Vol. 1 - CH. 1 - Intermission

Chapter 1 – Certain Death

Part 4


Dear Master.

How are you, master? Are you doing well in the afterlife? Have you reached heaven yet? Are you enjoying your time in heaven? Thats if you believe in heaven. I don know if there really is such a thing as heaven or not.

But if you are in heaven now, I hope you are enjoying yourself there. I miss you, master.

By the way, I hope you can hear me from the heavens. I want to tell you something.

Yesterday, I was picked up by a human girl. She is still very young. She was 17 years old. She is very beautiful and also very smart.


I don know why she seems like such a lazy person. All she did every day was playing games in her room and never came out of her room.

But I don care about that. Shes a very nice person to me. So is her family.

They bought me a new collar, gave me a good bed, and even fed me really good food. Its been a long time since Ive felt such pleasure.

Thats probably as far as I can tell you right now, master.

Thats because…

Starting on today…

On this morning…

My new life is about to begin!

In a new house.

With the same name.

With my new owner.

And also…

With my new family! Our family.

This new life of mine… begins!


”This morning, the lifeless bodies of the rapists who were arrested yesterday have been found. They were all found lifeless by police officers on guard at the prison in their respective prison cells. The cause of death is unknown. As a result, the police claim that their deaths were caused by the mysterious death phenomenon, Certain Death ”

”Ehh? Really? They really died by Certain Death ” Said Rains sister who was having breakfast while watching television in the kitchen.

”I have nothing to say ” said Rains father who was also having breakfast in the kitchen while watching television.

”I wonder if its because they spread all their information on the news yesterday, eh? ” said Rains mother who had just finished making food for Rain and had just given the food to Rain.

”Hmmm? Its possible. I think so. ”

”Is it possible that the information shown yesterday was seen by Certain Death and finally Certain Death killed them all because of that information ”

”Even if Certain Death is human ”

”Maybe they are human. I mean, if Certain Death is some kind of disease or virus or creepy event produced by nature, its very odd and strange if its just a coincidence, isn it. The culprit must really be a human. ”

”Hmm? Yes, its possible ”

”If its a human, isn it even scarier? Anyone can be targeted by them if they don like that person ”

”Yep, according to researchers and scientists and psychologists, Certain Death will only target people who have ad characteristics and personalities ”

”But what kind of bad characteristics? According to the criteria of Certain Death ”

”I don know. Even internet trolls are targeted by them. ”

”Scary… ”

”You girls need to start being careful when using the internet, okay! You heard that, right? ”

”Don worry, Dad~ I only watch videos on the Internet and don use social media. But for Rain who likes to playing games and surfing the internet especially on social media… ”

Rains parents and her sister looked at Rain who was eating. Rain heard all their conversations where Rain just nodded back while chewing and swallowing her food.

”Yup, whatever it is, please keep your behavior in check when you are on the internet and don join hose kinds of people on the internet. Its for your own good. ”

”Understood!~ ” Rains sister replied happily.

And Rain could only nod while chewing and swallowing her food.

Internet? Social media? I don quite understand what they mean. But it seems like those are the things Rain did all day yesterday. From noon to night and almost until morning, Rain played with her computer all day. Even when I was asleep, Rain was still playing computer.

But I know what ”Certain Death ” is. If Im not mistaken, its a mysterious and scary phenomenon where humans mysteriously die for no apparent reason.

Hello, my name is Schrodinger. I am an all black, sweet and cute little cat. My fur is very soft and fluffy. I have beautiful blue eyes, and humans love my beautiful blue eyes. And I like them a lot too. My body is quite small but not so small either. Maybe you could say my body size is medium. With a small body like this, I can fit into Rains school bag.

Yes. Last night, without Rains knowledge, I tried to get into Rains school bag and I managed to get into the bag. And I can say that its very comfortable inside Rains bag.

And I love to explore things.

Right now, we
e all having breakfast together in the kitchen. Rain and her family are having breakfast together at the dining table. While Im on the floor not far from the dining table. Im eating cat food in my new cat dish that Rains parents bought me last night.

”This food tastes so good!~ ” I said as I chewed and swallowed the cat food Rains mom had given me earlier.

Master never gave me cat food this good before. Is this a more expensive brand, or what? I don know what the reason is, but if the food is good, its good, so just keep eating it until its all gone!~

Today is Monday. Rains father will go to work after finishing breakfast. Rains sister will go to college after finishing breakfast too. And Rain.. Rain will go to school after finishing breakfast. I heard this morning that Rain doesn really want to go to school today.

Is there something Rain doesn like about school?

Knowing Rains nature like that, I don know if Rain is just lazy and just wants to play games all day in her room or if theres really something Rain doesn like at school.

I became curious.

Ah… By the way, Im a curious cat. Im also very easy to get interested in various things. One example is that Im interested in Rains extraordinary intelligence and also I have a curiosity about Rains sometimes very strange behavior and her strange habit of always looking at her smartphone.

Maybe all humans are always like that. Back when I was still living alone in the park, I often saw people walking while looking at their mobile phones. Even when they were sitting in the park, people were also just playing with their mobile phones.

Is mobile phone everything for humans, or what? But if I look at Rains parents and her sister, they are not like Rain who is always playing with her smartphone.

Are smartphones like fish for cats, or what?

It seems that the news on TV this time is about the victims of ”Certain Death ” again. Last night the news on TV was also about that. According to the news that Im watching with Rain and her family right now, todays ”Certain Death ” victims are the friends of yesterdays ”Certain Death ” victims. And coincidentally, they are all criminals.

