I’m Yours To Tame

Used to be her home.

Natalie couldn understand all the explanations Devin made to her. What did he mean, They were both Vampires, she was also now a vampire?. Do vampires exist? she thought they were just mystical creatures. How come they both look so handsome, they were nothing like the Vampires portrayed in the cinemas. Natalie shook her head in disbelief.

if this is a nightmare, she would like to wake up, even if it means going back to her cheating husband.

”No, this can be. ” She closed her eyes tight and clenched her fist tightly on the bed cover.

She was that way for a moment, then a thought flashed in her mind.

Maybe this was Gods second chance for her. If it was, she would make good use of it.

She is going to get her revenge, on everyone who trampled on her and her cheating husband and betrayer of a sister.

A faint smile appeared on her lips and her eyes turned dark.

She stared at Devin and Arnold who was waiting for her to speak after the series of explanations they gave her.

”You mean I can kill and feast on anyone I want? ” Her voice sounded evil when she spoke.

Devin and Arnold exchanged glances and before they could look at her she was already standing in their front.

She had an evil grin on her face.

”Thank you, for this opportunity. May I feast on my first prey? ” She asked, staring at her fingers. Watched her sharp claws pop out slowly. She was amazed and satisfied by the changes in her body. Natalie felt she wasn the weak person she used to be! becoming a vampire wasn her wish, but if she could get revenge on her current status. She didn want it to end now!.

Natalie walked towards the big dressing mirror in the room and stared at herself.

She opened her mouth, staring at her fangs. She assumed it was beautiful and at the same time, she would love to see the look on her mother-in-laws face when she appears to her in this form.

”She looks happy with her new self, ” Devin said to Arnold, who stared at Natalie the whole time.

Unexpectedly, Devin rushed to where Natalie was and stood behind her. while she looked at him through the mirror.

”You seem to be happy with this form? ” He whispered to her.

”I sure am! ”

”Now, let me tell you to rules to this new change of yours. You don go about kílling anyone you want. You must lay low and cover your tracks no matter what. ” Devin said.

”Do I have to? isn being a vampire a better thing? ” She asked.

Devin smiled at her silly questions.

”Indeed, being a vampire was a good thing. ” He thought.

”Don worry, I won act recklessly. ” She said.

In the morning, Natalie walked downstairs to meet Devin and Arnold in the living room. She wore Arnolds polo top which was almost reaching her knees and was very big for her since she was slim and of average height compared to him.

Arnold stared at the beautiful woman walking down from staircase, She looked beautiful in his top. He thought.

The woman reached where he sat and stared at him with a frown on her face. Then she went to a seat near Devin.

”Im leaving. ” She finally spoke, breaking the long silence.

e not allowed to leave just yet, ” Arnold said.

”Why? you want to keep me here too? ” she retorted.

”As I told you already, I own you. ”

”I have a life to live. ”

”I gave you a life and I can take it. ” He yelled at her.

”Take it, if you dare. ” She roared at him angrily.

”Calm down little pretty. You
e not just anyone human. You have a life to live which is well understood. but then again, we can let you out just yet. ” Devin said calmly.

”Well, Ill see who can stop me, ” Natalie replied and before they knew it, she was already outside.

”Three, two, one.. ” Devin counted and then they heard her scream loudly.

Arnold already went to bring her inside.

Natalie cried in pain, The sun wasn friendly to her. It burnt her skin.

”She is a stubborn one, ” Devin said.

”What have you done to me? ” She asked, wincing in pain, covering her face which was red and hurtful.

Soon, it was all over and her skin was back to normal. Natalie looked calmer than ever.

She never expected it to be this way, what was the use of it if she couldn go out during the day? she thought.

She watched the door push open and Arnold entered. He was all dressed up and had a lab coat on.

He is a doctor? she thought. Surprised. How did a vampire become a doctor?.

”The telephone connects directly to the office. You can call me if you need anything. Ill be off to work. ” He said.

”Off to work? ” She asked, confused. Maybe she didn hear him well.

He could go out during the day? how come she couldn ? She thought.

The looks on her face already gave her out. Arnold knew exactly what she was thinking.

”I can go out during the day. ” He confessed.

”How? ”

”Youll get to find out sooner or later. ” He said, leaving her confused.

Natalie felt she has been cheated, he was the one who turned her into a vampire. ”Isn she supposed to possess the ability he possesses? ” she thought.

Shortly after Arnold left, Devin came to her in the room. She felt she was more comfortable with Devin than with the grumpy Arnold.

”How are you feeling now? ” Devin asked calmly.

”Why can I go outside during the day and he can? didn he make me? ” She asked.

”It doesn work that way, ” Devin replied to the confused woman, he thought she was an interesting person since she asked unexpected questions.

”Im hungry. ” She said and when she did, Devin understood what she meant.

And went to get her blood from Arnolds kitchen. It was a good thing Arnold became a doctor, they could have unlimited access to blood.

”Here. ” He said to Natalie, extending the blood bag to her, and immediately she took it.

Natalie spits out the blood immediately after sucking from it. It disgusted her.

How come? isn she now a vampire? why did the blood irritate her?. Devin looked surprised by her reaction after taking the blood.

”What happened? ”

”Its disgusting, I don want it. ” She said.

How could a vampire get disgusted by blood? it was unusual and unexpected.

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