Vol. 1 - Prologue

In the realm above the Human World, which is inaccessible and unseen through conventional methods. This realm is where mysterious entities live and dwell.

The landscape is dark and lifeless. Very few plants are found in this barren land. This realm includes a variety of different landscapes and lacks modern infrastructure. The realm is surrounded by a desert that has various strange objects. Spheres, shaped like concentric spheres, are scattered across the surface. And there was also an open hole that allowed mysterious entities to see anywhere in the Human World from a birds eye view without having to travel to Earth. There were also many chains, surrounding the common areas and the residence of the King of the mysterious entities.

We can say that this realm is very terrible and not a realm worth living in. For humans of course. But maybe not for these mysterious entities.

In various areas of this realm, there are many mysterious entities roaming around. But most of them aren doing anything. Most of them all look very, ”Bored ”.

There were many mysterious creatures chatting with each other and even gambling. They gambled with mysterious items unknown to humans. But there were those who used bones to gamble. Or even used ”Souls ” to gamble. There were also some of them who looked into holes to see into the human world.

But, what attracted the most attention in this realm at the moment was that there were hordes of mysterious entities swarming the entrance portal of this realm that was connected to the human world.

What are they doing?

Do they want to go to the human world?

No, they don . Thats not it. Instead, they were all waiting. Waiting for the arrival of one of their friends who had just been summoned by a human on earth through a summoning ritual. They were waiting to see what results their friend would get from the human who summoned him.

”Is it done yet? ”

”Its been a long time. ”

”That human must have a lot of desires. ”

”Gyahahaha! If that human has a lot of desires, he must have gotten many fees, right ”

”Lucky ”

”I should have been the one to receive the call ”

”Dahahaha! Too bad, huh ”

After a long wait, from the portal came the friend they had been waiting for.

”Here he comes!~ ”

”Wooohooo! How did it go, bud? ”

”Did you get paid a lot? ”

The entity who had just arrived shook his head and directly answered his friends questions.

He sighed beforehand and then said-

”Haaaahh… Same as always. Again, the request is for money and wealth. ”

Hearing that, his friends who had been waiting with curiosity became disappointed.

”Wealth and money again! ”

”How boring! ”

”Its always the same result ”

”Very boring. So, what do they pay you? ”

”Same as always… Their health. ”

”Again?! ”

”Aaahhh… Why are all humans almost the same as always!? ”

”Again, wealth is paid for with health, huh ”

”Because I was so disgusted with him, I took his life and made his life only have 2 months left from now. Ah, I also didn tell that human about his fate at all. Hehehehe~ ”

”Thats better. ”

”Let those humans die of their own selfishness! ”

”They haven changed at all, huh ”

”So, how did he find out about us? ”

”I don know. I didn ask him. As soon as I showed up, he just screamed hysterically saying and shouting, THIS IS TRUE! ITS TRUE! THIS RITUAL IS REAL! Thats what he did. SO NOISY AND ANNOYING!…- ”

” -…Then after he finished screaming like that, he immediately said his wish ”

”Isn that fast? Then why did you stay there for so long? ”

”It was his hysteria that took so long! ”

”Aaahhh… So thats it, huh? ”

”Humans nowadays have more exaggerated reactions, huh ”

”They overreact too much now ”

”Are the humans still young or already old? Where is he from? ”

”Still young. Hes still 20 years old. Male. I don know where he came from. I didn confirm it. But he looks like a person from a country in the west on earth. ”

”Aaaahhh… I see. No wonder. ”

”From his reaction and desire, its obvious that he is still young. ”

”By the way, its been a long time since we got a summoning ritual, hasn it? ”

”Thats right. Maybe we should change the ritual so that we don get summoned again ”

”Why, you
e getting sick of it? This is the first time weve gotten a summoning ritual after over a hundred years of not getting one, isn it? ”

”Yes, it is. But knowing that humans are still the same after all these centuries, I don think I want to accept their request ”

”Yes. Id rather find a human that I want to make a contract with myself. Instead of waiting to be summoned ”

”Hmmm… Your idea isn bad either ”

”Yep, okay stop. Whatever. Lets forget about that human. The important thing here is that I get paid well enough ”

e saying that you get paid well enough? I don think so at all ”

”Its not. But what I mean is that Im giving him a short time to live. And humans like him are slowly disappearing and dying so we might not meet humans like them again and make contracts with humans like him. Plus, I didn break the Rules so Im still safe~ HEHEHEHEHE~ ”

”Sneaky bastard ”

”Yep, the less humans like him there are, the better and more profitable it is for us ”

”I wish there was a human asking for another request ”

”Plus, the payoff is worth it ”

”Thats impossible. The wishes of humans today are always the same and never change ”

”Aaahh… Boring! ”

”So boring! ”

Feeling deeply disappointed, one by one they began to disperse from the crowd and began to spread out into the various regions and areas of this realm to return to their own business.

The cycle has always been the same through the ages. Humans summoned mysterious entities from mysterious worlds just to make contracts with them and the majority of their requests were also always the same. Mainly, the desire for great wealth.

Wealth. The humans are willing to sacrifice everything just for the sake of and for wealth alone.

Although these mysterious entities could grant any wish for a price, other than bringing dead humans back to life because it was against their rules, most humans who summoned them always asked for wealth for themselves. And most of them also pay for it with their own health. Some even went as far as sacrificing the lives of others to pay for their contracts a

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