Oh, you’re a bright person.

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It was my first impression of the man smiling at the terrace railing.
The man’s hair was pale platinum blonde, and the contrasting hair color matched his healthy skin tone.
Also, the slightly lowered eyes played a major role in making the man’s impression mild.

I rolled my eyes to see how he looked.

No matter how much a man has a likable appearance, I don’t know what he’s thinking inside.
Like his cheerful tone of voice, the man’s attire was also loosely informal.
However, the clothes he wore had the touch of a craftsman that you could tell by a glance.

I judged the man to be a fairly high-ranking noble.


“Did you enjoy looking? It’s worth working hard on my outfit today! Hahaha.”

Said the man who stood still and smiled, fluttering the hem of his robe.  I watched the man with some vigilance.

Seeing the light-hearted attitude of the world, even the skepticism I felt faded a little.

“Hmmm, what-.”

I guess he was just a bit of a nosy nobleman.



The cat that was meekly held in my arms, struggled.
When I released my grip, the cat climbed the railing at once and crossed to the other side.

So, I’ve been talking to a real cat all this time?

I tried to turn away from the heat that came up to my face in an instant.

“I apologize on behalf of the cat who is not in the mood to talk today.”

The man smiled mischievously, slightly wrinkling his nose.

“What is it?”

Looking at the man stroking the cat’s head with a friendly touch, I felt an unknown familiarity.
An unrelenting cheerfulness, has a good impression, platinum blonde hair and a cat.

I tilted my head as if to remember.

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Have I ever seen that guy before?

“It’s okay.
You don’t have to apologize.”

First, I accepted the man’s apology.
The man smiled brightly at my answer and rejoiced like a child.
The cool raised lips made the man’s smile brighter.

“Oh, by the way! I’m late to introduce myself.
My name is Nelvasto.”

The man greeted me with a big hand clap as if he had forgotten.

“Well, I’m working as a pope in the temple.
It’s annoying, but I’m the only one who can do it.
Haha, it’s my first time introducing myself.
Is this how you do it?”

The man busily swept the back of his head.

What do you mean?

If the word pope I know has no other meaning, it means that he is definitely the pope of the temple.
If there was a tower master in the magic tower, there was a pope in the temple.

The man in front of me was the supreme authority of the temple!


My vague imagination of the Pope as an old man has been shattered.

Yes, the Pope has a great deal of power.

I forgot for a moment, like mana, the more holy power you have, the slower you aged.  But it wasn’t important to gauge the age of the man now.

I took a step back.

I thought I would never run into a person from the temple, but I was ruined from the beginning.
Since he introduced himself, I also had to introduce myself.


I opened my mouth to reveal who I am.

“I know, the lovely princess of Bardion.”

The pope said, leaning his upper body against the railing.
A smiling face looked flushed with joy.

Why are you looking at me like that?

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The way the Pope looked at me, who I had never met, was shining with joy.
A memory flashed through my mind at that moment.

Huh? Wait a minute.

My mouth slowly opened when I remembered the man’s name.

Talkative! Bright and gentle look! And a white cat!

Oh, my.
I didn’t know we’d meet like this.

Puzzle pieces of all these things are now completely in my head.

“Ah! Let me introduce you to the cat, too.
This cat’s name is…”


The Pope stopped and looked at me.
His wide-open eyes seemed to ask how I knew.

I know it well.

Raina was the one who named the white cat white.

I finally remembered.
The man in front of me is the second male lead who had a crush on Raina.

A senior retainer, he now stood before me as a pope.

“How do you know the name White….”

Nelvasto asked without hiding his surprise.
I was overcome with strange emotions when I looked at Nelvasto.
This is because I know him as someone who loved Raina enthusiastically.
Raina, who had a bright and cheerful personality, got along well with Nelvasto at the first meeting.

The person who was watching and assisting Raina until she took the seat of the saint was the same person standing in front of me right now.
At first, it was just curiosity.
It was to see who the woman who appeared one day and took the place of Saint in an instant.

Nelvasto, who was feeling frustrated in other priesthoods seeking quietness and neatness, becomes increasingly fond of Raina, who is as free-spirited as himself.
It was instantaneous that likability turned into a feeling of love, but he had no choice but to fold up before he could express his feelings.

