“It’s right up there, and I’ll be right here.
Have a good time nanny!”

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Then let me go for a while.”

A Childcare book for the nanny.

Even in college, I liked the late library atmosphere where there were no people, so I remembered I stayed late to study because of that…

“Wow, there are so many books.”

I decided to read the difficult books I wanted to read to my heart’s content, taking this opportunity that no one would notice.

“Oh, it’s over”

It seems that while choosing a few history books the end of the historical section was in sight.

“Mmm, mana?”

As I went a little further inside, I saw a bookshelf related to mana.

I wonder if mana was in the corner because it was not a universal study.

“Magical power……..? Can I use it like Cardin?”

My father is a mage, so I had hopes that I might be able to use some magical power.

‘Or maybe I can handle the sword as well as Cardin.’

Thinking about it, it was reasonable.  I am the child of the main characters after all!

‘He is called a sword genius at the age of six.’ 

At least my ambition will hit the sky.
Sooner or later, 

I’ll ask Cardin to teach me swordsmanship. 

I giggled a little and looked at the bookshelf, and I saw a book that stood out.

 ‘The Basic Mana Management Book for Beginner’

“Oh, when you don’t know something, you start as Beginner.”

I went around looking for a place to read the book about mana that I am interested in.

I stood up and saw a sunny place in the corner, so I took the book and went close.


But there was a guest who came before me.
In these corners, I saw a child sleeping with a thick book open.

It was a boy of my age.
No, he was a very pretty child who fell asleep to the point I am confused if it is really a boy.

When the child tossed and turned in his sleep his black hair shook gently.

The sunlight reflected from the colored glass sank on the child’s face.
A more mysterious atmosphere surrounded the child.

At that moment, the child’s eyes opened and we made eye contact.

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I felt like I met an angel the moment I met his golden eyes.

“Oh, hi.
Did I wake you up?”

I think I woke up the child who was sleeping peacefully, so I apologized first.

The child just stared at me silently as soon as he opened his eyes, and showed no reaction.

It seems that I would believe it if I was told he is a doll that only blinks its eyes as if it were drowsy.

The child, who had been spacing out for a long time, sighed slightly and soon returned to focus.

“I’m sorry.
I’m still half-asleep.”

Looking at the child rubbing his eyes as if he had not lost his sleep, I continued to exclaim inside.

The appearance of the child who looked coy like a cat yawning while rubbing his eyes brought peace of mind.

Your parents must be very worried but whose child it is.

“Hmm, who……?”

When he saw me standing in front of him, the child opened his eyes and talked to me.

“Sorry! I think I woke you up.”

“It’s okay.
I’ve been sleeping all this time.”

When the child smiled, the corner of his eyes bent and a lovely smile was seen.
It looked so bright as if someone was flashing lights from behind.

“You’re like a real angel……..”

My thoughts came out without realizing it.
This mouth was so silly.

“I think the angel is the one in front of me.”

Oh, my.
He’s so different from someone who says hateful things.

The child, who had a calm smile on his face all the time after sleeping, laughed quietly as if this situation was fun.

“It’s been a while since I saw a child here.”

A child calls me a child.
I laughed inwardly at the child who used an adult tone that didn’t fit his face.

“Aren’t you a child as well?”


The child who listened to me slowly looked over his body.
He moved his finger for a moment and muttered with a face of enlightenment.

“That’s right.
I am a child, too.”


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“I forgot for a second.”

As we exchanged threadless conversations, the air around us seemed to have become lighter.

The child, who left his whole body to the pouring sunlight, was still drowsy or droopy.

“I guess you like books.”

The child took a look at the books I brought that said, picking up the Basic Mana Management Book for the Beginner.

I picked some books that I wanted to read.”

“Angel is so smart.

“That’s right.
I’m smart.”

You have a good eye.
I felt like my shoulders were going up to the ceiling with the child’s continued praise.

“How long are you going to call me angel?”

What’s your name?”

The child quickly asked my name.

The child seemed much smarter than me.

“I’m Emeliette.
What’s your name?”

