Chapter 1: Talent Awakening, System Return

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On the mountainside, clouds and mist lingered. One could vaguely see the ancient buildings, as if there was a giant beast hovering above the clouds, looking down at all living things. One could only feel that it was extremely majestic.

At this moment, there were quite a number of people who were like pilgrims, devoutly stepping into it. Lin Bai was one of them.

His appearance was delicate and pretty, but his eyes were like a deep pool, flickering with a calm light. Perhaps it was because he was a little nervous that there would be a ripple.

After all, this was his last chance. Everyone had five chances to awaken in their lifetime, and those who exceeded the age limit would never be able to awaken again.

“You are Lin Bai?” This time, the leader was a middle-aged man in his forties. He looked at the booklet in his hand to confirm Lin Bais identity.

Lin Bai nodded. “Yes.”

The person in charge was a little surprised. Then, he said casually, “Go in.”

“You are quite persistent –”

Lin Bai stopped in his tracks and walked straight to the Awakening Hall. It had been twenty-three years since he had transmigrated to this world.

As a person who had transmigrated to a different world from the twenty-first century, this world was different from the modern metropolis. This world was obviously biased toward fantasy. The two main professions were martial artists and beastmasters.

Of course, there were other professions, but they were relatively unorthodox and the number of people practicing them was relatively small.

Martial artists valued individual strength, training the body, practicing weapons, practicing martial arts, and so on. Beastmaster focused on building a connection with all things, turning them into their own use, and growing together.

Lin Bais physique was not suitable for martial artists, so he could only choose beastmaster. But generally, adult men and women could enter the Awakening Hall and choose to awaken their pets.

However, five years had passed, and Lin Bai had always returned empty-handed. He had never awakened. If he missed this opportunity, he would never have another chance. It was no wonder that the person in charge just now had such an expression.

Lin Bai was almost famous in the town. No one thought that he would succeed this time.

In the Awakening Hall, stone pillars stood in the east, south, west, and north. Mysterious totem beast patterns were carved on them. Light flowed in them, as if they were going to come to life in the next second. They stared at the crowd in the hall like a tiger eyeing its prey.

In the middle was a huge transparent crystal. It was said that it was made of ancient strange stones, and it contained the power of the laws of Heaven and earth. The huge formation covered it, as if it was the rising sun.

As it circulated, there was a faint pressure that made people not dare to look directly at it.

At this moment, there were already many people waiting in the hall. When they saw Lin Bais arrival, they immediately had strange expressions.

“Isnt this the person who failed to awaken four times? Why is he here again this year?”

“After all, this is his last chance. Maybe he will be lucky. Its still unknown if he would really succeeded in awakening.”

The discussions were endless. No one had any intention of hiding it. They pointed at Lin Bai and looked as if they were watching a show.

“Quiet down, everyone. What kind of place is the Awakening Hall? How can it be tolerated that you all making a racket here? If you dont want to awaken, then get out!”

An angry roar came from inside the hall, as if a majestic mountain had descended from the sky, pressing down on everyone until they could hardly breathe. The few people who were still talking just now instantly became like cicadas that kept quiet.

A tall man walked out from inside, his eyes full of coldness. His gaze swept over Lin Bai, and seeing that he was unperturbed by the favor or disgrace, his expression did not change, but there was a hint

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