Because Raina’s heart was already turning to Cardin.
In the end, Nelvasto had a sad love and took the position of Raina’s best friend.
And above all, he’s the one who knows Raina the best…….
He’s been with Raina longer than anyone else.

The cat named white was a baby cat picked up by Raina and Nelvasto outside the temple.
Neither of them could pass by a boneless cat because it was abandoned by a mother cat and was not properly nourished.
Nelvasto, who liked animals, decided to take the cat away after treating it.
And then Raina gave me the name white.

Raina’s excellent naming skills made Nelvasto laugh in his stomach, but he did not withdraw white’s name.

Since then, Nelvasto has raised white dearly.
Nelvasto secretly rejoiced that there seemed to be a small connection between Raina and himself…….

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It was a sad scene even when I thought about it again.

“The fur was white, so I thought white would suit it.”

I answered as if it was insignificant because I had already spit out white’s name without realizing it.

The reason why the cat’s name became white was not as profound as I thought.
Nelvasto shuddered at my answer.
After looking blank for a while, he soon burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, I never thought I’d hear that again…….”


Nelvasto, who stopped laughing, said, wiping his eyes.

“Right, he’s so white that she named him White!”

Nelvasto returned with a playful face and applauded me.
He was very impressed with my excellent naming skills.

Well, I think so, too.

I didn’t name White, but I didn’t think he was wrong.
Considering the great names of the two fairies in the duchy now, I feel that my naming skills are also good.

When Nelvasto heard my answer, he smiled calmly and looked at me for a while and quietly opened his mouth.

I really wanted to meet you.”

I know who Nelvasto is, but if he does that to a child who doesn’t know him out of the blue, he is likely to be suspected for no reason.

Well, I don’t think he’ll ever be suspected of that likable impression.

“Me? Why?”

I answered by choosing the right words.
It’s my first time seeing Nelvasto today.
Nelvasto smiled silently at my question.
I think I was mesmerized for a while because the smile was different from the light smile he had shown so far.

Then, Cardin opened the door of the terrace and came up with a plate full of food.



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As soon as Nelvasto tried to open his mouth, Cardin’s voice was heard behind my back.
Cardin closed the door on the terrace and slowly approached me.
Blocking my way, Cardin stared at Nelvasto across from me.

Nelvasto, who received the fierce gaze of Cardin, was not discouraged, but only responded with a light smile again.

“What’s wrong with the atmosphere?”

Nelvasto cut off the long-running staring fight first.

“Long time no see.”


That ended their conversation.
Was there something between the two that I didn’t know? I could feel the atmosphere sinking in an instant.

“Let’s go.”

Cardin led me to the banquet hall.
I grabbed Cardin’s hand and walked out of the terrace.
Looking back, I made eye contact with Nelvasto.

“See you next time.”

I’m sure that’s what he mouthed.
Nelvasto greeted with a small wave of his hand.
I don’t know if I’ll see you again next time, but I calmed down my surprise in many ways.
When I entered the banquet hall again, there were more people than before.

As the atmosphere of the banquet was getting more and more ripe, a royal knight with a loud voice told me that the royal family were coming in.


All the guests at the banquet hall turned in unison to the podium.
Soon the emperor, empress, and Neinster appeared.
However, no matter how long I waited, I couldn’t see Ad.

“The glory of the Dandelquiz Empire.”

Everyone in the banquet hall saluted to the royal family.
The emperor ended his short speech with a grin and a thank you for coming, and a word to enjoy the banquet.

The emperor was bigger than the last time I saw him.
The way he wiped off the sweat that was flowing down all the time looked unhealthy.
He must be around the same age as Cardin, but it would not be strange if the emperor collapsed soon.

The atmosphere of the banquet hall heated up when the emperor, the empress, and the prince entered the banquet hall.
Each of them moved their eyes and mouths in a hurry to achieve the purpose of coming here.

I found Ad in the crowd.
However, I cannot see him properly because of people’s colorful and rich clothing.

“Ohmy, Cardin.
Here you are.”

Empress Mogris greeted Cardin warmly.

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