ing burned by the heavenly flame. In the end, one will be reduced to ashes.”

There were once pill masters who blindly pursued the strength of the heavenly flame. They thought that only a heavenly flame of higher quality would be able to refine an excellent medicinal pill. However, they did not think that their bodies would not be able to withstand the tyrannical heavenly flame at all. As a result, they died.

“However, the attribute of most of the heavenly flames is still relatively mild. However, some of the heavenly flames are also more violent.”

Upon hearing elder Xies words, Lin Bai was deep in thought. It seemed that refining pills was not easy. If there was a chance, he would definitely find a heavenly flame with a higher quality.

In this way, it turned out that magic beast cores were the easiest to obtain. Other than hunting magical beasts in the wild, he could also go to secret realm.

Elder Xie led Lin Bai to a shelf. “Of course, we still need tools to refine pills. All the pill cauldrons in our pharmacy are here. Little friend, why dont you pick a suitable one?”

Elder Xies voice pulled Lin Bai back to his senses. He raised his head and looked up. The three-story high shelf was neatly lined with all kinds of pill cauldrons.

Some were big and some were small, with different colors and shapes.

Some of them were shaped like the sun, and their bodies were full of divine splendor. Some of them were carved with beast patterns that looked lifelike. Some of them were heavy and steady, like the towering five mountains.

For a moment, Lin Bais eyes were dazzled, and he didnt know which one to choose.

“Which one do you like, little friend? Ill make the decision and give it to you.”

Although he said that, once he said it, elder Xie began to regret it. After all, there were many high-quality pill cauldron here, and the price was almost a million crystals. It was a bit painful to give them away just like that.

However, he couldnt go back on his words.

Lin Bai looked at each of the pill cauldrons one by one. They were all of excellent quality, but for some reason, he felt that they werent pleasing to the eye. They seemed to be passable, but he couldnt pinpoint exactly what was wrong with them.

“I think this blazing sun cauldron is quite suitable for you, young friend. Its domineering and forceful, and its aura is about the same as yours. This rejuvenation cauldron is also fine. It can neutralize the medicinal effects very well, and its more suitable for beginners…”

Elder Xie was introducing the cauldron, but Lin Bai walked straight to the innermost part of the shelves. Probably because very few people came over, the shelves were covered in dust.

Elder Xie said embarrassedly, “These are all problematic cauldrons that were just cleared out from the warehouse. I was just about to throw them away.”

Lin Bais gaze paused, as if he was attracted by something. He saw a small black cauldron laying there quietly. It was different from the glowing cauldron beside it.

This cauldron was dusty and there was nothing outstanding about it. Even the body of the cauldron seemed to be missing a corner. In comparison, it was a little shabby. However, Lin Bai wanted this.

“Then lets go with this.”

Elder Xies expression was a little doubtful. He looked around and saw that there werent any good cauldrons around. Following the direction that Lin Bai pointed in, he was momentarily stunned. “Are you sure you want to choose this? Do you want to reconsider?”

It was strange that this cauldron had appeared out of nowhere, so he didnt have any impression of it.

If it wasnt for Lin Bai, he would have easily overlooked it. However, from the looks of it, it probably wasnt anything good.

Lin Bai shook his head. “Thank you for your kindness. Ill take it.”

“But this cauldron is broken. Its very likely that it wont work.”

Elder Xie wanted to persuade him again, but since Lin Bai insisted, he couldnt say anything more.

He probably felt a little guilty. They had agreed to give the cauldron to him, but Lin Bai chose a broken and small one. Thus, he gave Lin Bai some more medicinal herbs and politely sent him out.

The disciple beside him didnt understand. He couldnt help but ask, “Elder, why are you so polite to him? I saw that his clothes are ordinary, and he doesnt look particularly outstanding.”

This disciple did not attend the competition back then. If they knew, they would not be able to say such words.

“What do you know! If you see him coming in the future, you must inform me. Even if I cant make it in time, you must be respectful.”

Elder Xie instructed them, afraid that if these people accidentally offended Lin Bai, it would be a waste of his painstaking efforts.

Looking at Lin Bais departing back, he couldnt help but say,

“Its only been a short while since the last battle. Not only has this kid broken through, hes probably awakened a new profession. His future is bright, and he definitely wont be limited to this place. Who knows, we might need his help in the future….”

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