The room field with sunlight was full of pleasant warmth.

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However, thick books were piled up everywhere, and some scrawled paper was also rolling around the room randomly.

‘How can you use such a nice room like a pig cage?’

I whispered in a small voice that only Cardin could hear.

I guess this is where pigs live.
It’s too messy.”

Cardin was looking at me with the same mysterious expression as before.

“Ha ha.
Princess, you’re exactly like the duke when he was young.”

A kind voice was heard from the back.

Surprised, I looked back and saw a man enjoying tea time buried in a sofa or a book grave.

“How have you been? Teacher.”

“I’m fine….
Thanks to the Duke’s performance in the north, this old man doesn’t have to go there.
I’ve been taking good care of my health.”

“You are still the same.

The atmosphere around Cardin somehow softened.

After listening to their conversation, I learned that Mejihos-nim is Cardin’s former teacher.

However, if I remember correctly, Mejihos was already a grown-up in Cardin’s childhood, but the person in front of me was a man who seemed to be a sad young man in his early 30s.

In addition, his fluffy-looking milky hair and eyes were giving him a softer image.


I must have stared too much.
Mejihos approached me and leaned down as he looked me in the eyes.
It was a soft look full of favor.

‘I think he’s shining.’

This old man is lacking, but he is called Mejihos, who is in charge of the tower.”


“What? I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear you well.
This old man’s ears are not good.
My my.”

With my eyes shining, I continued my words, holding the hands of Grandfather Mejihos.

“You’re so handsome.”

I wasn’t very interested in celebrities on TV in my past life, but there were some eye-catching people among them.

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They were men whose faces turned into a sad impression when their eyes drooped a little and laughed.

It was only now that I realized that it was a taste close to my ideal type.

“You have a really good impression.”




The warmth in the room turned cold.

Teacher Teto was surprised, and Grandfather Mejihos just smiled awkwardly.

And Cardin had an angry expression and a face that says, “What should I do with him?” while staring at me.

“You’re such a lively princess.”

Grandfather Mejihos smiled softly and spoke.

His eye smile created a warmer and softer atmosphere.

‘How can you be like sunlight?’

I heard that the higher the mana in the body, the slower the aging process, but it was really amazing to see it in person.

That’s true just by looking at Cardin.
I don’t know the exact age of Cardin now, but he looks like he is in his late 20s at most apparently.

‘Hang on.
Then, me too……?’

They said that the amount of mana in my body, measured by the mana tool, far surpassed that of advanced wizards.

That means …….

“I won the lottery!”

How nice it is to have a body that doesn’t age fast.
As I have been watching people yearn for youth in my past life, I was happy.

“Lottery? What is it?”


I cheered as if I was overjoyed from winning the long-term youth lottery.

Cardin’s eyes became sharper as if it was something else, and Grandpa Mejihos’ round eyes contained an awkward smile.

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“It’s just… I meant it’s really nice to meet you.”

I changed the subject with a smile.
It will be quite complicated to explain what lottery is.

“My my, it’s really nice to meet you, too.”

Fortunately, Grandpa Mejihos’ greeting moved the topic.

In fact, Grandfather Mejihos was not such a significant figure in the novel.

He briefly appeared as a magic teacher of Cardin’ when he was young, and whenever something dangerous happened to the main characters, he gave a small clue to a solution.

But now that the novel’s curtain has fallen and time has passed, Grandfather Mejihos has become the owner of Magic tower.

Although this is the novel I read in my previous life, a small sigh came out of the fact that even I don’t know how things will go in the future.

‘When you meet memorable characters at best, you will understand what kind of characters they are.’

“I look forward to your kind cooperation.
Grandfather Mejihos.”

“My my, please take good care of me, too.”

With a sincere heart, I grabbed the hand of Grandpa Mejihos.
I shook it up and down.

In my previous life, I died from being overworked.
I worked all my life without a family, but in this life, I have a family.

