She was so surprised so she came close and looked at him, he was asleep with an even breath.
She tilted her head in this situation, which was not unfamiliar for some reason, then she heard a small laughter from behind her back.

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“Hello, Liel.”

As expected, the culprit who did this was Fay.
She looked back at the welcome voice.


She was surprised to the point where the corners of her mouth were stiff and was left wide open.

When she turned around, there was Fay smiling with his black hair hanging down to his waist.

“What’s wrong with your hair?”

What happened in the few days when she couldn’t see him, she quickly approached Fay, who appeared with long straight hair.

When asked what happened, Fay replied, sweeping back his long hair.

“It’s just, I used a lot of strength last time…… It’s like a reflex.”

Fay shrugged his shoulders and smiled, saying it was no big deal.
She calmed down herself after knowing there’s nothing wrong with his body and breathed a sigh of relief.

“If it doesn’t look good on me, should I cut it again?”

Fay, who was rolling his eyes, carefully opened his mouth because he interpreted her reaction in a bad way.

“No, it looks great on you.
You’re prettier than me.”

She strongly denied and stopped Fay.
Fay, who had long hair, had a different atmosphere than when she had short hair.
In the past, she used to feel like he’s a chic and lazy cat, but now he has long hair and he has become a gentle and innocent cat.

“Am I pretty?”

When Fay heard her answer, he smiled so brightly that his eyes became round.

The pretty one has gotten prettier.”

She reached out to Fay’s head and swept his soft hair.
Smooth hair curled through her fingers.

“Liel is prettier.”

Fay went closer to the touch of stroking his head.
His personality was gentle, but his actions were like a cat.

“I’ll tie your hair for you.”

Anyone who sees this fine hair will want to reach out and touch it.
Unlike her curly hair, Fay’s hair smoothly stayed in shape even though she swept it by hand.
She felt satisfied with herself when he saw his hair tied roughly with a string as if it had been touched by an expert.

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“By the way, Liel.
Are you feeling better now?”

Fay turned his head and stared at her straight in the eye and opened his mouth.

I’m really fine now.”

She said with her arms bent as she had shown Cardin.
She jokingly said that he came out of her dream on a day when she was sick, Fay smiled at him.

“Don’t get sick now.

Fay put his hand on her forehead and stroked it with a careful touch, a sense of freshness seemed to spread in her body.

“Fay, your hands are so cool.
It feels good.”

Fay smiled silently at her compliment.
As he was smiling face to face, Teacher Teto, who has been lying in the middle of the lab, came into view.
Fay’s appearance and drastic hair changes made her forget about Teto.

“Hey, Fay.
Why do you always put Teacher Teto to sleep when you come?”

Fay’s gaze fell on the floor at her words and turned to Teto, who was asleep, and came close to him.
Fay repeatedly pokes Teacher Teto’s body or lets go of his limp arms in the air, as he did last time.

“Well… …this guy doesn’t know me yet.
I’m afraid I’ll be a little annoying if he finds out.”

“But he does seem like a nice person.
I’m glad he is Liel’s teacher.”

Fay got up and came back to her.
He took the bookTeacher Teto was holding.

“This is a formula magic book.”

“Oh, really? I guess that’s the class we’re going to have today.”

Fay flipped through the pages quickly, looked through the whole book, and asked me.

“Do you have complete control over your mana now?”

“Of course! You don’t know how much I practiced controlling mana?”

Wooden dolls, which used to dance bizarrely every day, can now be controlled in detail enough to perform perfect gymnastic movements.
It was a dreamlike result achieved by enduring the laughter of Sudar and Johnny in the room every day.

“I hope I can use magic like fire or wind coming out of my hands soon.”

She wanted to build up her strength to protect herself quickly after the last square incident.
So, she was also going to tell Cardin that she wanted to learn swordsmanship.
If she had received the genes of Cardin, it would be a piece of cake but if I didn’t, she’d be having a hard time.


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‘What if you jump over the Cardin at this rate?’ 

She laughed at the future unfolding in front of her.
The image of her overthrowing the sword of Cardin, a magician swordsman, high in the sky.


She woke up at Fay’s call, he looked worried and whispered in a small voice that her expression was strange.

Anyway, I want to be a magic swordsman like Papa.”

“Yes, you can.”

Fay nodded with a big smile.
She closed her eyes tightly once because she thought it was bright for some reason.

‘It’s a beauty that will become more dangerous when he grows up.’

