But this madness comes after the real climax of the song.

It has become insignificant again.

Whats the use of those three girls, who used to be the background boards in the back all the time?

Wait until the strong rhythm of ”Oh oh oh, Oppa Gangnam style… ” hits everyones heart continuously.

Jing Xiaoqiang, who was still dancing with his legs before, folded his wrists and started to dance the famous horse-riding dance on tiptoe!

In fact, the three girls mainly practiced this…

You don need strong dance skills, just step on the beat, just twist your body and bounce!

Even though all kinds of sexy elements have been weakened as much as possible, the girl who has already danced completely, the bulging chest wrapped in the shirt still jumps up!

And three girls dance together, the quantitative change will always produce some qualitative change.

Excited and flushed face, sweat wet hair on cheeks, really passionate and happy expression.

And the light that flickered in his eyes when he raised his head was a pride that no amount of money could buy.

Even more attractive than professional actors in the cabaret theatre.

With such a background board, Jing Xiaoqiang is even more crazy!

Songs that originally required exaggerated tone and demeanor to render, simply swallow mountains and rivers!

Jing Xiaoqiang was very excited, except for letting go of the dance and swaying from side to side, he felt the tension and soreness of every muscle!

There is only conditioned reflex in my mind, I want to exercise, I want to exercise, without a body, how can I dance such a hilarious dance!

Song and dance performances were originally the pinnacle of human emotion interpretation and expression before film and television performances.

After all, Jing Xiaoqiang was once a top student of stage art in the best drama academy in China, and the sense of scene is deeply rooted.

I went to Broadway to nurture and grow, but I failed to become famous because there are hundreds of thousands of poets, hundreds of thousands of musicians, hundreds of thousands of writers, and hundreds of thousands of actors around Broadway.

Its so hard to get out of there!

Being able to be like him for more than 20 years has not been abandoned by the industry, and has even become an all-rounder in stage art, makeup, and management.

In fact, he has already proved his ability.

He also serves as a security guard because no security guard can beat him. He can specialize in multiple skills, and he is the most sought-after person in the Citi Song and Dance Theater, where the overall economy and situation are declining.

Based on this alone, Jing Xiaoqiangs adaptability is comparable to that of Xiaoqiang.

Not to mention the existence of those real top experts in his soul now.

Whatever you do, its a big scene…

There must be thousands of people there.

After many years, they will remember this scene.

The figures on the stage seemed to possess great magic power.

Take their souls away like a vortex!

Just follow the non-stop screaming and waving, stomping and shouting!

The body is flexible, the limbs are coordinated, and it can help but follow the horse-riding dance.

How easy it is!

Anyway, after the song ended, everyone was sweating profusely…

More tired than usual dancing!

But, thats a fun!

It seems that all the negative emotions such as sadness, depression, irritability, pain in life have dissipated.

All thats left is to be happy and refreshed.

Especially when you wake up the next day, and then go to work and face everything, you feel a lot easier. Whats the matter?

In fact, the dopamine and endorphins secreted in this process will refresh the whole physiology and psychology. This is the benefit of entertainment and relaxation.

Of course, the most comfortable ones were Huang Xuerong and the others, their minds were blank, wandering at the peak of the cloud, and the aftertaste was endless.

Difficult to lean against each other and take a deep breath.

Only after Jing Xiaoqiang finished singing, uh, let the band play a serenade for everyone to relax, Ill go to work out and make up for a late night snack.

At this time, Jing Xiaoqiang confirmed that he still had to find a place to live.

For nothing else, the main thing is to make it easier to get food for yourself. The healthy diet for fitness must be done quickly.

After all, fitness is a lot of targeted exercise, plus a lot of nutritional supplements.

Otherwise, if you train your body madly, consume energy, but also need to grow muscles to fill your body, what substances do you rely on to grow?

As a connoisseur with a senior personal trainer certificate, Jing Xiaoqiang is not opposed to taking supplements such as protein powder, which is a common practice in Europe and the United States.

But this is just to achieve the effect of gaining muscle in a short period of time.

You can build a solid foundation from scratch in the healthiest way.

As long as he eats a lot of meals and eats appropriate amounts of food to ensure a healthy diet, with his habit of exercising.

The body swells up visibly.

Therefore, after each exercise, you must eat in moderation within half an hour.

This crazy singing can also be regarded as a full-body exercise.

The orchestra players could only say that they saw the demeanor of a general.

Being able to drive such a frenetic scene is a unique talent.

And in such a seemingly peak pursuit scene, still maintaining a calm calm, that is the mentality of no one in a billion.

Those who can leave the top music academies and enter the top orchestras are all talented masters.

They have all witnessed success beyond ordinary people, and they have also seen countless geniuses fall on the threshold of success.

Intoxication, addiction, nostalgia, pride and other negative emotions will immediately erode the successful heart.

