The securities immediately came to block the reporters from hurting Arnold.

Before they did, Arnold already snatched a microphone from one of the reporters.

”Indeed, I and miss Jackson are no longer in a relationship but you definitely can refer to me as a gay. ” After he said this, he let out an evil smile. If Monica were to be watching the news, she would understand what he meant.

”The man from the pictures is not my lover.

.. ” Arnold was still talking when the reporters run past him to another person. He turned to see it was Devin.

Since he had revealed himself, the rumors definitely won die down.

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