Even if that family has a mouth that only says mean things, I just need to fix it pretty.

And most importantly, Cardin was the owner of the Duke of Bardion.
That way, his daughter, I, will not die of overwork.

“How long will you hold hands?”


I was enjoying the warm hands of Grandfather Mejihos, when I heard a blunt voice, my body jumped into the air.

It’s sad, it’s still a young child’s body, so if Cardin lifted it a little, my feet would be fluttering in the air.

However, I’ve been through this a few times, and now it’s a little fun to be in the air.

When I turned my head a little and looked at Cardin, I could see him frown and express disapproval.

“I really don’t know who you look like.”

“You said I look like Papa because I’m Papa’s daughter.”

When one side of Cardin’s eyebrow was lifted slightly, I shook my hand lightly on both sides.

It was also fun for me, so I laughed like a child.
I put down my pride for a while.

“Your father and daughter relationship is very close.”

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Grandfather Mejihos was looking at Cardin and me alternately with slightly bigger eyes.

I forgot for a moment that there were other people here besides Cardin and me.

“…are we going to measure the mana first?”

After Cardin put me down a little, he brought up the main point of visiting the magic tower to Grandfather Mejihos.

By the way, I think I’ve made my precious guests stand there for too long.”

Grandfather Mejihos, smiled quietly and led us to the sofa where he was sitting for the earlier.
Although I came to the sofa, there seemed to be no place to sit because there were thick piles of books
and papers.


After Grandfather Mejihos spoke some words, books rattled and rose into the air.

The pile of books soon settled on the floor near the sofa.

“The room is a bit messy today.”

Grandfather Mejihos rubbed his cheek several times in embarrassment, and recommended taking a seat.

Even if he cleaned up the piles of books, the seats were a little small because the surroundings were messy.

I watched Cardin sit on the sofa and sat next to him.

‘Well, it’s nice to be warm.’

I felt the gaze above my head and looked up, and Cardin was looking at me without saying a word.

“What’s wrong? Papa.”

“What’s wrong with your expression?”

“What? What’s with my face?”

When I look at Cardin, who is calm these days, I used to smile joyfully at the thought of whether this is what parents who have raised their adolescent son feel.

Cardin had a suspicious look as he looked at me.

Avoiding Cardin’s suspicious glances, I looked elsewhere.

“Master, it’s here…….”

Teacher Teto, who had been without presence, took something out of his arms and handed it over to Grandfather Mejihos.

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Cardin asked with a little surprise.

What Grandfather Mejihos handed over was a transparent glass bead.

The function looked the same as the transparent glass box I saw last time when I measured mana with Teto.

“Isn’t this the same box that Teto brought last time?”

“It’s almost the same.
Princess, what color do you see inside?”

The glass beads held by Grandfather Mejihos were as transparent as last time.

“There’s no color”

Perhaps the same will happen if the Teto wizard here catches this glass bead.”

“Papa too?”

Even if the Duke of Bardion catches it, this glass bead will remain transparent.”

Then, is that not a tool to measure mana?

I was looking at Grandfather Mejihos with a puzzled face, when a glass bead was pushed in front of me.

“Princess, will you try to hold it?”

I glanced up at Cardin sitting next to me.

Cardin had a frown on his face, but…

I didn’t really restrain myself.

‘If it was dangerous, it would have been a mess right away.’

I reached out to the glass beads in front of me.
I felt the heavy weight in my hand.

The cold and smooth touch unique to the glass beads came up on the palm.

Unlike when Grandfather Mejihos held the glass bead, as soon as I touched it the glass bead turned black.

Followed by light purple gas filled the glass bead.

Along with the breathing sound of Teto, I could see faces staring at me with their eyes wide open as if surprised.

The situation was not unfamiliar.
Is it deja vu?

“I didn’t expect the hypothesis to be true.”

I heard the voice of Grandfather Mejihos.

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