I’m Yours To Tame

Everything was their game.

Arnold noticed the awkward atmosphere amongst the staff in his hospital, they all looked at him strangely and he felt something was off.

Immediately he got to his office he hung his lab coat and sits on his chair. Reviewing the reports of some patients.

The screen of his phone brightened and a notification popped up.

Immediately he checked, he saw Monicas article about their breakup where she stated the reason was that he was gay. Arnolds face darkened. Seeing this. How could she make up such a lie when theyve **ed severally. This woman must be kidding. He went on, reading the article and noticing the photo attached to it.

It was pictures of Devin coming to his villa on different occasions, at night!. It was then he realized Monica had someone spying on him.

”He never appeared on your dates? hes such a jerk. ”

”So absurd, I can believe hes gay. ”

”No wonder he never submits to my advances, I thought he was being loyal to his girlfriend. ” someone added.

Arnold switched off his phone in frustration after calling Monica severally and she didn answer.

Devin brought several types of blood for Natalie and she rejected them all.

She didn like any of it. So he brought her food. Maybe she wasn fully a vampire. He assumed.

Natalie had told him her favorite food and he ordered some for her. They had just arrived from the delivery and he went to pick it up. On getting upstairs, he decided to call Arnold and inform him about the current situation, and when he saw the notification from a popular blog he followed online. Seeing Arnolds name on the headlines made him curious and then he decided to check what it was about.

Monica made their breakup public and stated he was the reason for it.

It didn take long before he arrived in the room with Natalies food, but didn find her in the room. ”Natalie. Natalie. ” He called, searching for her in the room and the bathroom. She wasn here! she left, she must have gone out through the window.

She is just too stubborn to deal with. How would she cope, with the sun?. He thought.

Devin immediately sets out to go find her.

Natalie covered herself with Arnolds coat while walking in the streets. to avoid being burnt by the sunlight, she walked in shades. She couldn hold it, her efforts seems to be wasted, and she was still affected by the sun.

This is a punishment she wished to end soon. She headed to the place which used to be her house. She had been missing for few days after she found her husband in bed with her sister a some days after their supposed divorce.

Her career was ruined, She was an unpopular actress and had married her husband who is the CEO of the entertainment company she worked. He funds her movies and helped her climb up in her career. She endured three years of abuse and suffering with him. His family didn accept her and he also didn treat her nicely. She had thought the marriage was her ladder to elevation but she never knew he had planned it with her stepsister Jane.

One weeks ago…

Natalie.. crawled to the floor. moving towards Kenneth who stood and watched her.

Immediately she touched his legs, he kicked her hard on the stomach.

”Ahhhh. ” She cried out in pain.

”I told you to sign the **ing papers. ” She yelled and grabbed her hair, pulling her towards the bed.

”Here, take this… sign, put the damn signatures on the papers. ” He forced a pen to get his hands.

She read the papers… ”Divorce papers?. ” She mumbled…Her hands trembled.

”No, Im not divorcing you. ” She cried.

”We could talk it out. Ill never disobey you, I promise. ” She said again. Her whole body trembled at the idea of getting divorced from him. She had nowhere to go and no one to help her. If he divorced her, she would have to return to her stepmother and sister. and they Definitely won accept her.

Natalie thought she wouldn make such a mistake, going back there was no different from staying with this devil she married. But she definitely won go back after three years. It would be a huge embarrassment to her.

”You would do anything I ask right? ” Kenneth said calmly.

”Yes..yes. I would. ” She knew they were many things Kenneth would want her to do, but if it doesn involve getting divorced she would do it.

She watched him walk to the wardrobe and came back with another document.

”Is he going to make her sign something else? ” she thought.

”What else did he want from her? ”

She watched the papers land on the bed and she hurriedly took them.

”Transfer of inheritance. ” She read out.

”What inheritance did she have? what was she going to transfer? ” She looked up at him, confused.

”What am I supposed to sign? ” She asked.

”Stop asking questions and sign the documents, ” Kenneth yelled at her angrily.

If truly she had a hidden inheritance somewhere, this must be her stepmothers plan. She wanted to use her marriage as a treat for her to surrender.

Kenneth watch her take the divorce papers and signed them immediately and then she took the will and tore it into pieces.

His eyes widened, surprised.

The woman didn fall for the thirty tricks, he would have still made her sign the divorce papers after she sign the inheritance transfer.

Immediately, he pushed her off, and then she hit her head hard on the beds furniture.

”You sly bitch. ” Kenneth picked up the pieces of papers and the divorce documents from the bed and left the room.

After a while, he comes back and noticed the woman was in the same spot as he had left her.

”Natalie. ” He called out, moving closer to the unconscious woman on the floor.

touched her forehead and checked her pulse.

”Shes dead. ” He said.

Immediately he took out his phone and called Jane.

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