I really don’t want to fight with gods

6. Bombing that touches the soul

ited them to dinner.

The three were ordinary girls in the city who loved to dance. They stood with Jing Xiaoqiang on the ten-square-meter stage.

The popularity of this song goes without saying.

Even the world in twenty years will be amazed by it. In the 1990s, Jing Xiaoqiang was 100% sure.

He even told the manager in advance to be a little bit more careful about safety.

If so many people are ignited by the level of popularity, there will be stampede accidents in various concerts and dance halls around the world. As the deputy general manager and chief security officer of the Song and Dance Theater, he will be clear!

As a result, he did not expect that the manager secretly asked someone to prepare a camera and set it up on the side of the stage.

At this time, it is no longer possible to call dance fans, it is really audiences, who gather from all directions at six oclock.

After five or six days of performance, everyone already knows the rules of this young performer. He will definitely sing before seven oclock, and then wait until ten oclock.

Spend two bucks, come over and listen first, then leave, when the space is empty, you can practice dancing and dancing.

Before ten oclock, another large group of people crowded over, and after listening to the song, they stopped working for a while.

But everyone is saying that this young man has new songs, and he has an agreement with the dance hall manager to release other new songs one after another…

In fact, this is the characteristic of some dance halls in Shanghai, which are mainly tea seats, and mainly listen to songs.

But it would be much more expensive. After all, a cup of coffee and a cup of tea, if the girl ordered a cake or something, it would cost more than ten yuan!

You must know that Maotai is only ten yuan a bottle these days!

Still cheap here.

So today, after ten oclock, I saw three excited girls on stage with absolutely different makeup than usual.

They all untie the hem of their shirts and tie them into a knot, roll up their trousers to imitate cropped breeches, and use the same headband to fix different hairstyles as much as possible.

Then he stood on the stage in a parallel manner, with his feet separated and put on the labor appearance of going to the field and planting rice immediately.

Everyone is getting excited!

There are new songs!

Jing Xiaoqiang casually helped the three girls put on make-up, but he was still wearing that floral shirt, but tucked into a pair of newly bought black carrot pants.

This is popular these days. In fact, the crotch is enlarged and lowered, just like the popular harem pants.

Fashion is a closed loop of reincarnation. Which master said this sentence?

It doesn matter, this sentence will be the famous saying of the all-around player Jing Xiaoqiang in the future.

Use the few dollars left by the girls to use gel cream, smear yourself into a hair-guy-style oily head with a big back, and wear two-dollar sunglasses on the stage…

You can still usher in an instant burst of cheers!

The sound is said to have spread to the bustling Huaihai Road outside, making people think that something incredible happened here.

But all the audience who crowded outside the dance hall and turned back to the window outside the door were fortunate enough to enjoy this hot scene.

Jing Xiaoqiang also felt very good, as if Hu Delssons innate protagonists mentality of love was greatly released, he picked up the microphone and said, ”Ah Yu Rui… Di?! ”

Absolutely authentic West Side pronunciation.

The dj language of the street may have been rotten in later generations, but this moment made everyone feel a sense of participation, and responded enthusiastically: ”Ooke… ”

”Ready! ”

”What did he say? ”

”Its up to him, just follow along and shout! ”

This time, the combination of keyboard, guitar and bass has a taste of electronic music, and the drummer is even more crazy!

In fact, the three backup dancers just need to follow the rhythm and push their hands up and down repeatedly, and don do excessive movements such as touching the body ups and downs.

Thats it, under the strong rhythm of the pump, it can still cooperate with Jing Xiaoqiangs English rap.

Like a cardiotonic, it slammed into the ears and hearts of everyone at the scene!

It doesn matter what you sing, but rap has already sprung up in China at this time, and Cui Jian has long been a pioneer in ”Its Not I Don Understand ”.

Therefore, the people of Shanghai and Shanghai, who are leading the trend in everything, don care what style it is.

Enough to touch the soul!

But they never imagined that the rap part they didn understand was just to set off the final chorus!

After the elongated shouts, there is a brief simultaneous pause for the entire band and singers.

Just when all the audience was hit by the strong rhythm and their hearts were raised to the throat, the sound of the entire singing and dancing hall was cut off like this!

He couldn stand in the air, and even his ears felt a brief blockage.

Just when everyone thought it was an auditory hallucination or something went wrong with the equipment…

The follow-up music is like all revolutionary war movies, the momentum of the rocket artillery units general attack is just like…

Overwhelming fried hail!

Jing Xiaoqiang, who had been standing and singing, suddenly jumped violently like a robot full of clockwork!

Swing your legs left and right!

The strong dance moves that have never been seen before, stimulated the audience to go crazy!

The crazy chorus that the roof is about to open!

No matter how loud the roar is going to burst!

This is Huhaining, which has always been known for being careful and polite…

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