like a single eye, staring at Lin Bai like a tiger watching its prey.

She gently fanned the fan, and a strong gust of wind blew over. It swept towards Lin Bai with an overwhelming momentum.

Previously, there were a few opponents who had been slapped out of the arena due to their carelessness and underestimation of their opponents. Even if the people behind them were on guard, they would not be able to stand against the huge gust of wind for a few minutes.

Lin Bais robe was blown all over the place. If it was not for the fact that he was already on guard, he would have probably joined one of the unlucky ones before him.

Chen Wu made a gesture with her hand, and the fan was ever-changing. With her slender hands and the folding fan, everyone could finally see what it meant to have ones fingers as thin as the roots of a scallion.

Although the scene was pleasing to the eye, Lin Bai was not in the mood to enjoy it.

The strong wind was incessant. It was as if the arena was about to be lifted up much less people. Even he could not help but take a few steps back. If it were not for the spiritual power in his entire body pouring into his feet and firmly adhering to the ground, he would have already floated into the sky.

Chen Wu didnt expect Lin Bai to hold on for so long. She formed a spell with her hand, and a vortex was formed on the ground. The strong gales turned into tornadoes!

Fortunately, the referee was quick-witted and set up a protective array on the side. Otherwise, the arena might really be lifted up. Even so, the floor inside the arena was all turned up.

Everyone was dumbfounded. “So Chen Wu didnt use her full strength before.”

If this wind blew on them, a layer of skin would probably be blown off.

Lin Bai frowned slightly. If this continued, he was afraid that it would not work out. When the tornado arrived, he would definitely not be able to stand steadily. “Bind!”

Little Green suddenly changed into a green light. One end was tied to Lin Bais body, and the other end was tied to the pillar beside the ring. Only then did he manage to stand steadily.

“Hu — hu –”

The tornado swept over. Between the flying sand and stones, the color of the sky and earth changed. It blew so hard that people could hardly open their eyes.

Chen Wu was indeed more powerful than Luo Qin.

The storm not only restricted Lin Bais mobility, but also made it impossible for him to use his spiritual power. If this continued, he would be out sooner or later.

With a thought, he poured his spiritual power into Little Green. As if sensing Lin Bais intention, Little Green swung its tail forcefully, and Lin Bai jumped with the help of the force and successfully escaped from the storm.

However, the storm followed closely behind like a shadow.

“Looks like its going to be a little tricky.”

Lin Bais figure shuttled through the arena, his speed almost becoming an afterimage. As he dodged, he thought of countermeasures.

Chen Wus body was also surrounded by strong winds, which were equivalent to a protective barrier. It was impossible to break through her defense in a short period of time, so Little Greens head hammer skill was not very effective.

However, before Lin Bai could think of anything, the fan in Chen Wus hand spun again, and countless golden lights shot out in all directions. Mixed with the strong wind, it felt even more ferocious.

A strong wind landed on the ground, and Lin Bai narrowly avoided it.

A huge crack suddenly appeared on the ground, and he was injured by the qi force. He did not dare to imagine what would happen if it hit a persons body.

The people below the stage could not help but sweat for Lin Bai.

“Chen Wu is really ruthless.”

“This is a competition, so there shouldnt be any big problems. Moreover, theres a teacher watching from the stage.”

“I feel that Lin Bai has always been at a disadvantage. If things continue like this, Im afraid that Chen Wu will win.”

“Thats hard to say.. Its not the last moment yet, so the outcome is still unknown.”

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