was corrupt, but no one openly opposed him, because his guards were loyal.

The baron paid them very well and turned a blind eye to their ”evil little acts ”.

”Give and take ” That was how his relationship with his guards could be described.

They were his backbone and now a group of boys had reduced their numbers.

The baron had to kill this boy in the nastiest way he could think of or he wasn going to sleep well for the next few days.

Even though the boy in front of him, was very dirty, from what little of the facial features that could be seen, you could tell he was very handsome.

The baron could not tell how beautiful he would look if he were clean and his features could be seen well.

Besides, he had long hair in a ponytail down to his shoulders and


It didn look good, due to the churre.

Blue colored eyes that could only be described with ”gorgeous ” less than that and it would be considered envy.

He was now more determined to kill this boy in the most horrible way possible.

Arima was guided until he was about ten meters in front of a pig, he knew who this pig in front of him was.

It was the baron and Arima could recognize the look of disgust the pig was giving him, but he couldn care less.

To him, he only cared what those he considered his friends thought of him, any other opinion was irrelevant let alone the opinion of this pig.

An ”adventurer ” hired by this pig, was able to catch him, while the guards were killing his friends.

Arima knew that he had been captured to die a painful death, but currently he couldn care less.

He only had one thing on his mind, and that was that there was still one left.

There were six of them, and they had only killed five.

Fortunately, that missing one was here in this room.

Arima noticed that apart from the guards and the baron, there were three women in the room, although they had their faces covered by veils.

They were sitting to the side, as if they were just spectators.

The girl in the middle, who wore a white dress, waved to him and asked a question.

”Tell me boy, why did you kill those guards? ”.

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