It was a cold evening in Country A, After a heavy rainfall. The street seemed to be empty only a few cars could be seen. Doctor Arnold a powerful vampire and a famous and respected surgeon in the city, who was known for his hard work and diligence, just closed from work driving in his black Mercedes on the highway. He doesn seem to be in a good mood after receiving a text message from his girlfriend who was now his ex, they broke up a while ago. He didn turn up for their date as usual. Doctor Arnold was always busy with work and had a very tight schedule. Since he didn make it to their date this time, his girlfriend sent him a breakup text. Formally they had similar issues and they handled it over a talk and a night of hardcore sex and romance. This time, her text looked real and serious. She even blocked him on social media. He still didn give up, he drove to the restaurant he had booked for her earlier. Arnold stared at the diamond ring he had brought for her. He was going to propose tonight. But everything got ruined by an unexpected patient and then the rain. He was afraid of rain, He never drove whenever it rained.

The loud sound of his ringing tone signified an incoming phone call. This time, he checked the phone and the caller was his best friend Devin. Immediately he swiped the screen and picked up the call.

”Hello. ” His bold voice sounded.

”Hey man, congratulations. Did she accept your proposal? how did it go? ” Devin asked in a charismatic tone, he seemed to be happier than the man who was supposed to propose to his girlfriend.

”No. ” He responded briefly.

”No? what no? she didn accept the proposal or what? ” He asked, confused. There was a brief silence from both men on the phone, Devin waited patiently for Arnold to speak. He needed an explanation for the no he replied.

”There was no proposal, ” Arnold said, breaking the silence.

”What? man. Don tell me you didn show up? ”

”As usual, I failed her again. ”

”Where are you? Ill come to meet you, we need to give Monica an explanation, She must be very furious right now. ” Devin said.

”She broke up with me. ” He blurted out.

”Wait, what?. Where are you? Im on my way. ” Devin said hurriedly and it sounded as if he took the car keys.

”Im on my way home. meet me at the villa. ” Arnold said and ended the call. His face was still focused on the road. He had an expressionless look on his face.

he seemed too calm for someone who just had a breakup with his long-time girlfriend.

It didn take long till he met with the holdup.

”Darn it! this **ing hold up. ” He cursed, hitting his steering wheel hard and it horned.

Almost an hour later, he got off the holdup and sped through the highway till he got to Dwayne street and met it was still raining in that area, He lost control of the wheel in the unexpected rain.

His hand shivered as he hurried to match the brakes. He felt the car hit something and suddenly it stopped. Arnold struggled to breathe as he felt suffocated in the car. The rain still poured heavily and he didn come down, instead, he folded himself in the car. As powerful as the man was in the vampire world, he still had his trauma. Rainfall.

Arnold felt the rain reduce and he smelled the faint scent of blood in the atmosphere.

The blood smelled delicious and his urge to drink it increased. it was not the blood of an animal. He thought. Did he hit someone?. Arnold asked himself. He was still in the car when he noticed the rain stop falling and immediately he opened the door and went outside to check what he had hit.

Arnold noticed the smell of the blood-dimmed yet his nose still caught it. Maybe it has been washed off by the rainfall. He thought.

Seeing the front of his car almost cracked, it was obvious he hit something big and if it was an animal, it certainly won survive.

He checked around the car and didn see anything only the faint traces of blood under the car.

Immediately, he leans down to check and saw the fair long legs of a woman.

”Argh, this is just absurd. ” He said, frustrated.

Same time in a gigantic bedroom, Monica the daughter of a well-known, billionaire in the city was being comforted by her friend, tears flow freely from her eyes, and her mascara was smeared all over her face.

”Monica, I know what Arnold did was very bad, but you shouldn have ended the relationship abruptly and waited for an explanation, ” Linda said, patting her friends hair slowly.

”What **ing explanation did he have to give other than he was busy with work? tell me, why shouldn I break up with him? do you also think I can do without him? ” She yelled out and the tears on her increased as they poured out heavily from her eyes.

”Monica, truth be told. You ended it all out of anger and you both will surely come back together again. right? ” When Linda asked this. Monica shifted from her a bit and stared at her face.

”Whose side are you on Linda? ” She asked.

”I don know, I just think you both have to talk it out or something. ”

”What do we have to talk about? Im not getting back to him. Ive ended the relationship between us and nothing would make me go back on my words. ” This time, it sounded serious. Monica ended the relationship.

Arnold sped in his car with the lifeless body in his booth. He felt his phone ring for the fourth time and then he picked it up.

”Man, where are you? Ive been at your house for almost an hour now. ” Devin said on the phone.

”Im on my way. ” He said, sounding more angrier than earlier.

”Whats with that tone? ” Devin immediately asked. He had known Arnold for so many years, that he could read Arnolds every mood. And this one didn sound like it related to the breakup. It sounded as if he was frustrated or provoked. Something else had happened.

”Nothing, Im entering the villa now, ” he replied.

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