Cardin opened the door with a small tray in his hand.
On the tray placed gently in front of her, there was watery vegetable soup that was easy to digest.
She felt strange that the duke, Cardin, brought what he could have ordered the servants to bring.

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“Here, eat it.”

He did not just bring the food to her by himself.
He also picks up the tableware and feeds her himself. 


She ate it with all her heart.
The soup was moderately warm enough to pass through the throat.

“It’s good.
Did Papa make this?”

“……No way.”

“I’m kidding.”

She said while laughing instead of eating soup while looking at Cardin, who frowned on one eyebrow.

“Just because it’s delicious.”

The instant porridge she ate that day didn’t taste anything.
She remembered the white porridge that she saw in the movie and wondered if she should make it herself.

“It’s more delicious because Papa fed it to me.”

She then realized that the worries of the day were meaningless.


Her body is perfectly healed.
Teacher Teto, who visited to see her condition, was also surprised, saying that her body’s energy returned perfectly.
And now she was sitting with Cardin in the carriage going to the palace.


She sighed quietly as she looked at the rapidly changing scenery outside the window.
Apart from her illness these past few days, Cardin’s work was piling up.
As Elvin said before, Cardin’s ability to handle things was quick, but the problem was elsewhere.
Ever since she woke up after shaking off her sore body, she had to go with Cardin wherever he goes.
While being held in Cardin’s arm too.

The people Cardin met while he was dealing with things were varied.
One time, Cardin attended a meeting of aristocrats in connection with the blast, holding her in his arms.
Thanks to this, she had to take the bewildered gaze of the nobles at once.
After Cardin’s cold glare warning, she didn’t get any attention again, but it was memorable to see everyone attending the meeting staring at the table.

When she mentioned that she wanted to go to the magic tower, Cardin said she still needed to be careful and he carried her in his arms and walked around his workplace.

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Elvin, who couldn’t stand it, carefully stopped Cardin, but he was determined.
It wasn’t that he didn’t understand why Cardin was behaving like this.
Being involved in the bombing in the square and the painful events after that seemed to touch the trauma of Cardin.

Since then, Cardin has shown noticeable anxiety when she shows any signs of pain.
She has been thinking about how to make Cardin feel safe for the past few days, but she can’t come up with any particular way. 

‘For the time being, it’s best to be with Cardin as he pleases.’

While thinking about it, the carriage was approaching the palace.
The central palace was still splendid.

“Hang out here until I’m done.” 

The conference at the Imperial Palace was a large-scale aristocratic conference, unlike the last one.
Cardin left her in the office, asking her to wait a moment, perhaps because he didn’t want to show her to the nobles who didn’t know her at all.
In Cardin’s office, the five zombies she saw last time were gone and there were neatly dressed men.

“Oh, my! Hello.

When the men saw her in Cardin’s arms, they were surprised at first and greeted her with a bright smile.
The men ordered by Cardin to take good care of her fell into serious trouble after Cardin left.
They put their heads together and discussed how to have fun with a six-year-old child.

“But weren’t you busy?”

It wasn’t that messy compared to the last time, but there was still a pile of work on the men’s desks.

No, it’s not.
Our desks are always messy!”

“Headen! It’s not good for children to hear that! You should have said it was because you were busy.”

After a few more words with the men, they were quite pleasant and funny.
She immediately felt good about the people working in the imperial palace.

“……so how great the duke was at that time!”

And men were really talkative.
She was listening to them talking about Cardin.
They were usually afraid of cold-hearted Cardin, but that was a difficult part of their boss’s life and, like any other imperial people, had deep respect for him.
She felt proud to hear how much Cardin was handling for the empire here.

“I told you to take good care of her, you seem very excited.”


About an hour later, Cardin came into the office.
The excited men soon wilted.
Cardin snorted at the men hiding behind her.

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“If you’re done with your work, Go home now.”

Cardin, who held her back in his arms, left the office and told the men.
There was a small cheer behind the closing door.


Somehow, she laughed a little because Cardin and the men seemed to get along well together.
After leaving the office, Cardin and Emiliette decided to take a walk near the palace.
There were many beautifully decorated places for nobles and outsiders in the royal palace.

“Wow, it’s so pretty.”

