My name is Yamato Nagisa, 21 years old. Single and unemployed. At the moment I am in a tall building and on the edge of a building. What Im about to do is something extraordinary because in a little while Ill be jumping off this building.

I want to end my life because I can no longer deal with complicated matters. Let me tell you a little about my story. I grew up in a family that was difficult but had enough to eat. My family is always busy with work and because of that they don spend time with me.

At school I had no friends and no one cared about me. Until I was single, living alone. Because I don have friends at school, working for me is very difficult. Because I can socialize with other workers, so Im still alone.

And come to this moment, the moment I will jump off the building. I know what I need but until now I can get it. All I need is.

[I need emotional support!!]

Ahah, you must not believe what I have told you, but it is, I need emotional support. What I have realized in my life for 21 years is that life will not be perfect without someone by our side. Thats what I realized and I really want to get emotional support but Ive tried many ways but I can .

On one of those days, I tried to go to the hospital to get treatment for my mental illness, but the doctors kept asking me what I wanted help with, even though they were doctors. For example, if a patient comes to the hospital saying they have a very bad headache.

Will the patient know why he has a headache? It must not be because the patient came to the hospital to get answers with treatment, instead of coming to be questioned. Thats why I don come to the hospital anymore because of littering.

That day I tried to rebuke a woman on the side of the road. Because he seems confused and doesn know the way. But in the end because I don like to socialize, I can do anything but look.

And here back, by the side of the building waiting for the time to jump. The strong wind also pushed my body as if I wanted to jump. The moon that shines above my head shines like Im on stage and the cheers of the people below are like an audience that can wait for me to jump.

Maybe its time for me to step forward. Ah goodbye my family, goodbye world. That was the last thing on my mind.

[Hey, when do you want to jump?]


When I looked to my left there was a woman waiting for me to jump. I was confused by what had happened because the woman had just asked me when I wanted to jump. Who is this woman? But the woman spoke.

[Ive been waiting for you to jump. You
e actually scared huh?]

[What? No, Im not afraid. Im just not ready!! Wait, how long have you been here?]

[From the beginning you said you wanted to tell your story a little.]

This woman heard my story from the beginning?? Im ashamed!! Why didn I realize she was there!! Is it a ninja? But who is this woman? He seems to want me to jump.. Does he not care? Well, Ill ask first.

[Ah.. Do you mind if I jump?]


Wow, how quickly she answered.. She really doesn care.. Ah..Whats wrong with my fate? Then the woman looked at the moon thoughtfully. What did the woman think about? Suddenly the woman spoke.

[You, do you want me to be your personal emotional support?]


Then I, who was standing on the edge of the building, went down to the edge and answered the womans question.

[can you?]


I don understand what the woman really wants, but when I see her brooding, I can resist the feeling in my heart that I want her. My heart fluttered when I saw his face like that. His face is very beautiful and shining

[In that case, please be my emotional support!!]

[Okay, my name is Sakura, nice to meet you. Whats your name?]

[My name is Yamato Nagisa, nice to meet you too.]

Our story has just begun and many things will happen but even though I don know the future, Im sure my future will be brighter with Sakura. Because he is my emotional support.

And also I will not kill myself so far because what I want has arrived. Oh I should ask Sakura what she is doing here, but not now because now lets have fun and this is where our story begins.


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