hen Wu felt that it was quite new.

Just as everyone was talking, they heard a “Da da” sound. It seemed that some creature was rushing over here, and even the ground was trembling slightly.

“It seems that some creature is coming over.”

“It cant be a Demon Beast, right?”

Everyone guessed. They saw several creatures suddenly jump out from the bushes that were half the height of a person. The ground immediately splashed with dust, choking the other students and causing them to cough non-stop.

If they had not retreated in time, they would have been stepped on.

Someone cried out in surprise, “Its a three-star Zephyr!”

The sharp horns on the horses forehead flickered with a cold light. At the same time, it snorted. The person sitting on the horses back surveyed the area from above with an extremely arrogant expression.

The Zephyr was extremely fast and it could travel thousands of miles in a day. At the same time, it did not lack attack power, so it was quite popular. However, there were not many of them. An ordinary person would only be able to see a few of them.

Now, there were a total of ten of them.

The group of people wore blue clothes. The upper left corner of their clothes wore a badge of the same color. There was a vivid beast pattern engraved on it, and they looked very majestic.

The ten people on the horses got off and found a place for themselves. There were already people in those places, but they had been driven away by them.

The other academies had the principle that it was better to leave things as they were, so they could only swallow their anger and leave.

Someone couldnt stand their behavior and couldnt help but say, “Arent these people a little too arrogant? This isnt their territory.”

However, he was quickly stopped by his companion beside him. “They are people from the Beast Tamer Academy. Keep your voice down. We cant afford to offend them.”

The moment he finished speaking, a huge magic array suddenly appeared in the air. A fierce saber-toothed tiger actually pounced on the person who had spoken just now.

The incident happened so suddenly that no one was on guard.

Fortunately, the fierce tiger didnt hurt anyone. It only bared its teeth and spat out stinky saliva. Even so, the two people were still badly frightened. The people from the Beast Tamer Academy immediately burst into laughter.

“With just this bit of strength, they dare to frame us behind our backs. Wont they be scared out of their wits when we enter the Secret Realm?”

With the previous experience, everyone kept quiet. No one dared to speak again.

Lin Bai couldnt help but frown. “They just casually said a few words, and this group of people is already acting like this. Their actions are a little too overbearing.”

Fortunately, they were standing quite far away, so the people from the Beast Tamer Academy didnt hear what they said.

Chen Wu wasnt surprised. After all, the people from the four great factions were also like this. Those with great strength would naturally walk unhindered, wanting that everyone would give way for him.

“After all, their strength are displayed here. They have the capital to be so strong.”

The group of people were all Xiantian, especially the leading student. His aura was steady, and as he walked, he gave off an indistinct pressure. He might have already reached Xiantian level five.

One had to know that in their academy, only Lin Bai, Chen Wu, and Luo Qin had broken through to the Xiantian state, and all of them had just broken through not too long ago.

The Xiantian state, which was originally rare in the outside world, could actually be seen everywhere here like cabbages. How could Luo Qin not be deeply shocked.

He couldnt help but exclaim, “As expected, there is always someone better than you. Before this, I thought that I was strong enough, but I didnt expect that I was just a frog at the bottom of a well.”

Luo Qin was known as a heavens favorite in the Fifth High School, but he suddenly came into contact with another level. Only then did he realize how big the difference was.. His expression was listless, like a frosted eggplant.

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