Is it true that the culprit of ”Certain Death ” is indeed a human?

If so… Then humans are indeed scary, huh.

The first horrible human I encountered and saw was the man who killed my master. But after that I never saw or encountered any other horrible humans again. I only heard about them like the criminals that are being mentioned on television nowadays.

But Im sure that not all humans are like that. For example, Master and Rain and her family. They are humans who are very kind to me. Im very happy to be with them.

Back to the current news program.

”The police will hold a press conference tomorrow at noon today to respond to this case. The police are currently working and investigating this case further. Thats all the news about the victim of Certain Death today. More news to come… ”

It seems that the news about ”Certain Death ” is over. And it seemed like everyone had also finished breakfast and were ready to go to work, college, and school.

”Rain, you
e going to school today, right? ” Rains father asked Rain who had just finished eating.

”Yes, ” Rain replied simply.

”Good. You haven come to school for a few days and the school has called us several times. So please go to school today. ”

”Yes. ” Rain replied once again simply.

”…Alright. Then, Ill go to work first. Ill be leaving. ”

”Have a nice day at work, Dad~ ” Rains sister encouraged her father.

”Ill walk you to the door ” Rains mother said as she carried her fathers luggage.

And Rain… was just completely silent.

Rains mom and dad went to the front door. Now there were only me, Rain, and Rains sister in the kitchen.

”Then, we should get ready too ” Rains sister got up from the chair.

”Rain, be safe at school today. If theres any problem, just call me, okay? ” Said Rains sister who was a little worried about Rain.

”Yes. ” Rain replied simply again.

”You… You
e too relaxed, you know ”

”Don worry about me. They won bother me ”

”Yep, Im sure of that too. But if things go too far, don be afraid to contact us. ”

”Yes. I know. Don worry, they won dare to cross the line either ”

”Good. Then, Ill go to college first, okay~ Have fun at school~ ”

With that, Rains sister had also left for college first. Now it was just the two of us, me and Rain.

I then jumped onto the dining table, I knew I wasn allowed to go up to the dining table by Rain and her family, but I did this because I wanted to talk with Rain.

”You have a very caring and loving family, right, Rain ”

”Yeah, I think so ”

”Why you don want to go to school? ” I asked Rain.

Rain was silent for a while as she looked into my eyes. Rain took a glass of water and drank it.

Rain then answered-

”Nothing special. I just don feel like it, ” she replied while drinking a glass of water.

”Are there any people bothering you, Rain? ” I asked, feeling a little worried too.

”No, no. Not at all. ” Rain replied straight away.

”But according to your sister just now… ”

”No. She was just worried. I was never bullied at school. ”

”Is that so? ”

”Yes. ”

e very calm for something like this, Rain ”

”Thats because this kind of problem doesn need to be a big deal ”

”Bullying? ”

”No, its not. I told you I wasn bullied at all. Its just that I don have any problems at school. But they often make my problems bigger because of their worries. And yep, the issue of bullying at school should be taken care of and addressed anyway. But I wasn bullied at all ”

”Hmmm. Fine if you say so. BUT! If anyone hurts you or bothers you, Ill be there for you and scratch them all with my claws! ” I said wanting to protect Rain as I took out my claws and showed them to her.

Rain just looked at me silly as she finished her glass of water.

She then picked me up and said-

”Cats are not allowed on top of the table! ” She then put me down gently.

”Nyaa!… Sorry. ”

After we finished eating in the kitchen, Rain didn seem to have prepared her luggage for school yet. The two of us were currently in Rains room. Rain was preparing her luggage for school and I was just looking at her while chatting with her.

”You should have prepared your luggage last night, Rain! ” I said trying to remind Rain.

”I know that… But I wasn planning to go to school today. So I didn prepare anything last night ”

”You… You
e not at all keen on studying, are you, Rain ”

”Im not. ” Rain replied easily.

”This human… ”

While Rain was preparing her luggage, my curiosity suddenly arose. I became very curious about the situation and condition of Rains school environment. To the point that Rain didn want to go to school. Should I go with Rain to school, then? But how?

While I was thinking, I looked at Rains school bag. Suddenly, I remembered how comfortable and fit I was inside Rains school bag. I felt like staying in it all day and sleeping in it.


Wait a minute!

I got an idea!

I then called Rain and asked her and then gave her a suggestion.

”Rain! ”

”What is it? ”

”Can I go to school with you? ” I asked.

”…Huh? ” Of course Rain was confused.

”I want to go to school with you! ”~ And according to your sister and parents, it seems that you
e not very comfortable at school. And since I am, in fact, your pet and you are, in fact, my master… I want to be with you every day and protect you! Plus, the two of us can talk to each other, right? If you
e bored at school, you can chat with me. With me coming with you, you won be alone. How about that? ”

”Hmmm? That sounds not bad. Well, we
e not allowed to bring pets to school anyway. But it looks like I can take you and hide you from getting caught. ”

”REALLY!~ ” I felt so happy that Rain wanted to take me to her school.

Wow… I didn expect Rain to agree. I thought Rain would refuse. It turned out to be quite easy.

Its indeed strange and impossible to bring a cat to school. But if Rain can take me, then why not.

”But… How am I going to take you? ”

”About that… I have an idea!~ Hehehe~ ”


”Did you bring all your school necessities? ” Rains mom asked Rain who was wearing her shoes and getting ready for school.

