“I, I didnt see wrongly. What Lin Bai used just now seemed to be a martial skill.”

“You didnt see wrongly… that is the Octane Blast.”

The incomparably huge deep pit on the stage was a mark that could only be left by a martial skill. At this moment, everyone was staring blankly.

“Didnt they say that Lin Bai is a beast master? How could he still be able to use martial arts techniques!”

Could it be that he was both a martial artist and a beast master! !

Everyone couldnt help but suck in a breath of cold air. Looking at the broken stage, it was already on the verge of collapsing under the force of their power. It was also fortunate that when the academy built the stage, they didnt cut corners. Otherwise, it would have collapsed by now.

After a moment, the referees voice rang out.

“Lin Bai wins –”

At this moment, Lin Bai truly deserved it. Everyones gaze was filled with admiration.

One had to know that Lin Bai first defeated Luo Qin. His 2-star pet beast had suppressed a 4-star pet beast, and then he defeated Chen Wu. It was revealed that he actually cultivated martial arts and beast taming at the same time. He was very outstanding in both professions.

Both of the top experts had lost in regret, not to mention the other figures in the academy. Without a doubt, Lin Bai had obtained the first place in the competition.

Such an outcome was something that no one had expected. After all, the previous favorites to win the championship were Luo Qin and Chen Wu. Who would have thought that Lin Bai would suddenly appear out of nowhere, and even enter everyones sight with such formidable strength.

Under everyones envious gazes, Lin Bai walked onto the stage to receive the prize.

The two pet beast skills were [ Iron Tail ] and [ Water Cannon]. Both were relatively ordinary skill. However, the martial arts cultivation technique that was rewarded had some prestige. it was the cornerstone treasure of academy, [ Heaven Swallowing Myriad Phase Technique ]

This name sounded domineering, but in reality, the book was just like its name. It was also incomparably domineering and extremely powerful.

However, it also had a fatal flaw. Ordinary cultivation techniques only required one time of spiritual power. Meanwhile, cultivating this cultivation technique required ten times or a hundred times the cultivation time and energy of other cultivation techniques.

In other words, it required a large amount of cultivation to “Feed” this cultivation technique. However, how could ordinary people have so much cultivation. Therefore, no one had ever cultivated it.

With this martial arts and cultivation, it was better to cultivate other cultivation techniques. There were better choices, so there was no need to waste energy here.

When the crowd saw the Heaven Swallowing Myriad Phase Technique, their expressions immediately changed.

Someone spoke with envy and jealousy, wishing that he could take Lin Bais place at this moment. “No way, they even took out such a powerful cultivation technique this year and gave it to him. Isnt he too lucky?”

“If I had known that there was such a top-grade cultivation technique, I would have given it a shot no matter what.”

The companion beside him shook his head and had a different opinion. “Lucky? I dont think so. You dont know that this cultivation technique sounds very powerful, but in the past hundred years, not a single person has managed to cultivate it. Its just flashy and unsubstantial.”

There were still quite a few people in the academy who knew the value of this cultivation technique and knew its characteristics.

“Its a pity to throw it away. Its tasteless to eat it. The academy really has a good plan. Since no one has succeeded in cultivating it, it would just be collecting dust in their warehouse. They might as well use it as a reward.”

“In my opinion, its useless for Lin Bai to obtain this cultivation technique. I reckon he would have no choice but to keep it at home to eat dust.”

When Lin Bai heard the words of the crowd, his heart was a little excited.

Because he had the return system in hand, what he did not lack the most could be said to be the cultivation that time piled up.

This cultivation method was simply tailored for him, it was the most suitable.

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