By this time, except for a few classmates, none of them noticed that Jing Xiaoqiang was sitting in front of the organ.

Some clumsy toes to try to pedal a few creaky pedals.

It feels like the wooden pedals pulled by the canvas belt are about to break!

Except for a few developed areas such as Pinghu, Guangdong, etc., middle schools in the 1980s and 1990s basically used the pedal organ, and the music classes with poor conditions also included the accordion and harmonica.

So very few students can play the piano.

The classmates who were attracted by the hard gasping sound of the organ all laughed, thinking that Jing Xiaoqiang was playing tricks again.

There were two boys who were usually close to him, and they jumped over happily and laughed at the friends: ”Oh, okay, do you know which three keys are Duo Mi? ”

”It looks pretty similar, can you tell the difference between black and white? ”

As he spoke, he reached out and tapped the keys on the side, but there was no sound.

In essence, an organ and a piano are similar products. One blows different reeds by stepping on the bellows, and the other vibrates by directly hitting the reeds, bringing different scales.

On the contrary, the electronic organ presses the electric keys, which is very different from these two types.

Anyway, looking at Jing Xiaoqiangs actions, it definitely won .

The inexplicable Feng Xiaoxia almost didn laugh out loud.

See that the big boy also studied the steps of stepping on his feet in turns, just like stepping on a sewing machine.

Then try to press the button, and make sure that the hands and feet cooperate to make a sound.

Lift your hands up to test and press the key.

The two boys playing at close range absolutely dare to say that Jing Xiaoqiang in front of them obviously can !

Those fingers that are separated, look very stiff!

The isolated piano sound is even more jerky and monotonous.

But after two or three slow and spaced pronunciations.

The first is that the feet seem to have found their own rhythm, which is much simpler than the three pedals on the piano, and the continuous output air volume of chi chi chi is enough.

Then the coordination of the left and right hands, which is difficult for ordinary people to achieve, is very easy for Jing Xiaoqiang.

Started hesitantly a key every two seconds or so.

Just like Cao Zhi reciting poetry in seven steps, every step ahead looks very ordinary.

But by the eighth individual note, almost all the students had turned their heads.

Because even if there is no musical foundation, it can be heard that these notes are more and more connected.

Definitely not the result of random knocks.

You can even hear the seventh and eighth keys, with a faint reverberation!

The two boys standing beside the organ were full of ghosts!

Because Jing Xiaoqiangs fingers had already accelerated, starting from the ninth note, a smooth tune suddenly echoed in the sunset!

Although his technique looks like any piano teacher wants to hit hard with a ruler.

Not soft at all, like braised chicken feet!

But the key position, frequency, pitch, left-right collaboration, especially the biggest problem of novice reading music, that is, the difficulty of reading music notation with eyes and recognizing keys with fingers.

Its easy to cross, and he doesn even need a spectrum.

There are countless familiar music scores imprinted in my mind.

Naturally from the first note, the famous Canon Variation in C major…

Its a song that pianists practice every day, and Jing Xiaoqiangs ears are getting cocooned when he hears it.

It felt like he was using the first eight notes of the Canon Variation to get back his touch.

The left hand is actually the same from beginning to end. It is used as the chord background sound for the right hand, and 15634145 is repeated all the time. This is called the Canon chord.

The right hand is more and more skilled in expressing the theme melody.

Most Chinese people come into contact with this song, it should be in the movie ”My Sassy Girl ” ten years later.

The heroine played the piano in the classroom, and the hero used to give flowers in a silly manner.

Directly fill up the romance index.

But now for Jing Xiaoqiang, it is a song that heals and soothes emotions.

Pull him out of the torment of life and death, and feel the beauty of this world again.

He can even be proficient enough to not care about the scores of his fingers, feet, or mind at all, and he is very familiar with the natural flow.

There is no joy or sorrow in my heart. On September 12, 2021, I will return to that scene in 30 years and see those partners, Antonio, Hudelsson, Larson, Alex…

I want to take you out of that hell on earth.

If all this still happens.

Instead, he entered the playing state on his own, and talked to the souls and ghosts.

All the classmates around really saw a ghost.

In such a beautiful sunset, there is even more beautiful music.

The senior high school students suddenly understood the meaning of the bright spring and the white snow.

Compared with the popular music they come into contact with on a daily basis, a considerable part is even pretentious and extravagant.

This is like an ethereal variation of the fairy world, as if it has the effect of cleansing the soul.

So much so that they forgot to wonder when Jing Xiaoqiang would play the organ, and they all stared blankly at the big boy who closed his eyes and immersed himself in the music.