”I brought them all, ” Rain replied calmly.

”Is there anything you forgot? ”

”No. ”

”Do you want extra lunch? ”

”No. This is enough. If its not enough, Ill buy it from the cafeteria. ”

”You have PE today, don you. If you
e still not physically fit, you can ask your teacher for permission to skip class. Later, if asked, just tell them to call Mom instead. ”

”Yeah, yeah. I know. Besides, that incident happened a year ago. Now Im fully healthy. ”

”Is that so, huh? Then… Have a nice school day. ”

After finished wearing her shoes, Rain stood up and ready to leave the house.

Rain turned her body to look at her mother for a moment and then said-

”Im leaving ”

”Yes. Take care. ”

After saying goodbye to her mom, Rain walked out of the house and started her way to school.

Rains school is only one station away from her house. Rain always walks every time she goes to the station. It only took 10 minutes for Rain to get to the station on foot.

Once arrived at the station, Rain didn have to wait long. Right on time, 3 minutes after Rain arrived at the station, the train that Rain wanted to take arrived. Rain immediately entered the train and immediately looked for an empty seat before someone took it.

Luckily Rain immediately got a seat for her in this very crowded train. It was Monday, so obviously in the morning there would be a lot of people taking the train. Both to go to work and school.

On the train, while enjoying the ride, Rain was surfing the internet with her smartphone. It looked like Rain was looking at social media. I don know what Rain was looking at and checking out, but the look on her face was very serious.


Rains smartphone vibrated. It wasn an incoming **S notification, but a phone call. Rain put her smartphone on vibrate mode because she was outside and so as not to disturb people in public.

Getting a phone call, Rain immediately picked up the phone call.

”Hello ”


”Ohh… Its mom. ”


”I saved it. ”


”Calm down, Mom… Schro is safe. ”


”Actually hes- ”

I tried to get my head out of Rains bag and tried not to be seen by the people on the train.

After successfully getting my head out of Rains bag, I started meowing softly towards Rains smartphone.

”Meow~ ”

”Wait a minute… IS THAT SCHRO?! ” Rains mom asked from the phone in shock and confusion.

”Yes, ” Rain answered calmly.


”Yes. Why? ”

”W-Why do you ask…? Thats not allowed, you know! Why did you bring him?! ”

”Well… I get bored quickly at school. And I don like school. If I bring Schro, Ill have entertainment at school and someone to keep me company, right? That way, while at school, someone can keep me company and I can feel at home at school ”

”Y-You… Oh my… Okay. Whatever. If he can make you feel at home at school and you have the intention to go to school, you can bring him. Ill call the principal to let you bring a cat to school. ”

”Aa… Thats not necessary. Don tell him. Let no one know. Because if someone finds out, the others will… ”

”…OH! Thats right. Sorry. Then, please don get caught and please take care of Schro while at school so that he doesn get lost and doesn make noise at school especially in class ”

”Okay. Don worry. Schro won make a scene at school. ”

”Then Ill hang up, okay? ”

”Okay. ”

Rain finally finished the call with her mom.

”Phew… Its a good thing that mom allowed it ”

”Why didn you tell your mom earlier when you were at home, Rain ”

”Well, if I ask her permission at home, Mom will definitely not allow it. But if I take you without her knowing and we
e already on a long way away, when she calls me, she won be able to do anything to stop me from taking you and will definitely have to let me take you. Thats how it is. ”

”I see!~ You
e smart, Rain!~ I really like it whenever I see your smartness!~ ”

”Thats nothing. Its very normal, you know. Not special at all. Why are you so happy with just this kind of thing? ”


”Cunning? ”


”Yeah, yeah. Okay. Thank you. But I told you that Im not very smart ”

”There you go again!~ Don be so modest~ ”

”This cat… But, the idea of getting into my bag and me carrying you around in my bag was your idea, wasn it. So you can also be considered smart. ”

”It was indeed my idea. But it was just a coincidence. It just so happened that last night I slept in your bag for a while and I was able to get inside your bag. So I got the idea to go to school with you by going inside your bag. ”

”Heee… Good thing this worked. The first step to take you out with my school bag was successful. Its a good thing you fit in the bag. Now its just a matter of whether youll be okay at school or not. I hope no one will notice ”

”Don worry about it. I won make any noise. Ive practiced my voice so that only you can hear it and so that people can hear me meow when I talk to you. ”

”Good then. ”

”By the way, what are you looking at on your smartphone, Rain? ”

”Hmm? Nothing. Just looking at peoples responses on the internet about yesterdays and todays Certain Death victims ”

”Why do you want to see peoples responses on the internet? ”

”Hmm? Why, eh? ”

Rain was silent for a while before answering.

When Rain wanted to answer my question, she smiled first and then answered-

”Its because I am… The overseer, ” Rain replied with a very sharp smile.

I couldn help but look at Rain who was smiling like that. I didn know what to say or what to ask.

My hunch was that Rain… has become too addicted to the internet.


It only took a few minutes by train. Rain and I arrived at our destination station. Once here, Rain started walking from the station to the school.

Along the way, I could see a lot of people wearing the same school uniform as Rain. Both boys and girls. Im sure they went to the same school as Rain.

Most of them were walking with what seemed to be their friends. Most of them were walking together and chatting together. Most of them seemed to be chatting and having fun on their way to school.

Meanwhile Rain… was busy with her own world. Playing with her smartphone while walking. Isn this very dangerous?