Among them, Odianne Garden was the best garden among the nobles.
The Odianne Garden, which boasts a large area, used to always provide spectacular scenery to visitors, and it is also a favorite place for nobles to gather.

“It’s so spacious that you would hardly ever run into people.”

As she came down from Cardin’s arms and looked around, she found a small wild flower in a corner.

“Papa, come here!”

The fluffy white petals were like cotton candy.
Among them, she picked up a flower with a broken stem because the bud was so heavy.

“Papa, give me your hand.”

Cardin held out his hand in silence.
He crumpled one eyebrow and asked her what she was trying to do, but he calmly left his hand to her.


She was quite satisfied with the result of working hard with her small hands.
She once learned how to make a ring out of flowers from her nanny, but she hasn’t forgotten it yet.

“It’s a gift.
It’s Pretty, so pretty.”

Cardin, who had been staring at the flower ring in his hand for a long time, gently frowned, but was gently wearing the ring on his hand.

“It looks really good on you.
Hehe, do you want me to make you a bracelet?”

It started out as a joke, but it was not empty words, it really suited him.
Cardin, wearing a flower ring in the flower garden, was harmonized with the usual cold atmosphere, giving off a strange atmosphere.


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‘Handsome guys are always handsome no matter what they do.’ 

Cardin was definitely the most handsome dad of all fathers in the world.
Including men who are still single, of course.

“Wait, Papa.
I’ll make you a bracelet, too.”

Before Cardin said anything, she was absorbed in making bracelets.
It took more time because the way the bracelet was woven was more complicated than the ring.

“It’s done.
Oh, what is it?”

When she finished the flower bracelet and raised her head, she saw Cardin holding a colorful flower crown in front of her.

It was even more sophisticated than what she made.

“I think you’d look good in a wreath.”

A wreath was placed over her head.

“It’s so pretty….”

She doesn’t know why Cardin knows how to make a wreath, but they played hand in hand, exchanging flower rings, bracelets, and wreaths.
She put flower decorations on both sides and walked in the garden again.
As she was about to return to the duke, she heard children laughing from somewhere in the garden.

“Hahaha! As expected of the prince.”

“Wow! He’s coming this way.”

“Come on, grab him! Hahaha.”

Among the laughter of innocent children came the voice of a very unwelcome person.
As she carefully stepped toward the sound, she could see children dressed in colorful clothes smiling at one place.
When she looked to see what was so funny that he was laughing so loud, she saw Neinster’s red hair running around first.

“What is that….”

She was shocked to see what the children’s laughing at.
Inside the space surrounded by the children, a Neinster and several boys were running around and alienating the child who had become a tagger.

The tagger wore a black cloth around his eyes.
The group of Neinster were enjoying watching the child roll on the ground after tripping his feet and pushing his back.
The condition of the child who became a tagger seemed very serious to pass on as a joke.

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Then Neinster crept up behind the child and hit the back of the knee, and the child fell flat.
The laughter of the children was heard again.

“What are you doing now!”

She couldn’t bear to see more, so she ran to the center of the crowd and shouted.
The children’s innocent laughter was stopped by an unexpected guest.

The children, who appeared to be nobles, expressed their unhappiness at the sudden disruption of their play.

“Oh, what? How dare you interrupt us?”

“Where did you come from all of a sudden?”

“You can be the tagger for me!”

The children attacked her with scathing words without hiding their unpleasant expressions.


The children’s mouths closed at the word of Neinster, who was at the center of the crowd.

“Welcome, do you want to hang out with me? We were playing tag.”

Neinster smiled brightly and shrugged his shoulders.
It was an attitude that there was nothing to be bothered about.
He said he was playing with his friends, but as soon as Neinster’s words were finished, the crowd around him giggled.

“Is this for fun? How can you make fun of a person and bully them?

When she shouted while blocking the muddy child, Neinster’s expression changed violently.

“What do you mean bully! We were playing with my older brother!”

When Neinster asked the children, “Isn’t that right?” people here and there said, “Of course.”

‘If he’s the big brother of Neinster, he’s the first prince.
But how did you…….’

The child who was pushed away by the children without any resistance was the first prince of the empire.
But what she saw was a scene that generally cannot be said to be playing with brothers.

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