use I looked like a foreigner and my name was always cursed because I was different from others.

I also have no friends at school and I always spend my time alone.

But thats not something I can change because Ive been this way since birth. My father is a foreigner and my mother is Japanese.

Every day I was bullied to a point where I kept not coming to school. Until today when I tried to jump in the middle of the road.

But what can I do if my destiny is like this!! I just feel like killing myself because I can go through this life anymore.

I thank you for bringing me here and feeding me this delicious cake, but let me kill myself after this.

If you hadn pulled my hand, I would have died on the road, but you pulled me.

Sakura was just silent with what Hannah said but Yamato was furious.

[Sakura saved you, you should thank Sakura, you know?]

With what Yamato told me, he made me feel angry because he couldn understand my problem.

But it wasn anger that came out of me , but tears fell in front of them. As tears dripped down I spoke.

[But you two don understand my problem either.]

Ayato answered.

[Yes indeed I don understand but trying to commit suicide is stupid!!]

Yamato Pov.

I know what I said, but I was still angry with Hannah when she tried to kill herself.

Even though I am fully aware that Im has also tried to commit suicide, I am still angry with Hannah.

Why is that, The answer is from the beginning to me suicide is stupid.

What I did was stupid and because of that when I heard Hannah trying, I couldn help but feel angry.

I kept talking without thinking.

[Hannah after this you don worry anymore if you don have friends because Sakura and I will be your friends.

First of all, from today onward I and Sakura will always be with you, remember that.

I will give emotional support until I die, so please don kill yourself. Don try to kill yourself.

Don do that stupid thing again and I promise Ill make sure you have an emotional support buddy.]

It was without me realizing that I had just released a feeling like a schoolboys love confession.. Shameful.. Im embarrassed…


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