”Oy, Rain! Don play with your phone while walking! ”

”Don worry. Im used to it. ”

”Its not whether you
e used to it or not! But its dangerous, you know! Continue later when you get to school. ”

Rain sighed and put her smartphone in her bag.

”Sigh… Okay. ”

”Since you put your phone in your bag, Ill confiscate it until we get to school! If you try to take it, Ill scratch you! ”

”If you scratch me, Ill leave you alone in the schoolyard ”



Finally… We finally arrive at the school where Rain attends. Takaoka Koukou (Takaouka High school). This is the school where Rain attended.

The school is quite big and crowded. There are a lot of students in this school.

The school uniform consists of a gray blazer, with a red blouse and tie underneath, and a green skirt for girls or green pants for boys.

”THIS SCHOOL IS VERY BIG!~ Is this your school, Rain?

Rain was silent for a moment before answering.

”…Yes. It looks like it. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”I still can believe that I go to this school ”

”Why? ”

”They say its the top school in town ”

”IS THAT SO?~ COOL!~ Thats proof that you
e really smart, Rain. If you can make it to this school. ”

Rain didn reply to what I said. She just fell silent.

From the look on Rains face, she didn look happy. I tried to peek out of the bag a little more. When I managed to peek out of the bag, I could see that there were a lot of students in this school who were looking at Rain with a gaze that could be said to be ”a little scared ” and kept their distance from Rain whenever Rain approached or they tried not to get close to Rain.

What the hell is this?

Why are they afraid or don want to get near Rain?

Is this how they treated Rain? No wonder Rain doesn want to go to school. But… When I looked at Rains face… Rain looked normal and didn care at all about what other people were treating her.

Ignored. Shunned. Being looked at or seen as scary. Rain didn care about any of that. Rain looked completely normal and managed to ignore them all.

Whenever Rain walks, people immediately pause and look in Rains direction. If Rain approached just by walking past them, people immediately kept their distance. Even when Rain arrived at her class, the class was very crowded with the sound of people chatting. But all of that immediately became quiet when Rain entered the classroom.

As Rain walked towards her seat at the very back and the most corner of the class, people looked towards her not saying anything. They just looked at Rain and stared at her. Then, when Rain sat down in her seat, a few moments later after Rain sat down in her seat, the situation and condition of the class returned to what it was before Rain came to class.


This treatment of Rain..


I feel like clawing and biting them all!

I won let these humans treat my master like this! Ill teach them a lesson!

”What are you thinking about, Schro? ”

”Eh? Rain? N-No… Its nothing. ”

Rain was silent while looking at me calmly. After a while of staring at me, she then asked me to get into her desk drawer.

”Get in the drawer! Relax, no one will see you. If you stay in the bag, itll be hard for me to get my stuff. ”

”…Okay. ”

Following Rains orders, I went into her desk drawer.

And it turned out to be very cozy in here too. Ill feel comfortable in here every time I go to Rains school.

But… I still feel very curious about the students behavior towards Rain.

Why do they treat Rain like this?

Its true that they didn bully Rain physically and didn bother Rain. But… This kind of treatment.. Is very annoying!

Makes me..

Very irritated!


The first and second hours are done. Now its time for the third and fourth hour, which is PE class.

I heard before that Rain has a bad physique. According to Rains mom. Is Rain going to skip class?

”Rain, are you going to join PE class? ” I asked.

”I can help it, can I? ”

”Don you have a bad physique for sports? ”

”I do. But like I said before, whether I want to or not, I have to go ”

”I see. Then, how can I come with you to PE class without getting caught? ”

”Hmmm? Get into my jacket. ”

”Eh? Will it fit? ”

”Don worry, my jacket is a bit oversized. And Im too lazy to change it. ”

”You should wear clothes that fit you, you know… ”

After she finished changing, we all headed to the school gym. Todays PE class was dodgeball. According to Rain, this is the game most favored by the boys in the school.

At the school gym, the students are divided into 2 groups. Each group has an equal number of players. But… Before the division of the groups, Rain had already moved away from the line and started sitting in the corner alone and watching them all from here.

Eh? Why?

”O-Oy, Rain… Why did you leave the line? ”

”I didn want to participate ”

”But didn you say before, Whether you want to or not, you have to go!? ”

”Im just securing my name to be absent in PE class. That doesn mean Im going to join the PE class entirely. ”

”Y-You…. ”

But… It seems that Rain wasn the only one who didn participate in PE today. There were also some who didn participate. Both girls and boys. Is it because they don like dodgeball or because of their own problems or because they don want to participate? I don know. But at least, Rain wasn the only one who didn play sports here.

I watched the dodgeball match from here with Rain. I could see the fun they were having playing dodgeball. They all looked like they were having a lot of fun. But… It looks like Rain can find the fun. She looks very uninterested at all.

But… Lets forget about this dodgeball match. There is one thing that makes me a little curious.

Inside this school gym… Theres one female student who seems to be very depressed. No. Instead of depression, maybe I can call it… ”Frightened ” or even ”Exhausted ” as if she looks tired or fed up of something. I don know why… She looks quite depressed.

Shes sitting not so far away from Rain… Well, maybe a few meters away from Rain, but I can see that look on her face very clearly from here. She looks just like what I described earlier.

Whats wrong with her?

Was she being treated the same way as Rain?

Just as I was thinking that, she was visited by her friends who had just finished or been eliminated from the dodgeball game.

