And just four hours after his departure.

”Bring paper and pen. I must write a letter. ”


Year 1307

To Kim Grase, Marchioness of Aura.

”Dearest its been four years since I last saw you, and I honestly think Im losing my mind.

The reason?

Well, now that Im writing to you, Im feeling a ”booom…. booom… booom… booom ” but I don know if its bombs hitting outside my tent or my heart beating at the thought of you.

I know; that right now you must be angry, yes, I remember, two years ago I said I was coming back to your side.

I keep thinking of those beautiful lips that you so proudly showed when we bathed together. Of course I know, you won twist my words or doubt my mental purity.

The day becomes long, and the only time I can keep you in my thoughts without putting my life at risk, is the night, but it becomes short, so short that I feel that, if only my perception of the days had not doubled, then I would believe that two years had passed instead of four.

I do not fear death, only fate.

We both know that it has wanted to separate us through the use of meaningless ruses like age, but my heart remains as firm as that upper part of your body that is an enemy of gravity.

And though my eyes cannot see you, I know my soul will tremble, the moment you read this letter.

Don blame me, blame fate. ”

Your angel, Arima Grase.


”Send it to Kim. ”

Arima said.

”But, young master, its only been four hours since you said goodbye to her. ”

”I can assure you that, if you put your hand to the fire for four seconds, you might come to believe that it is four minutes. Likewise, if you spend four minutes with the woman you love, you will feel that the time has been truly short. ”

Marc, nodded as he understood what his young master meant and spoke no more.

He only did as he was asked.

And a short time later, the lightning dove arrived with the message.

The doors of the great hall opened and a guard could be seen with a letter in his hand.

”Marquise, a message has arrived from young master Arima. ”

Announced the guard and the Marquise was surprised.

She was not alarmed because if it was something urgent, then they would have used magical communication, its just that it caught her off guard.

She received the letter, but didn read it, she

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