Messy hair, the most common round-neck t-shirt these days, too much wash and even baggy, obvious puberty thinness.

Loose basketball pants are also a cheap bargain.

But under the background of music, there is an elegant filter effect.

Many people unknowingly close their eyes to feel it, and embrace the nourishment of music with their hearts.

In fact, because of the difference between the organ and the piano, the main reason is that Jing Xiaoqiangs own feel is jerky.

But this time playing skills and accuracy are not important at all.

On the contrary, it was the emotional performance that made this Canon reverberate up and down the new teaching building of Bazhou Middle School with a strong appeal.

The rest period that was a little noisy before the final evening self-study suddenly became quiet.

The sweaty boy on the basketball court downstairs, the little sister who was still whispering beside the railing.

They all stopped, turned their ears and listened intently.

Then involuntarily walked towards the place where the wonderful sound came from.

In the dilapidated wing next to it, a surprised music teacher rushed out wearing a wide nightdress: ”Who!? Who is playing the canon? Who is playing the organ? ”

After he finished speaking, he rushed towards the teaching building in the attitude of a mad woman, wearing a curling iron and slippers.

But the crab steps of the pata pata are getting lighter and lighter, because everyone who hears it is light-handed, and only in this way can they listen to the enchanting melody.

Feng Xiaoxia stared so hard that her eyes were protruding!

The slender and slender body tilted the probe sideways, trying to see if there was a tape recorder hidden by the organ.

This is also the common thought of many people.

A carefree boy from the outside class was still at the door and said with disdain: ”Its just pretending! How could he possibly play the piano… ”

A slap is a slap on the back of the head!

The annoyed boy turned around and prepared to scold someone, but he froze in an instant: ”School, hello principal… ”

The gray-haired tunic in his 60s is tightly buttoned: ”Can you enjoy such beautiful music quietly?! ”

The music teacher has already squeezed his hair disheveled: ”Its C major, is it a new music teacher? Principal, we should really change an organ… ”

Then a large group of teachers and students stared, can you be quiet and enjoy it? !

Jing Xiaoqiang, who closed his eyes, seemed to be able to feel the red glow of the sunset on his eyelids.

But his mood has calmed down, even with his very familiar and flowing fingers flying, he even has the urge to tickle his throat, as if the enchanting Hudelsson also wants to express his emotions.

The lead male singer of the Broadway Theater is very sad.

In the chord of 15634145, lightly add your own singing…

No need for lyrics, just la la la, some bel canto singing, more yodel singing that Hudelsson usually likes to incorporate.

But not quite.

Its not important, skills are really not important to Jing Xiaoqiang at this time, he just has deep emotions to talk to.

As if to tell old friends, I am fine, I have returned to the motherland, I have a new life, and I will definitely find you and take you out of that damn hell.

Real music, as it should be, is psychic.

Since the official birth of music in the sacrifice, it seems to be communicating with the soul.

The teachers and students were no longer shocked. Almost everyone closed their eyes and listened to the sound of the piano and singing that day.

If we talk about the previous performance, people still wonder if he is hiding the equipment. Now, just look at Jing Xiaoqiang with his eyes closed, his casual vocal expression on his face.

Then enjoy it.

Some people once commented that the Canon Variation in C major is an extremely wonderful divine song, that is, when you are sad, you will be more sentimental, and when you are happy, you will be more joyful.

In short, this song is a healing song, gently soothing every soul.

After playing the song, Jing Xiaoqiangs closed eyelids were no longer red.

He knew that it was the sunset that had fallen into the night, as if everything in the past had passed.

Open your eyes is a new life, live it well until you see the old guys.

So when it was over, he still had an impromptu gesture of drawing △ with his hands in front of him.

It was the most satisfying award for the whole band after the drunk old Alex had conducted a piece of music!

If it weren for the loss of his son and alcoholism, he would have a resume as a conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra!

However, Jing Xiaoqiang opened his eyes with satisfaction, only to see the crowd in front of him! ?

Countless people came in through the classroom door and stood shoulder to shoulder in the entire classroom, and the petite girls were squatting or sitting in front of them.

Corridor windows, front and rear doorways, all places where you can probe, are all packed with heads!

The usually serious principal, the dean of education, the mischievous boy, the shy and shy girl, now all of them are full of stars!

Many people opened their eyes in disappointment after the music stopped.

After only a pause, under the leadership of the principal, they applauded warmly in unison, especially those girls sitting in front, who clapped so hard that their palms turned red.

In the world of ordinary people, this is already amazing!

Please, one more song!

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