”Ah… I don think so. ”

”Hmm? What did you say? ”

”Nothing. Its nothing. Just talking to myself. ”

Her friends seem very nice to her. Then why does she look so sad or depressed? Her friends even tried to cheer her up.

And then…

She got a phone call. When she found out who was calling her, the look on her face changed to one of shock and despair.

She then asked her friends for permission to leave for a while to go somewhere. I couldn clearly hear their conversation from here, but my ears were sharp enough to pick up what she was saying from this distance. Though perhaps I can be completely sure.

Im… Becoming very curious.

The first dodgeball match is over. On to the next match.

e all tireless, huh ” Rain said.

”If they can have fun, they don need to think about whether they
e tired or not ” I replied.

”Yep… You have a point. ”

But I was still curious about that girl. She still hasn come back. Its been almost more than 30 minutes. Where did she go?


I want to find out. But… Rain must not want to leave here because she must be too lazy to move right now.

I got an idea!

”R-Rain… ”

”Whats wrong? ”

”C-Can we go to the back for a moment… ”

”…Back? What?… AA! Are you…? ”

”Y-Yes. Just as you thought… ”


”Geez… Finish it quickly. Its a good thing you didn pee on me ”

”Yeah.. Sorry. ”

”I won see you pee. Its disgusting. Im going to turn my back. ”

”Okay… ”

Yosh! It worked! I made it out of the school gym with Rain. But… I can possibly walk alone. Its very dangerous. Plus its my first time coming to this school. If I stray, Ill be lost and Rain will be worried.

Step two, Ill make Rain want to take a short walk outside the school gym.

After I finished pretending to pee, I started trying to get Rain to take a walk.

”By the way Rain, before going back to the school gym, I want to take a look around the school gym ”

”Huh? Why? ”

”I just like your school gym!~ Its so spacious and so big!~ Im curious how the surroundings look like ”

”Ehhhh…? ” Rains face looked very unwilling.

Hmm? Should I find another reason?

”Alright. But only for a little while. ”


”Theres only one hour left of PE class. Lets go back before PE is over. I might not be participating in the PE class, but I don want to be mistaken for skipping class by the teacher for not being there for a long time. Besides, I asked the teacher for permission to go to the bathroom earlier. So we shouldn go for too long. Understood. ”

”OK!~ ”

Somehow, I managed to convince Rain.

The two of us walked around the outside of the school gym. Why am I looking for that girl outside the school gym? Its because, according to what Rain said earlier, students shouldn leave or be away from the PE class for too long if they don want to be labeled as skipping class. So Im sure the girl from earlier is around here. And she herself must not want to go far from here.

”Nee.. Schro… What exactly do you want to see from this school gym? Wherever you go and from wherever you look, everything looks the same. ”

”Humumu.. To you it may be normal, Rain. But to me, its really cool, you know! ”

Of course I lied… A little bit. Im also a little interested in this school gym.

”You cats have weird taste, huh ”

”You just don have any taste, Rain ”

”I have my own taste, you know! My taste is- Wait! Whats that? ”

”Hmm? Whats wrong, Rain? ”

Suddenly, Rains reaction became very strange. It was as if Rain had just noticed something.

”Oyyyy.. Rain… Did you hear? Whats wrong? ” I asked, confused by Rains strange behavior.

Rains face and gaze were very sharp. She became very serious in a matter of seconds. What had she just noticed? Are her instincts sharper than mine? ”

”Did you hear that? ”

”Hear what? ”

”I seemed to hear… A moaning voice… ”

”…..Huh??? ” I was confused.

”Follow me! ”

Rain suddenly walked very quickly to the location of the sound. I can certainly keep up with Rains fast walking. But this was the first time Id seen Rain walking so fast.

We headed to the very back of the school gym. The part that is rarely approached by people in this school.

”Oy, Rain, where are we going? ”

”Im just following the source of the sound ”

Slowly by slowly, it seemed like I was also starting to hear the voice Rain had heard.

More clearly. More and more clearly. And more and more clearly. I started to hear that voice.

A girls moaning voice.

Why is there a moaning voice in the school and behind the school gym?

Then, when we got close to the source of the sound, we started walking slowly and carefully. We both walked while clinging to the wall. And when we reached the end and were very close to the source of the sound, we peeked towards the source of the sound.

And what we saw was a shock to our eyes.

”WH-WHAT THE HELL!?!?! ” I said with great surprise.

”….. ” Rain didn react to anything and just stayed silent at what she had just seen. But her gaze was very serious.

But wait a minute! Isn she the…

The girl I was looking for before!?

What did we see?

It was a very indecent act. Both in school and outside of school.

Right now, in front of our prying eyes, a handsome teacher is sexually harassing a rather beautiful female student who is the student Ive been looking for.

That female student… Seemed to hate it so much. She looked very forced by the teacher. More precisely… She was being ”raped! ”.

The girl tried to fight back, but failed. Both her hands were grabbed and held by the teacher and pinned to the wall. The teachers knees rubbed her crotch roughly and forcefully. In addition, the teacher forcibly kissed her mouth. After kissing her, the teacher roughly touched and groped her breasts and almost forcibly undressed her.

We could very clearly hear the woman begging and pleading for the teacher to stop. But, that only made the handsome teacher very happy and even more excited. The teacher forcibly undid her pants. And I think I knew what he wanted to do.

