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Let\'s bake some cake!! Part 2

The sun came out bright today, so bright that it burned my skin. It hurts, oh it hurts to burn this skin like Im a vampire.

I must be joking because Im not a vampire but just a normal guy.

But there are also times when I want to become a vampire because if I am a vampire I can live a long time like an immortal.

If I wanted to live long why did I try to kill myself that day. Well, life is complicated because sometimes I feel like dying but sometimes I want to live a long time.

Maybe from the beginning I couldn make a choice for what I wanted, but who are we to say we know what we want?

See what I did there? Its tongue-in-cheek to say it. If I have to explain maybe like this, we humans always think we know what we need but that is not correct.

Because when we have worked hard to get something we want, we realize that we no longer need it. But why is that?

The answer is that we don know from the beginning what we need ourselves, like I said, who are we to know what we want. We
e just human and normal human, thats who we are.

Then who knows what we need? If I have to answer this question, maybe the creator of man knows what we need.

Because if the creator must know everything and it is impossible not to know. Thats what I believe, I believe that if there is a creator and that creator must know everything.

Thats my view but I don believe in any religion in this world, maybe because Im afraid of the truth. If I am asked that question, I have to answer honestly.

And Im afraid of the right thing, but why am I afraid of the right thing? I don even understand that thought but if I really need to answer it, I will say it.

Because if I know the truth I will no longer be able to give reasons for it. Im still not ready to accept it, because Im weak but I believe all humans are weak.

Humans are weak but what makes them strong? The answer is knowledge. The thing that will make people strong is knowledge and Im not lying. I repeat again, knowledge makes people strong.

With knowledge you can get everything. With knowledge you can get more knowledge. With knowledge you can get property, money, land and many other things.

Do you understand what Im trying to say? Good, even if I don know who Im talking to its still good.

Maybe Im talking to myself or maybe someone heard my voice. In any case, I know that I am still sane.. So far..

This is my mind in the early morning, in the bright daylight shining on my body thinking about things that don make sense. Why am I like this? I don even know why I think so much.

Maybe because Im too lonely in this life. No one wanted to be friends with me before until I wanted to kill myself.

But fate arrived with a woman. Her name is Sakura, she comes to me when I want to jump. But I just got to know her and I hope I can get to know her more.

I hope my life changes..

Alright enough talking in the head!! How about we make cake today??

Okay today I don have any other work so lets make a cake, I haven made one in a long time. Finally I got up from my bed and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower.

After I finished showering I made English breakfast for breakfast. After I eat Im ready to make a cake.

Hm.. Before that I need to koogle a cake recipe.. Ah, I found a recipe for chocolate cake with buttercream. The items I need will be divided into two. Part one is dry goods, and part two is wet.

For the cake batter.

Dry ingredients, wheat flour, cocoa powder, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda and espresso powder.

Wet Ingredients, Eggs, old corn, milk, vanilla extract and boiled water.

For the buttercream.

Dry ingredients, cocoa powder, icing sugar and espresso powder.

Wet ingredients, softened butter, milk and vanilla extract.

Okay lets combine the ingredients for the cake first and then we bake, oh speaking of baking I need to preheat my oven.

I raised the temperature to 170 C to preheat the oven, later when I want to bake the cake I will lower it a little to 165 C because my oven is too strong.

Oh!! Before I combine the good ingredients, I prepare a round cake tin for this cake batter. I applied butter to the tin and after that I sprinkled cocoa powder for a non-sticky coating.

If you want to know there are various ways to make the cake not stick to the cake tin. The easiest way for me is to apply butter and sprinkle wheat flour.

But if you make a chocolate cake, use cocoa powder instead of wheat flour. And there is another way, we use baking paper!

If using baking paper, first apply butter to the can and cut the baking paper according to a certain size. If the cake tin is round, cut the baking paper round.

After that, put the baking paper in the cake tin and its done!! Its okay, lets bake a cake. Hm.. I feel like I need to prepare two tins of this cake because when I look at this recipe it seems like there will be a lot.

Thats why I prepared two tins of cake for safety.


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