”What kept you so long? estimating the time you called, you should have arrived at the villa before me, ” Devin said again but Arnold didn respond. He leaned his back on the car and rubbed his temples then raised his head to look at Devin who asked him a question and spoke.

”It rained. ” Was the only word Arnold uttered?

”What? when? it stopped raining hours ago, it must be your hallucination. ” Devin reminded.

Arnold folded his brows and they almost touched each other as he stared at Devin sternly. He seemed to be angry because Devin made a joke out of his explanation.

”Im not kidding Devin Hester. ” He called out his full name, which determines he was very serious with what he had just said.

”And what happened? ” Devin seemed more interested this time, something must have happened for Arnold to look this way.

”Theres a woman in the trunk. ” He finally confessed.

”A woman? in your trunk?. ” He asked and grinned. Arnold must have gone crazy. What did he mean by theres a woman in his trunk? A flashy thought passed through his mind immediately. ” Did Arnold kill Monica for breaking up with him? ” he thought and gave Arnold a questioning look. before going to check out who was in the trunk of the car.

Immediately after he opened it, he saw the fair-skinned body of a beautiful slim woman with grey hair. immediately he walked to Arnold. ”What happened? why is there a dead woman in your trunk? ” He questioned Arnold who looked confused.

”It happened under the rain, I didn see her coming. ”

”Then why did you bring the body here? shes dead already. ”

”I know, but I just couldn do it, ” Arnold said.

Devin felt it was unusual of Arnold to act fearful as he was always the one to be feared.

”Man! this is complicated. What do we do? ”

”Stop asking too many questions and help me bring the corpse inside. ” He scolded Devin.

In a room almost dark, as the lights were dimmed.

”Shes still alive. ” Devins voice sounded loud as he yelled.

”What? what do you mean?. ” Arnold hurried to the dead body which was lying cold on the bed. He puts his ears on her chest.

”Its true, but she might die soon if we don do something. ” He said and Devin gave him a flash look

e the doctor here? don you want to save her? did you change your mind?. ”

”Get me the first aid box from my wardrobe. ” He ordered.

Devin stared at him.

”First aid? for an almost dying accident victim? ” He asked.

”Just get me the damn box. ” He yelled out and Devin immediately went to bring it. Seeing how big and heavy the box is, he wondered what Arnold Kept in it, not until he opened it and saw the equipmentwase, not for first aid, but full surgery.

How come he had almost all the hospital equipment in the box.

He watched Arnold perform surgery on the woman and then he wondered how Arnold managed to hold himself from sucking the sweet blood he smelled.

He must have been used to it already hes been a doctor for so many years.

After a long while, he could notice Arnold was determined to save the woman. ”Youve done enough for her, if she didn survive it wasn your fault. stop putting so much pressure on yourself. ” Devin said and Arnold didn respond. He was so focused on what he was doing that he didn pay attention to Devins senseless talks.

”Arnold, ” Devin called out to the man who had bloodstains all over his hands and shirt. The man seemed to answer but didn turn to look at him.

”Just let go of the **ing corpse rest. ” Yelled out angrily, which made Arnold finally speak.

”I just can let this woman die. ” He said.

”If I didn know you, I would have my doubts about the reasons for your actions. Ill help you take the body out right now, get the bloodstains washed off your hands. ” He said pushing Arnold aside.

”Don , ” Arnold said out, stopping him from carrying the body.

”You want to do it yourself? ” He asked.

”Ill give it one last try and if it doesn work, you can have the body. ” He blurted out. At that moment, Devin assumed he was Bewitched or something.

”Seriously? are we still on this? ” He asked.

”Just let me. ” Arnold moved closer to the body and Devin watched him. He sits the woman up a bit and stared at her neck lustfully.

”I hope he isn going to do what Im thinking? ” Devin asked himself inwardly. He wasn sure if Arnold wanted to suck the woman or save her life as he stared at her neck and did nothing.

He watched Arnolds eyes turn red and his fangs popped out.

He was going to do it, he was going to suck on the woman. I thought he wanted to save her life? why did he decide to make her his meal?. Devin didn know what Arnold was doing at that moment until he watched suck from the woman deeply. Devin was tempted to join him, he didn want Arnold to enjoy the womans sweet blood. He felt his fangs almost pop out of his mouth.

”Ahhhh. ” He held the woman moan slightly then suddenly, Arnold bites his arm and puts the blood into the mouth of the almost dead woman and slowly the woman swallowed.

What the **? what was he doing? He is making her a vampire? was he that desperate? who is this woman to make the most powerful vampire desperate?.

”Fuck! this ain happening. ” He said out, watching the whole thing happen in front of him. If anyone would have told him this! he wouldn believe it.

it was after midnight and everything was almost back to normal. Arnolds wound didn heal. It was strange! he heals faster than any other Vampire would.

But this time! it was different. He watched Arnold wrap his wound with a bandage slowly. The man seemed to have lost his mind, he hasn said anything since he did that reckless action. Devin wondered what went through Arnolds mind. What was he thinking?.

Arnold stood up and walked their head toward the bathroom. Soon, he came out all clean. He had changed from his bloody shirt and washed his hands.

immediately he came out, his eyes surveyed the room and then to the woman who was still unconscious on the bed. It was unusual for she to still be sleeping, she had slept for hours and didn wake up. He went to the wardrobe and wore black joggers and a red polo top.

”What would you do if it didn work? would you act recklessly again? ” Devin asked Arnold who was quiet and didn respond.

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