I felt like jumping over there and-

”Schro! ”

”E-Eh…? Rain? Whats wrong? ”

”Interrupt them! Stop them by making noise to make them panic and think that someone is coming. ”

”E-Eh? B-But… ”


”S-Sensei… Please stop! ”

”Hmph! Just shut up already! You
e doing this for hat person aren you~ Then just follow me! ”

”S-Sensei…. ”

”Just once for now. Don worry, Ill come outside. But later in my room, Ill do it many times!~ Hehe!~ ”

”P-Please stop…! This is not according to our agreement- ”



”MEOOOWWWW!!! ” I started meowing very loudly at them.

As I expected, they panicked and stopped instantly and looked straight at me.

I appeared in front of them from a distance and looked at them while staring at them sharply. They stared back at me with panicked expressions on their faces. We stared at each other for a long time.

Then after staring at each other, I could see the teacher let go of the girl and said something to her.

”Well continue in my room. Don try to escape or Ill report hat person to the principal. Understood! ”

”…U-Understood… ”

The teacher immediately left in another direction that was not in the same direction as mine and Rains location, leaving the girl alone.

She immediately fell helplessly and started crying.

I looked at her for a while and I think I felt a little sorry for her.

”…I knew it ” said Rain who seemed to be talking to herself.

I looked at Rain, reacting to her words just now.

”…I knew there was something strange about those two. ”

”Youve realized it all this time? ”

”…No. Its just a hunch that theres something strange about the two of them. I don know if the other students noticed or not, but I started noticing something strange going on between the two of them starting from a month ago ”

It seemed that Rain had stronger instincts than other humans. My curiosity about Rain began to increase.

Rain was currently holding her smartphone and looking at it. I didn realize that she had her phone with her all this time. When did she take it?

Rains gaze toward her phone was very serious. Her gaze was also very sharp. The look on her face was also very serious. She also seemed to be typing something on her phone.

But then… She stopped typing. She looked at her smartphone one more time and this time she looked at it longer than before.

Rain then took a deep breath and put her phone in her jacket pocket.

”Lets go back, Schro ”

Rain starts walking first leaving me behind.

I didn immediately walk over and follow Rain from behind. I first looked at the girl before where I still saw her crying there. After I looked at her for a while, I went straight over and followed Rain from behind.

The incident I saw just now with Rain… Really…



After many hours, school time for today is finally over. For those who are joining clubs, they will follow their club activities and will remain at school. For those who did not join any clubs, they were allowed to go home and if they did not have any other important business at school at this time.

For Rain… Of course she doesn join any clubs. I have no doubt anymore. We will definitely go straight home after this and she will definitely spend all her time playing games in her room until tomorrow morning. Im pretty sure of that.

”Before we go home, I want to go somewhere else first ”


This is not what I expected!

Isn Rain a person who doesn like going out!?

”W-Where do we want to go later? ”

”To the cafe of someone I just met 2 months ago ”

”Heee… Not usually for you, Rain ”

”What do you mean? ”

”Well… I thought you were that kind of person ”

”That kind of person what do you mean? ”

”You know… Who doesn like to go anywhere and prefers to lock themselves in their room all day ”

”Yeah. I am that kind of person. ”


”This is different. I like to go to this cafe every time I finish school. Especially on Mondays. ”

”I see. Im also surprised that you have friends, Rain ”

”That sounds really mean to me… Yep, Im a little surprised myself too ”

”So… Who is that person? ”

”Youll know later ”

After finishing packing up her luggage, Rain walked out of the classroom and was ready to head out of the school to our next destination for today, Rains friends café.

As usual, along Rains way, people always looked at her with a scared look and started to keep their distance whenever Rain approached even just passing by.


Every time I see these humans looking at Rain like this, it only makes me more annoyed and I want to jump on their faces and claw them all one by one.

But Rain is really great. Shes mentally quite strong. She could endure all these stares and glances and unflattering behavior with ease. To be more precise, she ignored them very easily.

If I were Rain, I probably wouldn have been able to stand it and would have run straight back home.

Why are humans like this?

Rain is actually a very good human being. She might just be a little addicted to the internet and games, but overall, to me and for me, she is a very good human being. This is my new master, Ame Iekami. But why do these humans fear and dislike Rain? It doesn make sense.

What had Rain done to all of them? Im sure nothing at all.

I just don understand how humans think and how humans treat other humans. Humans are very confusing to me.


The insolent teachers treatment of the female students in the previous sports gym.

I don know what their relationship is. But according to Rain, he is a very good teacher in this town and is very famous for his intelligence. Plus hes still very young. And plus he has a handsome face and a nice body.


His personality doesn reflect his great achievements.

It turns out that he is secretly a sexual abuser or arguably a rapist. Plus he did it to his poor student.

Id love to claw him and then eat him if I could!

Yup… If I could…

Can I?

Isn there anything we can do to help that girl and teach that insolent teacher a lesson?

”Rain… Don you want to do something about that damn teacher and that poor girl? ”

”Hmm? Why? ”

”Why you ask? I mean… That girl is your classmate, isn she? And that bastard teacher is a teacher at this school, isn he? You must want to help your classmate and teach that bastard teacher a lesson, right? ”

”Half of it, yes. And the other half, no ”

”Eh? What do you mean? ”

”Half of it, yes. I want to give that teacher a very meaningful lesson. But the other half, no. I don want to help that girl at all. I don know her. I just found out that we
e in the same class. Shes not my friend. Even though we
e in the same class, that doesn mean we
e friends. She never did anything nice to me either. In fact, shes just like everyone else here, treating me just like how everyone else treats me. Then why would I help her? ”

”R-Rain… You… ”

”In fact, I think that girl deserves the teachers treatment. After all, you heard their conversation a bit back then, didn you? That girl was willing to be treated like that out of her own willingness for someone important to her. So why would I stop her if its her request and wish? ”

”O-Oy… Rain… You… ”

I knew it from Rain all along.

