wanted to mentally prepare herself for whatever was written there.

She knew it very well.

She stood thinking for a while until she heard a voice behind her.

”Marquesa, we could look first, so in case it contains some kind of poisonous powder when we open it, only we would die, don worry, for us it would be an honor to die in your place. ”

And turning around, there were Clara and Frina. Clara was the one who spoke, but Frina was the one who was nodding.

Kim rolled her eyes, and couldn help but think that Arimas sass had rubbed off on these girls.

And even though she was thinking this, at no point did she blame herself for being the one to turn it that way.

”Thats not necessary, but if they want to know its contents then they can look too. ”

Normally the girls would never have made such a request. They are her guards and would never offend their marquise in such a way.

But when it came to Arima, it was different, as it could also be said that the three of them were best friends and ever since the marquise took him in, they adored him.

Kim took a seat, opened the letter and the other two quickly moved their heads closer to read its contents along with her.

Only seconds into reading, Frina couldn help but ask.

”What is a bomb? ”

”Its a weapon used by the human ranks in the technological age. ”

Clara said without taking her eyes off the letter and with a shit-eating grin plastered on her face.

Kims cheeks, began to redden, her hands began to shake and it got to a point where she didn know if she was angry or just acting like an embarrassed young woman.

Clara couldn hold back anymore when she got to the part about the destination, she had held back quite a bit with the lip thing, but she finally gave in.

”hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! ”

Her laughter could be heard even outside the room.

This only made Kim turn even redder, but she knew she wasn actually angry.

She was extremely embarrassed.

Frina started laughing like crazy after Clara, she also resisted a lot, but seeing Clara laughing, she couldn take it anymore.

After reading the letter Kim sighed.

A 15 year old boy was writing something like that to a 180 year old woman who looked perfectly young, she had never heard anything like that before,

and the worst part was that she liked it.

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