My name is Yamato Nagisa, 21 years old. Single and unemployed. At the moment I am in a tall building and on the edge of a building. What Im about to do is something extraordinary because in a little while Ill be jumping off this building.

I want to end my life because I can no longer deal with complicated matters. Let me tell you a little about my story. I grew up in a family that was difficult but had enough to eat. My family is always busy with work and because of that they don spend time with me.

At school I had no friends and no one cared about me. Until I was single, living alone. Because I don have friends at school, working for me is very difficult. Because I can socialize with other workers, so Im still alone.

And come to this moment, the moment I will jump off the building. I know what I need but until now I can get it. All I need is.

[I need emotional support!!]

Ahah, you must not believe what I have told you, but it is, I need emotional support. What I have realized in my life for 21 years is that life will not be perfect without someone by our side. Thats what I realized and I really want to get emotional support but Ive tried many ways but I can .

On one of those days, I tried to go to the hospital to get treatment for my mental illness, but the doctors kept asking me what I wanted help with, even though they were doctors. For example, if a patient comes to the hospital saying they have a very bad headache.

Will the patient know why he has a headache? It must not be because the patient came to the hospital to get answers with treatment, instead of coming to be questioned. Thats why I don come to the hospital anymore because of littering.

That day I tried to rebuke a woman on the side of the road. Because he seems confused and doesn know the way. But in the end because I don like to socialize, I can do anything but look.

And here back, by the side of the building waiting for the time to jump. The strong wind also pushed my body as if I wanted to jump. The moon that shines above my head shines like Im on stage and the cheers of the people be

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