Rain all this time…

This girl…


Then from the direction of the special room belonging to a teacher in this school-


There was an unusually loud shout from inside the special room.

Everyone, including Rain and me, immediately looked towards the source of the voice. Everyone who was walking also stopped instantly and looked toward the source of the sound.


From inside could also be heard a man shouting very loudly.



From inside the room, the door of the special room was broken from the inside with great force from the one who broke it. From inside the special room came out a female student wearing only her underwear.

She ran away quickly with all the strength she had.

But… She then fell down because she didn have enough energy to run.

Everyone looked at her fall and was surprised and confused.

”H-Hey… Wh-What the hell? ” Confusedly asked one of the male students.

”Isn that… ”

”S-Shiraishi-san?! Wh-Whats wrong? ”

”What happened to you? ”

Several female students approached her and covered her body with their blazers. They then helped Shiraishi to get up or sit down.

”Shiraishi-san… Whats wrong? Whats happened to you? ”

”Are you okay? ”

”Why are you in Maita-senseis special room? ”

”A-And why are you almost completely naked? ”

”Whats going on? ”

I seem to recognize that girl. Wasn she the same girl at that time?

”Oy, Rain. Isn that her… ”

”Yes. She was that girl back then ”

”So that means… That special room belongs to that damn teacher. And judging from her current condition. She… ”


From inside that special room, a very handsome teacher came out.

”Thats the teacher, Rain ”

Rain didn reply and remained silent.

Rain then took her smartphone out of her bag. I couldn stop her because I was curious and wanted to know… What Rain would do with her smartphone in a situation like this.

Rain always carried her phone with her in any situation. Yesterday, she even took pictures of all the rapists information. And I don know what she meant by that at all. And now… What will she do with her phone in this situation?

Come on, Rain. Show it to me!

Make me surprised!

Im curious about you!

Make me…

”Entertained! ”

Everyone was currently looking and staring confusedly mixed with shock and disgust at the teacher.

The teacher looked very panicked and at a loss of what to do.

He was sweating profusely and the sweat could be seen very clearly from here.

The teacher couldn run anywhere. The group of students who accidentally gathered out of curiosity had blocked any path.

The teachers confusion was mixed with panic. He looked towards Shiraishi who was being held and protected by several other female students. The male students could not get close to Shiraishi because she was almost naked at the moment.

Then one of the male students who was not far from Rain whispered to a female student who was nearby.

”Quickly call the principal and other teachers ” the male student asked the nearby female student.

”Okay. ” The female student immediately ran to the teachers room to inform the teachers about this situation.

The damn teacher realized that someone was running towards the teachers room.


As the teacher was about to chase the female student who ran towards the teachers room, the male students immediately blocked him from the front and from behind.

The teacher seemed to be getting more and more panicked.

Knowing there was no way out, the teacher tried to defend himself at this time.

”E-Ehehehe… I-I think todays training with Shiraishi-san was a bit… E-Excessive, huh. E-Ehehe he.. ”

But no one believed that. They all looked very angry and serious.

One of the students protecting Shiraishi began to ask-

”Maita-sensei… What is the meaning of all this?! ” She asked very sternly.

”Y-You know, right. S-Shiraishi-san just wanted to get some extra practice with me. I-Im just helping her with her training… ”

”What practice?! Shiraishi-san is a member of the Volleyball club. And if you have to help her with volleyball practice, then you should be at the school gym right now, right! ”

”I-Its… T-Theres a special extra workout in my room ”

”What special practice!? Its obvious that you
e harassing her! ” Asserted one of the male students who intercepted him from behind.

The teacher couldn find an appropriate reply.

But then the teacher came up with an idea that could help him.

”W-Why don you ask Shiraishi-san yourself. R-Right, Shiraishi-san? ”

Shiraishi was still silent.

”W-We are practicing, aren we? ”

Shiraishi was still silent.

Shiraisis silence heated up the teachers angry temper.

”TCH! SAY IT QUICKLY, SHIRAISHI! ” The teacher shouted.

Everyone was immediately on guard due to the teachers shout.


”…T-The truth…? ” Shiraishi said very quietly.

”Y-Yes. The ruth… ”

”…The… The truth… Yes… ”


”…T-Then Ill say it… ”


Shiraishi then took a deep breath and then shouted the ”truth ” to everyone here at this moment.


”KKKKKHHHHH!?!? YOU IDIOT!!! ” The teacher named Maita shouted in shock.

Everyone else who was there was almost as surprised as Maita. The difference was that they were surprised because Maita had been harassing a female student. Meanwhile Maita was surprised that Shiraishi was telling the ”truth ”.


Shiraishi stared emotionally at Maita and then said-


”K-KKKHH!!! ” Maita started to panic.


Shiraishi shouted emotionally at Maita.

All the students immediately trusted Shiraishi and sided with her. They all had very serious and irritated expressions. Many male students, including the school delinquents, were ready to beat Maita up after hearing Shiraishis explanation.

