Hannah pov.

[Yamato can I go to the bathroom?]

I spoke softly.

[Bathroom on the left]

Yamato replied, pointing in the direction.

Then I got up from my seat and went to the bathroom quietly. Without answering anything to Yamato who had already vented his feelings.

Its not because I don want to answer what Yamato has told me but I can control this feeling.

No longer able to hold on, I started crying in the bathroom . Although from the beginning I came to the bathroom to cry quietly.

I couldn control this feelings so my crying could be heard from outside. But the more I tried to hold it, the stronger it became.

I have n felt this way in a long time, maybe the last time I cried like this was when my father was still with me.

But now its just a bittersweet memory. Now we are no longer together because my family has divorced.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why I became depressed, but even if I know what the cause of my problem is. Not that I can change it.

In the end, the answer will always be the same because destiny is already written in the book. But Im still here crying like a baby.

How lucky I am to finally be able to feel a real friend even though I just became a friend.

Maybe this life will be brighter. Then I wiped my tears to the side, and little by little I cleaned my face.

After cleaning my face, I strengthened my spirit to meet them. Im afraid of crying again because thats why I have to strengthen my feelings.

Then I opened the bathroom and looked ahead. Sakura was waiting for me at the door.

Then Sakura hugged me, and told me.

[Hannah.. okay to cry..]

After I heard those words, the spirit that I had strengthened immediately disappeared. Like the strength doesn exist.

I cried.. But this time I cried in Sakuras arms, she hugged me tightly as if she didn want to let go.

I started crying without holding back any feelings. Even though I cry like a child, I still cry.

….. After things have calmed down..

Crying makes me feel really relieved. Then I was still in Sakuras grasp.

I told Sakura that I was okay.

[Sakura Im okay, you can let go]

Then Sakura let go of her grasp. Finally we sat back in the chair and continued what Yamato told us.

[So from what Hannah understands Yamato and Sakura will be my friends right?]

Yamato and Sakura answered Yes with smiles on their faces. I couldn control my feelings so I screamed.


Yamato then served me another cake with tea. He told me to eat until I was full.

Then time passed and I chatted with them while eating until late at night.

Its time for me and Sakura to go home because its night. We returned home together and Yamato followed because it was already dark.

We walked to the train station because Sakura was going home by train . Then Yamato asked Sakura .

[Sakura, your driver didn pick you up?]

I was surprised when I heard about the driver. Then Sakura answered.

[Ah.. Not today because I feel like taking the train.]


I asked Sakura.

[Sakura, are you rich?]

Then she laughed and told Yamato to explain to me. Finally we moved from the station towards my house.

Finally I walked together with Yamato. When I think about it, it makes me very nervous. Do you think my face is red?

When I saw Yamatos face, I didn understand why, seeing his face made me feel good. What has happened to this self?

I felt tired and asked to rest for a while. Then Yamato asked.

[Hannah is the kind of person who gets tired quickly eh?]

[Hm.. Yes, I was like this when I was little.]

Then we rested on the bench at the end. Although we do not speak anything, this situation is not awkward.

If I have to tell you what I feel, I will say it. I felt like eating cotton candy that kept melting when it touched my tongue.

Thats what I feel but I don know what Yamato feels. I guess thats why he just kept quiet.

Yamato pov.

Hm…What should I do in this situation.. Really awkward right now. Mentally Im still not ready for this situation.

Oh god, I wonder what Hannah is feeling at this time. How much longer does she want to rest?

While I was waiting Hannah suddenly got up from her seat and told me.

[Its time for Hannah to go back, its late. Its okay, my friend, its enough to get here. Its not far from my house.]

[Oh yeah, then I want to go home too. Be careful walking.]

[Okay Yamato.. By the way.. Yamato, Thank you for today!]

Hannah continued to run back to her house and I was left alone.

[Well, lets go back.]

Then I went back to my house with the thought that I wanted to make coffee for me to think about.

I dreamily see the stars in the sky. I whispered, You are welcome.


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