But the eighteen-year-old Jing Xiaoqiang was so indifferent that he just wanted to find a suitable late night snack!

This child is definitely not a fish in a pond.

So look at the little girl who is obsessed with Jing Xiaoqiang, everyone wants to persuade him not to delay him.

But in the dance hall, the most bloody plot that can be seen is the relationship between men and women.

Where can you stop it.

Huang Xuerong with a hot face ran out, not knowing where Xiaoqiang went.

Her little sisters were equally excited and finally accompanied her to wait for Jing Xiaoqiang. They didn know what they wanted to do.

As a result, it was almost twelve oclock and no one was seen.

In fact, Jing Xiaoqiang went back to the sundries and fell asleep soundly after eating and sleeping regularly.

But how could he hide such a bright light?

The other song and dance halls that I came here to inquire about before, this time, they are going forward one after another!

After all, there is an occasional popular song that drives everyone, and it is not necessarily worth risking the probability of turning over to poach people.

Because the singing and dancing halls of this year are not compared to the underground forces, but the cards of the units behind them.

Symphony orchestra, education bureau, theater, science and technology bureau or any hotel all have their own units.

If the contractor goes too far and is scolded by the leader of the unit, causing a bad impact, he is likely to be deprived of the right to contract.

Not worth it.

But the grand occasion of the symphony orchestra dance hall this night made everyone jealous!

Squeeze two or three thousand people back and forth!

The income of four or five thousand a night, if this situation can be maintained throughout the year, at least one million!

There are more than a dozen dance halls in Yangpu District, with a total turnover of 2 million.

Here is one family.

Especially with a theater as a singing and dancing hall, the kind of big venue that can accommodate three or four thousand people to dance, if there is such a God of Wealth to attract money.

Isn that a few million a year? !

Before Jing Xiaoqiang sang and danced, someone must have secretly filmed it with a camera in the palm of his hand.

But people who have seen it find it difficult to copy.

There is a national-level song and dance troupe that is specially responsible for conveying the domestic customs and folk customs to the world in the form of song and dance, and then brings the characteristic songs and dances of the world back to the country.

Only the top singers and dancers of this level have similar vision, experience and performance ability.

Just the portuguese, with the silky movements, other singers don know what they sing.

Not to mention the occasional English rap mixed with Korean.

Jing Xiaoqiang is really not familiar with any classic works in China, but as a result, it has created a very high copyright barrier.

No one else can copy it.

All you can do is find him.

Because there is really no opportunity for personal contact.

Just wave the money!

In 1990, when the 100-yuan coupons had just been circulated on the market, this man took a stack of 50 yuan, and the green piece was held in his hand and fanned into a fan shape and leaned forward to the stage: ”Would you like to go?! Go, this is the yours! ”

”Five hundred yuan a day for you! Settle it now! ”

His face is full of arrogance that Lao Tzu used money to smash his legs off!

Is Jing Xiaoqiang someone who cares about money?

Really greedy for money, he would not be so desperate to go abroad to pursue his dreams back then.

So, in the eyes of the entire singing and dancing hall, and even the envy of the orchestra players, the eighteen-year-old youthful face showed the playful expression of a middle-aged man, and squatted down on tiptoe…

Seeing that he was about to kneel in front of the banknotes, he actually made a charming gesture, hooked a brand new green banknote with his tail fingers, and rolled it into a small stick skillfully but mysteriously, and stuffed it into the opponents mouth!

Only those who are familiar with the decadent and depraved scenes of U.S. imperialism will know that this is a trick used by strippers to hook up with guests to give tips, which means that fifty dollars is not enough…

Then the body that was half-squatting with knees almost touching the ground bounced up with a snap. It really depends on the core strength of the waist and abdomen, but then he took a few steps so enchantingly as if he was wearing high-heeled shoes, raised the microphone and sang: ”I am so proud, you know what im saying?! sex lady… ”

Everyone could see his disdain!

It was the crazy horse-riding dance that followed, kicking in the direction of the banknotes!

Is it great to be rich?

These days, it is the whole society that despise and cast aside these unscrupulous people who fall into the eyes of money!

Jing Xiaoqiang standing on the stage is simply a good man of virtue and art!

The eyes of the opposite sex are even hotter!

The man thinks he is so skinny…

Its a bit like wearing womens clothes in the Three Kingdoms, scolding the streets and humiliating.

So the audience cheered and cheered!

So angry that those few people scolded and walked away, claiming to give this little one a meal.

Even the manager quietly came to Jing Xiaoqiang at night to raise the daily fee to 200, and reminded him: ”They have a lot of trouble with various gangs, you try not to go out these days… Otherwise, sing a song in the past week. Two days, I don mind. ”


Gangs under the iron fist of socialism, are there any famous gangs in the West Side of New York?

Jing Xiaoqiang couldn help but touch his leg, the only bullet hole dent on the outside of his thigh was gone.

Still a little uncomfortable.

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