What, did I succeed this time?

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Even before enjoying the joy of success, a Deja vu took place in front of her eyes.
The wind grew stronger and stronger, growing into a whirlwind and began to swirl.

“Hey, what’s this……!”

The voice of the confused teacher Teto was buried in the whirlwind.


At that time, black gas flowed from the center of the continuously growing whirlwind and wrapped it all in the opposite direction.  The offset of power caused the whirlwind to drop instantly.
When she looked back while fixing her scattered hair, Cardin helped her.

“I’ve never told you the formula for making such a big tornado…….”

Teto, who was muttering with a stunned look, said he seemed to have misinformed her and asked her to try again.


However, no matter how many times she tried, the result was the same.
Teacher Teto thought seriously and spoke carefully. 

“The princess’ understanding of the mana operation and formula is perfect.
But the reason why this keeps happening now is because…….”

Teacher Teto cleared his throat and continued the story again.

“I carefully guess that the other power you have might be the problem.”

She raised her hands and looked at them.
The only power she could take out of her body freely was magic power.


Teacher Teto rubbed his chin and opened his mouth with a serious face.

“Is it possible that the conditions of the princess’s power might be completely different from those of others?”

“What do you mean?”

Cardin, who was listening in the background, asked.
Although Teto flinched, he expressed his thoughts quite proudly as if his enthusiasm for learning had overcome fear.

“Since she has magical power and holy power in the first place, I suspect she was able to use both powers at the same time.”

That’s possible.

She clapped her hands when she heard what Teacher Teto said.

Maybe that’s why I can’t execute my magic properly. 

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However, the situation is not good to awaken her holy power.
This is because all those who can use the holy power freely belong to the temple.
Teto said that his guess may be wrong, so she needs to practice formula magic in the future.

“As I said last time, it’s better not to bump with the temple people.”

“Yeah, they’re not around anyway.”

Literally, there is no nearby shrine, so if you go around carefully, you will never see them. 

That’s what I thought back then.


[Emiliette’s POV]

It’s over.”

I crawled into the corner of the training ground and flopped down.
A basket containing water and towels brought by the nanny was seen.

“Oh, I’m alive.”

The water after running was sweeter than any other drink.

I caught my breath and saw Cardin and Ad, far away from the training ground.
Ad was under the guidance of Cardin, holding a wooden sword.

“I wanted to be in there…….

It was an exaggerated dream.
There was no such thing as ‘I’m a swordsman genius by any chance?’

It’s been a week since Cardin’s sword training began.
I went around the training ground every morning for a week.
I was really just running around day and night. 

Cardin measured my physical strength first before teaching swordsmanship.
The result was disastrous.
I was quite lacking in basic stamina, but from the day I started the class until now, I was only growing my leg muscles without ever holding a wooden sword.

On the other hand, the Ad. 

Very good physical strength.
Excellent swordsmanship.
Very good at learning.

He went straight into one-on-one training with Cardin.

At dawn, Ad sneaks out of the palace, comes to the duchy, receives swordsmanship guidance, and goes back.

Training with Cardin seemed so difficult that I was worried about him every time he went back after training so hard.
I felt more sorry after witnessing a lot of blisters on his palm than last time.

“Papa, you should take it easy.”

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After starting the swordsmanship class in earnest, Cardin’s teaching was relentless.
If Ad’s sword flies and falls down, he would repeat the word ‘Again’ a hundred times.  Even now, far away, Ad and Cardin were seen facing each other with swords.

“What if he falls down like that? Right, Fay?”


Fay, who turned into a cat, sat next to me and answered.
After the swordsmanship class began, Fay came to play at the duchy every morning in the form of a cat.
At first, he was running with her, but now he just looks from afar and sometimes bites a towel and hands it over.

Whenever she had training with Ad.
Fay was always around in his cat form. 

So, Ad doesn’t know that the cat was a real person.

I think you two are the same age.
Are you being shy? 

Come to think of it, I’ve never heard Fay talk about another friend other than me.
It’s the same for me, I don’t have many friends, but I had a chance to make friends like this. 

“You shy boy.”

Fay tilted his head as I teased him.