“Well, the name…”

The child was immersed in deep thought, as if he was making up a name.

As if he had thought of something flashy soon, he applauded and answered.

“Please call me Fay, Liel.”


“Can I call you Liel? Please think of it as a nickname.”

Fay smiled and asked for permission.

“Okay, okay.”

‘There’s nothing I can do.
You already did.’

“But Liel……”

Fay stared at me and opened his mouth, snooping his head.

“How old are you now?”

“I’m 6 years old!”

My conscience hurt a little when I answered that I was six years old, since I remember my previous life, but anyway, I’m six years old now.

“……..The age seems to be …….”

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Fay looked at my face to the point it felt burdensome and muttered words of unknown meaning.
I couldn’t hear what he said because he whispered in such a small voice, but a sudden curiosity passed by those golden eyes that were floating.
Maybe he is happy to meet a friend of his age.
Because children like their peers.

“Let’s be friends.”


I vigorously held out my right hand.  It was a bit awkward as I had never made such a standard friend request in my previous life.

Fay muttered the word friend and asked carefully, rolling his eyes.

“What do you want from me?”

“What do I want? You can talk with your friends or hang out with them!”

‘Does he really not have friends?’

I also didn’t have any friends, but I know you don’t make friends just because you need something from them.

“Princess……..Are you here?”

At that time, I heard the voice of my nanny looking for me.
It seems that the nanny came to see me when she noticed I was not in the history section.

“Are they looking for you……Liel?”

I think I should go.”

“That’s too bad.
See you next time and…….”


“Let’s do it.

Fay smiled shyly, lowering his eyes.


“Liel? What’s wrong?”

When I grabbed my chest near my heart by Fay’s unexpected attack, she immediately heard a worried voice.

As I was surprised, I opened my eyes wide and reassured Fay, who looked around my body.

“I really have to go now.”

The nanny’s voice was getting closer.

“Bye, Liel.”

She waved her hands at Fay, who smiled and waved slightly.

“Will we be able to see each other again?”

“Because I’m pretty much here.
You’ll be able to find me”

“Yes, I’ll be back next time!”

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I was worried about the nanny’s voice.

I hurriedly packed my books and turned to the history section.

I felt sorry for the quick goodbye with my new private equity friend, so I looked back at Fay and he was still looking at me with a calm smile.

When our eyes met, Fay waved again.
I could see the child sitting drowsy in a place full of books.

Somehow Faye looked a little lonely.

I have to come often and get closer.

“I’m here, nanny.”

“Princess, where did you go? I thought I had lost you, my heart sank.”

“I’m sorry… There are other books over there.

I’m sorry to have worried the nanny, but I didn’t want to be scolded, so I laughed as pretty as possible.
It was my lethal move to weaken the nanny’s heart.

The nanny smiled at me as if she couldn’t stop me, and warned me to make sure to tell her next time.

“Yes, I will.”

“I think we have to go out now.
The meeting must have ended earlier than expected.”

The nanny said, taking a look at the magic ball given by Cardin.

That brilliant black bead that the nanny is holding now was a very rare magic tool that worked only when the user had mana.

In terms of my past life, it acts as a mobile phone, but it was not a widely commercialized item here.

This was because either side had to be able to freely use mana to communicate.

In a place where wizards are not common Magic balls were exclusive to wizards.

Since I came here, I wanted to borrow a book, so I told the librarian the name of the Duke of Bardion.
The grim face of the librarian immediately turned into astonishment and became polite.

My nanny and I borrowed the books we had chosen and left the library.

A pleasant wind passed by my cheek.

“That child is………”

“The dead saint’s……………”

While I was waiting for Cardin, I heard the voices of strangers and gazes from somewhere.

When I turned my head and looked where the voices were coming from, I could see some people wearing pretty high-quality clothes whispering.

The feeling of being a spectacle from head to toe as if I were a monkey in the zoo was quite unpleasant as always.

The nanny also covered me with her skirt width, making an uncomfortable expression as if she felt that unpleasant gaze.

After they finished talking to each other, I saw one person from the crowd coming this way.

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