”Ive been patient in dealing with you. But now its gone too far! Do you think Ill break down and fall for you no matter how much you abuse me?! OF COURSE NOT! Ive been mentally strong all this time! Im trying to stay strong! ”

”Okay! Thats enough, Shiraishi-san. We will take it from here! ” Said one of the male students who was ready to beat up Maita.

Several other male students were also ready to beat Maita up.

Maita already had no way to escape. But… Even though he had lost, he still tried to defend himself.


”Yeah, yeah, yeah. Say that later after we beat you up. S-e-n-s-e-i! ” Said one of the male students who was preparing his fist.


Shiraishi could only lower her head.

All those words didn help him. Maita was still in danger. The male students were getting closer to Maita and were ready to beat him up.



Rain said something to me.

”Schro… There are some things I want to tell you. ”

”What is it, Rain? ”

”First, I really hate humans like him. Lowly humans like him have no right to live. They only disturb the peace of everyone around them and ruin peoples lives for their own meaningless pleasure. Its the same with trolls or stupid and arrogant and ignorant, smart-ass, clueless, jerks, and idiots on the internet. They often scam for their own pleasure, lure many people with their cheap bait just to hope that someone gets their bait just for their own annoying cheap pleasure, insult other people they don know just for their pleasure, and be the most ignorant people on the internet..- ”

”…-They disturb everyones comfort and disrupt other peoples lives with their stupidity and lack of work on the internet. They all irritate me. Its as if I want to hit them in the face thanks to their stupid actions and deeds on the internet. Thats why I hate people like them both on the internet and in the real world like today..- ”

”…-To me, they all deserve to die and their fate is certain. They should all be DEAD! ”

Rain sounded and looked very serious. More serious than usual. And also… She looked really sinister.

I couldn say anything and could only look at Rain and listen.

”Second, Ive always wondered how I could teach them all a lesson. But, for a long time, I didn get the answer. But… Now- ”

Rain picked up her phone.

”-..I know how! ”

I still couldn reply to Rains words.

”Third, I really want to wipe people like them off the face of the earth. With people like them gone, this world and the surroundings around me will become very comfortable. The disappearance of trolls on the internet would be very helpful for the mental health of everyone on the internet. It would also allow internet users to have a comfortable internet experience without the distraction of trolls and fools on the internet. ”

Rain is still not finished. But it looks like this is the last one.

”And lastly… I want to show you my way of eliminating them all from the face of the earth! For my comfort and the comfort of others! Do you want to know how? ”

Rain asked me. Do I want to know how?


Everything she said just now might sound really horrible. But… I think I can also understand her and know why she hates those kinds of humans so much.

But I really want to know how she ”eliminates ” all these stupid humans.

Then do it, Rain!

”Yes. I want to see. Then do it, Rain! ”

Rain then picked up her phone and showed me her phone screen.

On the screen it was written the name, ”Maita Mitsuo ”.

What was she going to do with that?

”Before, if I just wrote his name, then he would just die without any warning or explanation as to why he died. ”

”…Eh??? ”



”But… It would be very dangerous if he suddenly just died here for no apparent reason. Certain Death only targets people who behave badly on the internet and those I meet on the street ”

”…W-Wait, Rain! Wh-What do you mean?! ” I wanted to confirm something. But Rain ignored me.

”Imagine if a teacher from this school just died for no reason after this incident of sexual harassment. The investigators would definitely be able to suspect that Certain Death is in this school and surely one of the students in this school is Certain Death. That would be very dangerous for me and my secret. I don want to be found out after all this time ”

”…R-Rain…? ”

”Therefore. I will give Maita-sensei a different death ”

Rain then typed, ”Sudden heart attack ”, under Maita Mitsuos name.

”This way, his death is already decided and determined! ”

”R-Rain… All this time you… ”

”And with just one touch… The certain death that Ive determined will immediately work on him. ”

I could only stay silent while looking with both eyes wide open at Rain.

Rain was then ready to press the Enter button on her phone screen.

Before that, Rain glanced at Maita who was about to be beaten up by the male students. Rain then said-

”Goodbye, trash! ”

And in an instant after saying that, Rain pressed the Enter button with her thumb.

After the button was pressed-


Maita suddenly reacted immediately. He immediately grabbed his left chest and squeezed it painfully. Maita looked in great pain. His face reflected it all.

All the male students who approached Maita immediately kept their distance out of shock and confusion. So were all the current students. They were all also very confused by what had happened to Maita just like that.

”AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! ” Maita cried out in pain.

Maita was twitching in agony very violently. He held his left chest very tightly. Thanks to the pain he was experiencing, he hit the wall many times.

Everyone seemed to be getting more and more confused. And slowly began to get scared.


But… A few seconds later…




Maita fell to the floor with his face hitting the floor first.

All the students who were there, were confused and mixed with tremendous fear.

”M-Maita-sensei??? ”

”H-Hey… Wh-Whats happening??? ”

”W-What happened??? ”

”I-Is he okay??? ”

Then after a long wait, the teachers finally came running quickly towards the scene.




The situation there… became very intense and heated. But we Immediately left the place and walked out of this school.

Rain walked very calmly as if nothing had happened just now and it was very normal for her. The look on her face was very calm and flat as usual. Really very calm and very plain.

I was still staring at Rain with my eyes open very wide. I could say that I was… Very surprised by what I just saw in front of me.

It was Rain.

All this time…

For a whole year with this mysterious death..

It was her..

The culprit.


Ame Iekami…

You are…

”Yes, Schro. Youve seen what I did before. ”

”So… You are… ”

”Yes… I am…- ”


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