I touched him one more time because he was cute.

“Cat…… You’re here again.”

Before I knew it, Ad, who had finished training, was standing in front of me.

Ad took a towel from the basket and wiped the sweat off his forehead.
When I looked at the place where Cardin and Ad were a while ago, she didn’t see if Cardin had already entered the mansion.

Cardin didn’t seem very happy to see me getting close to Ad, but he didn’t interfere in chatting like this.
Ad, who I had been watching over the past few days, was a child who loved cute things, contrary to his blunt atmosphere.

Even now, he couldn’t take his eyes off Fay, who was sitting quietly next to me.
Ad squatted in front of the cat and looked into his eyes.
Fay stared into Ad’s eyes.
Ad’s eyes sparkled for a moment and reached out carefully to Fay.

“Oh, my” 

Fay came into her arms, avoiding Ad’s touch flexibly.
Whenever he sees Fay, he tries to pet him, but he fails again and again, like today.
Ad’s eyes seemed a little sullen.

You don’t look like it, but you must really like cats.

I don’t know what will happen if he knows that this cat is a real person.

“Haha… I guess the cat is still unfamiliar.”

I gave Ad a heartfelt consolation.
Fay had never accepted Ad’s touch even before.
Whenever he tried to touch him, it was his daily routine to quickly escape and hide in my arms.

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When will they get close?

“If he keeps seeing you, you’ll get close.”

“Is that so?”


At the same time as Ad smiled, I laughed when she saw Fay crying fiercely.

“You had a hard time today, right?”

I looked at Ad’s hand and said, A new blister was formed on the broken palm again.
Just looking at it made me frown.
The wound seemed painful.

“Not really.”

“Come here.”

I sat next to Ad, who answered in a calm tone.

In the basket prepared by my nanny was the medicine and bandage I asked about the other day.
It was sad to see the wound healing and burst again. 

“Stretch out your hand.”

At my words, Ad hesitated and gently reached out his hands to me.
I disinfected the wound, applied medicine, and bandaged it.

“I’ll give you this, so clean it up, apply medicine and bandage it again.”

I handed the medicine and bandage to Ad.
Looking at the medicine and bandages, Ad hesitated and said thank you.

“Does Neinster bother you these days?”

I’m worried that Neinster, who has a nasty personality, might have bothered Ad again since then.

“……not really.”

“You’re lying, right?”

Ad seems to lie easily.
When she immediately noticed that he was lying she glared at him. 

“What? I’m, okay?”

“You must be tired.
You should go now.”

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Although violence cannot be justified for any reason, Ad had already learned and resigned to violence.
But that didn’t mean I could do anything about it.

The fact that Cardin accepted swordsmanship training on the condition that he would secretly teach him away from people’s eyes.
I know exactly what that means.

It meant that from the moment Ad left the duchy, they had to become strangers and completely unrelated.

Ad also wanted that.
He said that getting close to me and Cardin would put his life in danger.
The danger must have come from the power of the Empress and Neinster.

“These days, he’s busy, so he doesn’t come often.”

Neinster was busy taking special lessons for the emperor’s birthday party a month later.
The emperor’s birthday party will be more spectacular than the last one, Ad said.
More foreign dignitaries and imperial nobles were expected to attend than last year. 

“Yeah, that’s a relief…….”

All I could do for Ad was curse Neinster.

“Then are you coming to the birthday party too?”

“I do go every year.”

Still, he was a prince, so the emperor said he was obliged to attend the banquet.
Ad murmured, “I go back after spending time hiding in the corner every time.” That’s why Teacher Deska thought that the first prince doesn’t show up.

Ad attended all the annual banquets at the Imperial Palace.

However, such rumors were circulated because they did not know that Ad was the prince or he goes back after staying in the corner.

“Then we’ll see you at the banquet.”

“I suppose so.”

There was a moment of unknown silence after that.
We knew each other but even if our eyes meet, we can’t say hello or pretend to know each other.

“I’m going now.”

The morning was dawning.
Ad got up from his seat,



Ad crossed the training ground and exited into the newly created secret passage of the mansion.

Seeing Ad leave, I turned around and went in to get ready for breakfast.

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