I need emotional support

Let\'s bake some cake!!

A few days later, after I met Sakura. She gave me her number if I want to see her again for my emotional support.

Thats why I called Sakura out this Wednesday to the town. Various questions I wanted to ask Sakura such as what she was doing in that building at that time.

I also want to release this depressed feeling to her because she is my emotional support after all. But when I think back, going out like this is like going on a date right?

Hm.. Do we count as dating? Or just someone to vent to? But when I think like this, its not fair because Im the only one who can release this feeling.

Hm.. Are we considered as friends? Various questions come to mind when I think about it, but I have to ignore it because otherwise it can cause brain stress.

Wednesday came, I left my house and went to the train station. I told Sakura to meet in front of this station at 9 am. Now I wait.

Guess what outfit Sakura will wear? She must be beautiful because her face is so shining. When I think about it, I repeat my memory of the first time we met.

But when I think back to that day Sakura was wearing a black hoodie like a serial killer. No, she won be wearing a hoodie this early in the morning. Right?


It is already 9:30 in the morning. Hm… Well Ill try to call Sakura.. Ding.. Ding.. Ding.. Ding..

[Hello Sakura? Where are you?]

[Oh, is it morning already?…]

[Sakura are you.. Just woke up?]


I turned off the call and sat on the bench.

[ Ugh…. I guess Ill just wait..]

30 minutes later.. I saw the face of a woman walking slowly at the end of the station and I hoped it wasn Sakura because she was wearing the same hoodie as that day.

I waited again, but Sakura still hadn arrived and this made me impatient. When I looked at the end of the station I saw the same woman waiting.

I said.

[Oi..Oi.. Won that be Sakura?]

My image of hope was destroyed when I saw the woman, but I finally got up from the bench and went to the woman. When I arrived, it was correct that the woman was Sakura who was waiting.

[Yo.. Is that you Sakura?..]

Sakura answered.

[Oh you, Ive been waiting for a long time]

[Huh? Wait.. Im the one who wai-]

[Lets go, I want to go to the shopping mall!]

I didn have time to speak. Sakura already grabbed my hand to go to the shop she wanted. Never in my life has a woman pulled this hand, thats what I thought in my mind.

When she got to the shopping mall Sakura bought various items such as clothes, make-up, etc. Because Im a man, its definitely my duty to hold her things like a gentleman.

Even though there are a lot of things, I can complain because Im a man!! Thats what I thought but actually I don think I should hold these things.

But its okay that Im patient.. Calm down.. I try to stay calm but Sakura keeps on nagging me asking what color of clothes are suitable and so on.

Maybe Im not used to the way Sakura is friendly with me, or maybe Im not good with socializing because its been a long time since Ive spent time with friends.

Im trying to hold on and Im sure after this I can let go of my feelings to Sakura. The feelings Ive been hiding all this time, my human feelings.

After finishing the shopping, Sakura and I rested at the Cafe inside the mall. Various bags that I hold and this hand hurts like hell!! Of course Im exaggerating.

I thought about how she wanted to bring back her stuff alone to her house? Maybe she needs my help to carry her stuff back to her house.

While Sakura and I are resting while drinking coffee, I better make this time to let go of my feelings. Thats why I will ask about that day and let go of my feelings.

[Sakura I want As-]

[Yamato, maybe I want to buy the shirt we saw earlier, what do you think? Yesterday, I bought a cake near the mall. Well go after this okay? The cake is insanely delicious!!]

[Sakura I want to ask, what were you doing in the building that day?]

[Huh… Oh.. I.. I saw the moon that day. Because the building is tall, its more obvious when you look at it from above.]

[Oh so that means you were there to look at the moon but you got a chance to meet me?]


But in my heart, I feel like Sakura lying to me.. Hm.. Its okay so far I just ignored it. But at that time I didn realize how important it was.

After we finished drinking, we went to the cake shop that Sakura said and also went back to the dress shop that Sakura wanted to buy.

After finishing that matter, we went back to the train station. Various bags in my hand with Sakura, how can she carry this alone?

[Hey Sakura, how do you want to carry your things alone?]

[Oh, my driver will arrive in a moment.]

[Driver?? Sakura, are you a rich person??]

[Rich eh.. Well Im not rich but my father is rich. Oh, thats him, my driver has arrived.]


After Sakuras driver arrived, she put her things in the car and I said goodbye.

[Thank you for today Sakura, I really had fun today]

Even though I can express my feelings, its okay because no matter what, today is more fun than yesterday.

[I also thank you because I had fun too. Later, if you want to meet again for emotional support, let me know.]

[Okay, I will definitely ask you out again. Bye-bye!]


After Sakura went home I also went home with a happy feeling. Maybe starting today my life will change little by little.

From a lonely life to a more cheerful and flowery life like in a field of sunflowers. Sunny and maybe the storm won come again… Maybe…

After that I went back home. I went to the shower to clean my body. After I finished I made coffee and went out to my balcony. I sat in the chair.

This is my daily routine for every night. I thought about the clouds and the stars, thinking about this life. Is it true that my life can change – I said.


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