She felt the need to teach him how to smile in moderation in the future.

“But I don’t think I’ll be able to learn formula magic today.”

She didn’t know when Teacher Teto, who was lying on the floor, would wake up, so she decided to just chat and play with Fay today.

“If it’s alright with you, do you want me to teach you?”

Fay asked carefully.
He added that although it is still too much for her to use the attack magic, he will teach her a formula that she can practice right now.

“Okay! Let’s do it now.”

The class of a genius wizard who solves even the formulas established by the tower and the temple.
This was a class she couldn’t take anywhere else.

Fay opened his mouth, putting his hands together in front of her. 

“All the sources of magic begin with formulas.
The form of magic varies greatly depending on which formula you engrave.
Like this.”

A group of lights shot out over the collected Fay’s hands.
The group of lights did not disappear, but began to wander around her, Fay, and the entire lab.


She looked up and enjoyed a group of light flying freely.

“Now, Liel is going to try it.”

“Me? It looks hard.
Will I be able to succeed?”

You said you’d tell me something easy.
Is this easy in your own standards? I know it’s an Illusion magic but it’s a tricky one. 

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“You have me.”

The genius wizard of the century next to her smiled confidently and assured.

“Yeah, I’ll try.”

She feels like she’s learning geometry first, as she’s just taken off addition, but she decided that this is better.  Fay taught her how to set up a formula.
What she realized while learning was that setting up a formula was a concept similar to programming.
As a programmer in her previous life, she was soon able to enlighten the concept of magic formula.

“Then we’ll try it at the same time.
We’re going to try the formula in this magic.” 


As she pulled up her mana, she remembered the Illusion formula Fay had taught her.
She focused her senses in her hands.
Soon a group of light began to spread in her small hand.
The easier-than-expected success brought a smile around her mouth.

“It’s working!”

The group of lights were growing bigger and bigger.


But something was wrong.
The wiggling, growing group of light has become the size of three faces combined.
Originally, only small groups of light should wander in the air.

“Fay, this is more than……!”

At that time, the group of lights showed unusual signs and began to shine so brightly that she couldn’t even open her eyes.
She tried to collect the mana, but she couldn’t.
At that time, Fay’s hands wrapped around the light, and a transparent film was placed over it.

“It’s dangerous.”

As soon as it was completely covered by the film, the group of light inside the film exploded with the vibration felt in her hand.
If Faye didn’t cover it, it could have led to a huge accident.
Even though it was covered with a film, the tremor of the explosion was delivered heavily as soon as it exploded. 

“I almost got in trouble…….”

She murmured blankly, looking down at her hand.

“I know.
I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.”

Fay comforted her, saying he thinks it’s because it’s her first time.

However, the consolation was overshadowed, as several subsequent attempts also led to a tremendous explosion, so she felt something was wrong.

“Why does it keep exploding?”

She tried to find a reason for failure even if she kept trying, but she couldn’t find it.
Fay said she should only practice when he is with her.  Fatigue rushed in, perhaps because she used a lot of mana and her brain at once.
She decided to stop practicing here today.

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She, who has become depressed, Fay said she would show her magic that she wants to see.
She answered quickly.
Fay showed off all sorts of rare skills.


Finally, Fay showed transformation magic.
In front of her now, Fay was sitting calmly, turning into a white cat, looking at her with clear golden eyes.

“So cute…….”

As she reached out like she was possessed, the cat walked lightly and settled on her lap.


The cat’s feet shook in the air when it was lying upside down.
The pink soft soles of the feet were so tempting.

“You’re playing very well.”

Her head turned to the dreary voice that lowered the warmth of the laboratory.
There, Cardin leaning on the doorstep was staring at her side with his eyebrows raised as if it were a spectacle.

“Papa, you’re here? Look at him.
So cute!”

When she grabbed Fay who became a cat with both hands, she burst into laughter when she saw his body getting longer like a spring.
It was fatal cuteness.


Her heart was fluttering. 


Somehow Cardin, who was more brutal than before, looked down at the cat.

“I didn’t see you for a few days.”

He seemed to already know who the cat was, as he spoke with his tongue clicking as if he had many complaints.
Cardin reached out to her to go back to the duchy.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Before she left the lab, she simply wrote down a letter for Teacher Teto on a piece of paper.

She wrote “don’t blame yourself for falling asleep again.” 

‘I’m sorry, Teacher Teto.’

She gently put the letter on the back of the sleeping teacher’s hand and left the lab.

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